$7m roadblocks cash: MPs up ZRP pressure

via $7m roadblocks cash: MPs up ZRP pressure 3 July 2014  by Staff Reporter

THE ZRP must submit audited statements to Parliament by next Wednesday so that legislators can be assured that money collected through spot fines is not being abused, Zanu PF MP Irene Zindi said this week.

Police and the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) were involved in a public spat last week after the head of the tax collector claimed the ZRP was collecting up to $7 million from spot fines adding the cash was not being remitted to Treasury.

Speaking during a question and answer session Wednesday, Zindi interrogated the deputy finance minister Samuel Undenge on why his ministry was allowing police to continue collecting and keeping public funds.

“My question is directed to the deputy minister of finance; I need to find out the reason why his ministry which is responsible for Zimra is allowing ZRP to continue collecting public funds and not being remitted to Zimra.

“In addition to that I would like to find out from the minister again who is responsible for printing the receipt books that are used by ZRP when they fine people on the spot fines,” Zindi asked.

Undenge said the government entered into certain arrangements with some departments allowing them to collect and keep revenues.

“Government entered into arrangements with some departments who collect fees on behalf of the fiscus,” Undenge said.

“The arrangement was that they retain that money and it will be set against allocation in the expenditure. So it’s not correct that they do not account for that money,” he said.

“We (have not only done that with) the police, there are other departments like that which retain the funds they collect.”

Regarding to the printing of the receipt books used by police for spot fines, Undenge said “there is a tight security system with the printing of such invoices,” adding that “everything is accounted for.”

He added: “We also have Fidelity to print some of the things which are of a security nature so everything is accounted for the receipt book produced is accounted for.

“If any receipt book is printed fraudulently the system catches up with that kind of criminal behaviour.”

Last week the ZRP angrily denied claims by Zimra boss Gershem Pasi that they were collecting and retaining between $3,7 million and US$7 million per month in roadblock fines.

Pasi told a Parliamentary portfolio committee that the money could not be accounted for.

But national police spokesperson Charity Charamba said Pasi’s remarks were made out of ignorance adding the police’s monthly retentions never exceeded $1 million.

“We wish to set the record straight on Pasi’s ignorant assertion that the police is collecting and retaining $3,7 million per month through roadblock fines,” Charamba said.

“The treasury authority has directed us to retain spot fines for traffic offences only, while all other fines for various offences are going straight to the fiscus,” she said then.


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    Expat 8 years ago

    This would mean that on a monthly basis 350 000 motorists have some sort of traffic violation or vehicle violation. personally i cannot believe this. But i do believe this is from reactionary policing, as opposed to preventative policing.

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    The only country in the world where you pay a listeners licence for every car.Thought Moyo said this was Illegal.Surely one listeners license should cover home and car.