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via What do the people say? | The Zimbabwean 07.04.14

More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

Do you think soldiers and cops should be happy on a diet of beans and cabbage?

Beans evrydy is gud 4 soldiers’ fitness Meat will compromse their fitness coz of too much fat – Chenjee Chihwa Janah

Ndinopika nambuya neHanda. – Jacob Mutambanashe

Survival skills 4 soldiers – Robert Ndlovu

That’s defending our sovereignty, rambai makashinga. – Peter Masanga

Kkkkkkk pakapuswa mupamombe – Clarkson Makwara

Proudly zimbabwean, soya chuncks can do – Ozigrai Madzudzo

Endai ku South Sudan kune hondo kwamuri kudiwa,uko munonokuvara nacho chikafu – Charles Sau Banda

Vapei mari yavo ndoo vanhu vane basa guru kwazvo hatidi izvozvo vapei mari yawo – Philip Masisimani

Yes bcoz they were the pillars of Mugabe’s 31st july Nikuv win. That’s good for them. – Numerous Mashv Manduku Chabata

YES why not – @EmmanuelNdlovu4

You reap what you sow in life. – @gordythemag

Let’s discuss important things. Madame La Presidente has narrow feet & needs to shop for Ferragamo shoes in EU. -@ConorMWalsh

No they must not be happy. – @sheltonbiz85

high-level looting of #zim economy has now led to this precarious situation. but pres guard has better food. crisis – @Alexweir1949

How far true are these allegations and which army regiments get the best food? – @Gr8Zimbabwe

Yes, the are propping up the regime. – @lykmoor

Do you think the EU and USA should remove targeted measures against the few remaining Zanu (PF) individuals?

A big No – Moffat Ndlovu

Yes. Not because they dont deserve the sanctions but to give them rope to hang themselves with. #TheyAreExposed – @Webster_IM

Yes. To allow them more space to incriminate themselves with their greed & extravagance. #RemoveSantionsAsBait – @Webster_IM

Well yes we tired of them having an excuse for performing let them get an even playing field – @Gr8Zimbabwe

Nope ts nt lyk those pple r sufferin lyk ordinary zimbabweans – @vimz12

No, instead include some MDC-T members. – @EmmanuelNdlovu4

No they must remain as it is, i dont think there is anything important at Britain especial 4 the Zanus. – Sengezo Ndolo Siziba

What do you think Mbada really did with all their diamond revenue?

Zpf used the mony . That is why they is no arrest – Robert Ndlovu

Some we used for the birthday bash and some for the wedding of our beloved daughter – Peter Masanga

Pretty sure it’s in a Swiss bank account somewhere. – Lily-Anne Markham

That we have to ask the question about strategic national resources is exactly the problem. We should know already – @Taffgidi

Does Zimbabwe need a new opposition party? Is the NCA it?

Aaa haiwawo vaenda tisati tambovaziva saka tichangoramba tisingavazivi – Ashton Mangarayi

I like your thinking – Robert Ndlovu

They are a small league. These so called defectors dont command a lot of supporters. The party will also take a long time to build a strong support base. I only think they are only opportunists.Also these defectors did not go with supporters. Even if they form a party. They wont make it in elections. – Ndumiso Nkomozamaduna Khumalo

That were the belong ku mbavha.mbavha ngadziende ku zanu kana kwa Madhuku akaba mari yese ye NCA – Tapiwa Mbewe

Nonentities -Thabo Moyo

Yes and the only party we can put our hope on so far. – Washington Zhomwa

NCA fit the bill? – @MariaZest1

the NCA is a protest party. It is not yet a political – or opposition – party. – @BelieveCitizen

No need for that but work together For a better Zimbabwe – @BensonMugore

COALITION!!! – @BekiMpofu

Zimbabwe does not need a new opposition party, it needs a new political party. – @BelieveCitizen

Zim needs a United opposition.The more they stand alone the less chances of dislodging Zanu PF. NCA is one man show – @Mavhure

I support Dr Madhuku aka NCA because he respects term limits. I am ready to die to see him on the throne in Zimbabwe. – @ConorMWalsh

What would make Mliswa’s speeches more believable for you?

MUGABE is the GODFATHER of CORRUPTION,the chombos,mpofus etc are just underlings thus he offers them protection. – Bhaka Mpofu

They only make noise by xpozng corruption but no action taken. Its a Zanu culture to loot wth impunity . – Joel Mutasa

Nothing except lip service is e whole slogan of Zanu Pf. president Mugabe said when he was voted again into office he is gng to fight corruption .im sorry 4 those who thought he was gng 2 arrest his own comrades 4 tt. he is fighting his own fight of protecting his comrades if convicted. hw can w expect a thief to fight theft ,a murderer to fight murder??? shame – Tafadzwa Mutomera

I am coming with a communist party-beware, l believe in blood and iron! – Christopher Chapungu

What do you think needs to be done to boost tourism in Zimbabwe?

