‘Dismantle violence infrastructure’

via ‘Dismantle violence infrastructure’ – DailyNews Live by Pindai Dube  28 NOVEMBER 2013

Sekai Holland, ex-National Healing and Reconciliation minister has warned civic society organisations to think twice before engaging the Zanu PF government.

Addressing civic groups in Bulawayo during the Open Society Initiative  for Southern Africa (Osisa) civic society’s conference on the future of Zimbabwe under Zanu PF rule, Holland who is also MDC Senator for Harare metropolitan, said Zanu PF was behaving like Ian Smith’s UDI colonial regime.

“Civic society organisations should be careful when dealing with Zanu PF because this is a military dictatorship in place,” Holland said.

“The infrastructure of violence is still in place in this country and civic groups should focus on how to deal with this disease before engaging Zanu PF.

“Don’t just talk about engaging without dealing with the disease of violence as this will strengthen the military regime.”

Holland also said Zanu PF was attacking the western donor countries but these were the same people who supported the liberation struggle.

“The donors which they are fighting and attacking now are the ones who supported us during the liberation struggle”.

Holland said the MDC will remain a viable opposition and will continue fighting for democracy in Zimbabwe.

Speaking at the same meeting, former deputy minister of Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development  and MDC MP Jessie Majome said Zimbabwe was a highly militarised state and every state institution is being led by an army chief.

“The number of soldiers and police who are now in Parliament is so amazing.

“Even the prisons are now led by a military chief. This alone shows we are under military government,” said Majome.

In the past decade Zanu PF government has been accusing civic society groups and non–governmental organisations (NGOs) of being used by the West in the regime change agenda.

Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa once accused NGOs and civic groups of receiving “dirty money” from the West to help remove President Robert Mugabe from power.

At its congress in the Midlands provincial capital of Gweru last year, Zanu PF passed a resolution to “flush out” NGOs and civic groups accusing them of being a security threat and working with MDC formations.

Majome said Zanu PF has already violated the new constitution just few  months  into government.


“By appointing the provincial ministers and demolishing  people’s houses in Chitungwiza and Ruwa, Zanu PF has already violated the new Constitution.”