New Constitution very clear but in bad hands, says MDC-T

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | New Constitution very clear but in bad hands, says MDC-T 28 November 2013

The MDC-T says its position on the new Constitution is that the charter is clear that any law, conduct or practice that is not consistent with it is null and void.

That means that the inconsistent laws became null and void the very minute that the Constitution came into operation. Therefore, those government ministries and departments who are administering old laws that are inconsistent with the constitution are administering illegalities and in most cases are operating illegally.

The duty of the Constitution drafters is to prescribe what is constitutional and what is not constitutional. It is not to assume the role of Parliament and change the inconsistent laws.

There was no need to put in place timelines for the amendment of laws inconsistent with the Constitution because these laws fell away automatically the minute the new Constitution came into operation anyway.

The new Constitution is not vague as some critics say. Contrary it is very clear. Zimbabweans, however, ought to appreciate that the coming into effect of a good Constitution does not guarantee good constitutional practice by the State and its agents. In Zimbabwe, we have a typical situation where a good Constitution is in the bad hands of a Zanu-PF government that is in office illegally.

The MDC-T says it maintains that as long as we have an irresponsible and illegitimate government, people will not fully enjoy the benefits of this Constitution.

MDC-T says, “We must intensify our struggle for the total removal of the Zanu-PF dictatorship.



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    Peter tosh 8 years ago

    Well said.

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    Mark Talbot 8 years ago

    Why would a party that ignored the old constitution honor the new constitution? SADC and the AU have shown that they protect people that flaunt the rule of law. In fact, these organizations honor criminals. Who is the new leader of SADC?

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    Maipisi 8 years ago

    This is a very shallow and incohorent article by a confused somebody. Zimbabweans voted for a party of their choice ZANU PF, thus the party derives its legitimate to govern from that mandate.