“Happy Harare” video goes viral

via “Happy Harare” video goes viral | News24 2014-04-09

A video that shows Zimbabweans in Harare dancing and swinging happily as they go about their daily chores has gone viral.

Some of the comments on the video have Zimbabweans, particularly those in the diaspora revealing how they miss home.

“Melted my home sick heart and oh so made me H.A.P.P.Y….thank u for recording and uploading….,” read one comment.

“omg….sob sob….got me home sick. Happy Harare for real.i luv my city,” read another.

But is Harare really a “happy” city?

Recent reports about the situation in Zimbabwe have shown nothing but gloom in a country where thousands keep losing their jobs as companies continue to shut down citing viability problems.

report by Reuters indicated recently that less than 20% of Zimbabwe’s people were in formal employment. For many, the only option for survival was petty trading or chancing it as illegal workers in neighbouring South Africa.

As Zimbabwe Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) secretary general Tendai Biti warned recently, the country could face a rebellion because of failure by ruling leaders to act on the worsening economic situation.



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    you don’t usually meet gloomy people in the city of harare. they carry out their painful daily activities happily so.

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    Littledorrit 10 years ago

    Happy because at last they can earn proper money. Steets cleaned for the show it seems – but great video!

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    Mixed Race 10 years ago

    Hello there diaspora friends,if you buy this degrading propaganda video then you are naive and below what I expect from you.Notice all the participants are those in the informal trading contributing nothing to the treasury. How can a vendor or a young man living on a meagre allowance he gets on directing vehicles to parking places be so happy with that type of life unless he has lost hope in a better life.This is done by people who have no respect for fellow human beings’ sufferings.I can go no highlighting all the evils in this terrible video made by senseless people for cheap propaganda.It would be impossible to get Byo people to fall into this senseless propaganda for a few dollars.
    Watch this video carefully,then you will notice that Mbare or other high density suburbs are not shown for obvious reasons.They try to potray it as a national video by getting a few races who seem to be drunk and disoriented in their appearance and dancing.They could have done a better job than this nonsensical rubbish video.

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      Cde Chooks 10 years ago

      Perhaps the camera man said: “Hey, brothers and sisters, did you hear that the old man has died”. With that in mind, watch the video again and see if it makes sense.

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    jobolinko 10 years ago

    We all entitled to choice in life bless them those who are happy in Harare.

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    wordwriter 10 years ago

    Zimbabwans once danced for joy when Zimbabwe was the pride and joy of africa- liberated…stong….prosperous….. and example to all aspiring african states…..
    but it declined and they danced for hope……….. they had faith

    now they dance to escape the misery of a failed party, a failed opposition party with a leader clinging to power…. a failed economy… and a failure to even get one job that pays a misery allowance. dancing has become a free drug that gets you happy in harare for 5 minutes of joy

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    Mwanawevhu 10 years ago

    Everyone knows the reality is different from what is shown in the video. You have to admit though that it is the best video to come out of Zimbabwe. Loved it the same way I love to watch those Holywood fiction movies

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    Kennry 10 years ago

    HAPPY HARARE is a copy of Happy Tel Aviv and Happy Jerusalem. Same music. Same singer. Watch this apace for other HAPPY Cities!

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    ntaba 10 years ago

    It is good to leave all the evil of Mugabe and Zanu behind in Harare for a few minutes – if you were to put them in it would destroy this happiness and bring us all back to reality.

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    Fidelio 10 years ago

    I don’t see any reason to be negative about a few people being happy in their city…i’ve seen people laugh at funerals. happiness is not a function of GDP