MDC-T youths to stage nationwide demos

via MDC-T youths to stage nationwide demos 16/04/2014 by Moses Chibaya NewZimbabwe

MDC-T youths are set to stage nationwide demonstrations to demand jobs as the country’s economic problems worsen.

Companies continue to either downsize or shut down due to operational challenges, throwing thousands of people out of work in a country where the unemployment rate is independently estimated at more than 80 percent.

Speaking in an interview with, MDC-T National Youth Assembly  spokesperson, Clifford Hlatywayo said members were angry because of increased unemployment in the country.

“People are angry. They are prepared to go to the streets and it’s their right to demonstrate and to also get jobs,” Hlatywayo said.

Experts have blamed the country’s economic problems on poor policies adopted by President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF administration over the years.

The Indigenisation law, first promulgated in 2007, is cited as one of the regime’s most investor-unfriendly policies to date.

In a statement posted on Hlatywayo’s Facebook page, the youth leader said Zanu PF had failed to deliver on its election promises.

“Zanu PF in its July 2013 manifesto promised 2.2 million jobs to the people but the reverse is true. To date more than 400,000 jobs have been lost,” he wrote.

“This is gross human rights violation and the failure by the government to provide decent jobs for its citizens as enshrined in the new charter is a severe infringement of the constitution.

“As young people of this beloved nation, we are tired and our patience has warped. Zanu PF has been lying to us since 1980 about heaven on earth. This has to stop. The time has come to demand what rightfully belongs to us.

“It is an open secret that Zanu PF is tired and directionless. What they plan and do daily is to plunder and disgustingly ransack our national God given resources, this has to stop now.”

The youths said they would not be intimidated by threats as they only have two options “to suffer or take action now. Enough is enough, we want our jobs now”.

Zimbabwe’s economy, ravaged by nearly a decade long recession blamed on bad economic policies, marginally started to improve over the last five years, thanks to the introduction of the multiple currency system which replaced the worthless local dollar.

The decision by Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T to join hands with Mugabe’s Zanu PF under a coalition government following disputed polls in 2008 also helped ease political tensions and improve operating conditions for companies.

However, it now seems that things are starting to get tough once again for the majority of Zimbabweans as more and more companies close shop.

The government-run ZimStats estimates indicate that sixty-five percent of Zimbabweans live on less than one dollar per day.

Independent economists and other groups say Zimbabwe’s unemployment rate is over 80% but the government disputes this, arguing most people are now active, and employed in the informal sector.

Last year, soon after the 31 July election results, the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) plunged to new lows as investors weighed the negative effects of a Zanu PF election victory.



  • comment-avatar
    Jono Austin 8 years ago

    Guess who is going to get a knobkerrie along the side of the head, if not a bullet!

  • comment-avatar
    thembani 8 years ago

    Wait and see? Tsvangirai is incapable of organising any demonstration against his idol Mugabe. All MDC wants is another GNU.May be if Job Sikhala was to lead this demonstration it would work.

  • comment-avatar

    Evryday its Tsvangirai wont do this.WHY dont u join him and push this dictator out?? Some people are just good at charactor assasination at least Mdc is trying
    .people must learn to unite .Mdc youths are calling for Demos why dont u join them ?only waiting to comment rubbish whilse you are hiding in foreign lands.cme out of hiding and join the brave young boys.Tsvangirai cannot free Zimbabweans alone you hve to cme out in numbers and be prepared to die or get arrested if u cant stop writing nonsense .

    • comment-avatar

      I agree you 100% Zindoga! Every now and again shameless criticism of Tsvangirai! What have these people done to progress the struggle – nothing except bad-mouth a true hero of the struggle for Zimbabwe. Can he do everything alone? Even the Job Sikhala that is being lionized now after causing unwarranted confusion – can he do it alone? I deplore some of these armchair critics who have never done anything practical in the lives to better the life of Zimbabweans. Now that the youths are planning these demos will these narrow-minded and filty mouthed people be there? Never! But Tsvangirai must be there? Tsvanirai this, Tsvangirai that! Munoda kuti mwana wevanhu adii shuwa? Tsvangirai akabvira kure and anoda full support kuti apedze basa raakatanga – muchinda akavamba nyaya zvinhu zvichatyisa – vamwe vanhu vaakuzongoti pwetere-pwetere zvisina maturo – chipindai mumademonstration tivone kuti muite zvacho zvamurikuti Save vanokoniwa!