Then the citizens of those countries will easily realise the tourist centres we have via the good publicity we will b getting from their respective governments and good media coverage – Memory Ngwenya

Improve our relationship with the international community – Memory Ngwenya

Root out corruption, someone is already scheming of pocketing the proceeds. – Memory Mawere

Try democracy with law and order being a priority. – @gordythemag

Punish policemen who extort bribes from tourists. Very bad for tourism MT @thezimbabwean What needs to be done to boost tourism in Zimbabwe? – @ConorMWalsh

Sponsoring Axcill Jeffries & similar high profile citizens/brands is sumin 2 consider – @htwnzfynst

A concerted effort by the likes of MzembiW to improve infrastructure & help tourism operators market themselves – @LivingZimbabwe

A new President! – @573Jann

Improve natl team showing overseas too: pride, admiration, improve tarnished brand. – @adsteedley

1) Policy consistency 2) Improve diplomacy 3) Showcase the REAL Zimbabwe 4) Invest heavily in proper marketing strategy 5) Improve ZTA & CEO 6) Get the basics right eg tourists on arrival @ airports ESP Beit Bridge 7) Put in place systems so our own Zimbos speak of Zim positively 8) SORT OUT the politics. It affects the overall image of Zimbabwe 9) Let’s improve our visa regime.Why make it harder to come to Zim?Why? 10) Let’s be cognisant of our competition, analyse, learn & implement – @SirNige

I feel the laws around photography should be clear and also very relaxed. A lot of people both locals and tourists do not know whether taking pictures in Zim is legal or not. Pictures tell a Zimbabwean story no other words can.. – Steven Chikosi

What would you advise T-man about circumcision?

Circumcision…they say it REDUCES cancer and aids spread. To smart men ..its no use. – Gain Sibanda

Hazvishandi kungochekwa mahara- Benson Musinahama

WHAT to do is pretty strait-how do you do it w current crop?

Who’s on board? – @adsteedley

A working local airline and bus system. Improving infrastructure. ..stop political allies from FREE reservations/holidays – @TatRobin

Excellent, thorough list – @SirNige

W is taking your 10 recommendations – @kubatana

Lets improve our infrastructure & people livin conditions. Lets promote local tourism, it shd b affordable 2 locals. Investing in sustainable & ecotourism certification.- @Naisheck

Zanu (PF) spokesman, Psychology Maziwisa says Tsvangirai should take a leaf out of Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger’s book and accept responsibility for election defeat. Arsenal lost 6-0 to Chelsea. One wonders if any thought goes into Maziwisa’s speeches… Maziwisa’s Facebook posts should be dismissed as the wax crayon scribbles of a child who has been appointed to do the work of a grownup.’ – JERA.

Thats clueless people do they always try to divert the true and people. Tswangirai is not the issue but taking the nation forward. speaking of Tswangirai’s loses wont revive the economy or civil servants salaries – Philani Ignatius Sojila

Absolutely Jera, Saikoroji thinks bootlicking Mugabe is the solution to our ailing economy. He always blame everything on Tsvangirai as if he is the head of state & gvt. – Joel Mutasa

Mazivisa has proven to be one of the stupid adamant selfish Zpf supporters. – Ernest Maseya

Schizoids never stop to amaze me – John Marchford Pfidze

Why should he steal the credit from ZANU-PF and Nikuv? – Magari Mandebvu

Mazivisa has turned out to be a Zanu pf sycophant don’t take him serious, he’s there for his next meal. The real Mazivisa is a deadly critic of zanu. – Gain Sibanda

Maziwisa is a silly dove without sense. – Danweath Gwanya

Am sure Maziwisa must be ashamed of such thoughtless bootlicking and moonshine. – Dady Mhungu

And then someone will tell you that Tsvangirai is surrounded by “high density beerhall revelers” when ZANU PF has got idiots like this Maziwisa. – Andrew T Garanewako

What an ironic statement kkkkkkkkkkkk i think It aptly defines the paradox of hypocrisy when it blinds from someone not to see own shortcomings and make them see minor imperfections which are in the other eyes yet they have logs if not sticks wake up psyches – Annold Dube

This is not the time to clap hands when politicians are talking but we need to see action being done;;we are tired of a NATO policy (no action talking only) – Billy Bilal Billiat

I wonder why some people in the Diaspora would be so dull to the extent of supporting Zanu (PF) in exile, when political and economic hardships caused by Mugabe and his party forced them out of the country in the first place… set them free from mental slavery… living in bushes of a foreign land.’ Comment on Whatsapp

Because we know tht it is nt mugabe’s fault we knw whoz fault z t – Kudzi Mawisire

Why is he always winning the elections? i thnk most u Zims support him, if nt so he cud hv long gone – Kitty Bikie Mothei

Common sense is not common in everyone – Peter Masanga

Its funny when you find someone in SA. putting on a T-shirt written Indigenise Empower Create Imployement. – Philani Ignatius Sojila

Then who to support????????? – Aby M Sparksriffle Chiriva

Some of them are in the diaspora courtesy of the so called Presidential scholarships&some are blue eyed boys on foreign missions or dependants of the cronies.No right minded person will support this regime unless you are supping with the devil. – Bee Tee