  • comment-avatar

    Maybe one big gathering in one place. Small gatherings are easy pickings for the Police. The same might be difficult if thousands gathered at say Parliament building for a protracted amount of time. Needs planning though.
    What have we got to lose after all most are unemployed,not in school and homeless so camping outside the building and feeding the fire might just dislodge this useless regime.

  • comment-avatar

    Not going to happen. These guys/Mdc are incapable of organising anything serious.

    • comment-avatar
      furedi 8 years ago

      Come on RR or should I say Rhodesia Railways.If you can lead come to the front that is how people lead.If you are only for insulting then please shut your gob.

  • comment-avatar
    thembani 8 years ago

    Everyday you shower praises to Tsvangira, we never rubbish your views, because every idiot has his opinion.Learn to accept divergent views. or you have become like your god Tsvangirai who is such an outstanding success in your opinion.My view is that Tsvangirai has played his part and like all good leaders he should pass the button stick to someone else.Should he continue to impose himself likeSabhuku

    • comment-avatar

      Thembani, what are you smoking? Nkom akaita mutungamiri weZAPU makore mangani? Baba Chatunga vakatonga ZPF riini? Morgan haasati apedza kusunungura nyika, basa raakatanga nemadoda sibili muna1999. This is a struggle man! Vanamafikezolo maakukuona kuti chindunduma chiri kubudirira moda kucheka dzafa! Morgan is succeding with his army of liberators to pull the chestnuts out of the fire imi vokungwarira paduri sehuku maakuda kuti Morgan achibva manje! Pfungwa dzekungoda kukohwa pamusina kudzvara chete!

  • comment-avatar
    Rwendo 8 years ago

    Damn! We have a youth that is socially conscious? Thought they were all busy on social networks or chasing trends.

    To be serious, I wish this initiative every success. These are our future leaders. Let us see if they can motivate their contemporaries in the towns and cities.

    Lest they grow to become the cowards, zombies and dollar-chasing automatons we their parents have grown up to be. It was the energy of the then youth that helped free us from our previous oppressors.

  • comment-avatar
    Reason 8 years ago

    @ Thembeni you are a fool, dont spoil these platform, why can’t you go and worship your mugabe. 34 years of mugabe and you want the face of our struggle to go, to go where. Zigotsi sera bona

  • comment-avatar
    chimusoro 8 years ago

    They couldn’t organise a piss-up in a shebeen!

    • comment-avatar
      furedi 8 years ago

      Like I said to RR above. Don’t be an armchair critic, get away from your laptop and join we will make you the chief striker.But my guess is that you do not even live here in Zim. Saka nyarara.

  • comment-avatar
    japananga 8 years ago

    I am joining and waiting fo the day. Will be there on the street coz enough is enough. I made up my mind and nothing will stop me. Come on…lets go on.

  • comment-avatar
    Don Cox 8 years ago

    A rally to “demand” jobs is absurd. Who do they think can magically give them jobs ?

    They may as well demand a money tree for each person.

    The only way to grow an economy is to encourage small businesses (some of which will grow into large busineses). At present the Zimbabwe government is very hostile to business.

    The youths should be rallying to demand something that could really be done, such as the repeal of POSA.

  • comment-avatar
    oliver chikumba 8 years ago

    me & my wife count me in coz we are both uneployed graduates wth 6 years unemployment experience. I know General Hlatswayo this tym tinoluma coz a lot of pipo have approached me asking for way forwad. Its better to die fighting than die suffering,YOUTHS of Zimbabwe lets stand up for our rights lest we die a slow horrible death.

  • comment-avatar
    Mixed Race 8 years ago

    A small ant killed an elephant,so do not under estimate these young guys.David killed Goliath so miracles do happen in life.

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