Some of the people in the So called Diaspora were assisted by Zanu Pf to gain entry into those foreign lands they are living in,so they have strongest reasons to Support Zanu! – Florence Dube

Our hardships were a result of economic sanctions thrust upon us by our western brothers. These sanctions were invited by VaChamatama an opposition party leader. Now figure out for yourself who caused human flight from Zimbabwe. – Samanyika Wenharo

We dont vote u vote him out – Evans Mulolowa

Whatsapp comments

Tsvangirai’s main objective is not to remove Mugabe from office, but to lead people who want to remove Zanu (PF) and its bad tendencies from power. My point is that we, the people, should champion the cause aimed at dethroning Mugabe. When we were robbed of our vote at the last election, what did we do? Instead of rightfully fight for the stolen vote we decided to remain calm. People like Tawanda Majoni expected Tsvangirai to fight all by himself without the backing of Zimbabwe masses to arrest the electoral fraud. To be honest with you Majoni, your criticism against Tsvangirai would actually help mobilise more support for him ahead of the 2018 elections. Remember that history tells it all. When MDC split 2005, Tsvangirai went on to win 2008 elections-Mushoriwa, South Africa.

I would like to express my opinion about the Zimbabwe economy. It is not going to improve any time soon. One of the problems facing the economy is of the same old people who grabbed the country’s mineral resources for personal enrichment at the expense of the nation. The same clueless individuals invaded Zimbabwe’s prime land which they continued to underutilise. They continue to loot mineral resources without benefitting the country. The group took over control of strategic companies and the wildlife. Most of the culprits happen to be the underperforming cabinet ministers. So, where is the people empowerment exercise they sing about and want us believe? Takarwa hondo (we participated in the armed liberation struggle), is now an acceptable licence to loot and oppress the ever patient people of Zimbabwe. Indeed we are a nation of losers-Ebenezer, Johannesburg. South Africa.

Tendai Biti, please you have contributed towards the prevailing confusion in MDC-T by washing the party dirty linen in public. Usafukure hapwa paruzhinji. We have relied and depended on you since the formation of the party 1999. Why behaving rebellious after such long loyalty to the people’s cause. Make up your mind and continue with the struggle to liberate Zimbabwe from these oppressors-Jakaya, Mutoko.

Zanu (PF) frog march people against their wish to party gatherings across the country, since no right thinking person would voluntarily attend functions organised by murderers and liars at a time poor elderly villagers cannot afford a dollar for the grinding mill fee. The economy continues to crumble. This time of the year villagers would be in trouble as they will be forced to make donations towards the Independence celebrations. Is this the independence that our fathers and other relatives fought so selflessly for. Zanu (PF) ngaingouyeka nezvekudyaka vanhu vadye vafare musi wa 18 April. Ndobhora mugedhe yacho here iyi? Vane hanya nevanhu here ana Mugabe ava?-Jakaya, Mutoko

We are sick and tired of our politicians who seem not to care about us Zimbabweans. There is gross respect of what the masses fought for. The struggle for independence was for genuine freedom of all Zimbabweans not individuals. Millions of Zimbabweans are scattered across the globe as a result of the conduct and behaviour of our politicians. It would seem like we are still under colonial rule. When will Zimbabwe be truly free-Patriot, South Africa

Ini ndiri muporofita asi ndine nyaya inondinetsa. Kune maporofita anonyebera vanhu kuti anogona kurapa mukondombera (HIV/AIDS). Mamwe maporofita ndiwo anoti warwere regai mapiritsi ndokunamatirayi munopona. Ini ndinoti kunyeba, hakuna zvakadaro uku kuuraya vanhu. Hurumende inofanirwa kuona zvekuyita nekuti vanhu wapera kuurayiwa ne maporofita ne n’anga dzenhema-Noel Mapfumo, Chitungwiza

I would like to warn the Chinese about the Zimbabwe they intend to colonise. They should read our history and part of that of the British from the early 2000 era. Time will come when they would vomit dogs. The Chinese would take Zimbabweans for granted at their own risk-C.M South Africa.

I am grateful that at least there is some concern about the sky-rocketing corruption in Zimbabwe. Given the chance, I am one of the people prepared to join the fight against the scourge-Hopeful, South Africa.

Sicela amapholisa emakhado ayeke ukuthanda imali and we all buy The Zimbabwean. So, we want news from Lupane, Nkayi, Binga, Victoria Falls etc please, please-C.N, South Africa

Zimbabweans must wake up and smell the coffee. Surely it would be difficult to imagine how one would vote for a leader who splashes a million dollars in half a day while starving women and children are displayed. What evil. Health and other facilities are dilapidated. Where are we headed as a nation?-Connie Nyanie, Zimbabwe


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    bruce koffe 9 years ago

    The army must just eat beans or remove Mugabe. He does not carry a gun but protected by the same suffering military men. Its folly on them to starve when the man they protecting live large.

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    Nyoni 9 years ago