Shocking revelations as Tsvangirai meets mayors

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Shocking revelations as Tsvangirai meets mayors by Luke Tamborinyoka 17 January 2014

Former Prime Minister, MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai today met all mayors and council chairpersons elected on the party ticket to understand how they are operating in improving service deliver to the people.

Tsvangirai was shocked at the information he received from the mayors on how service delivery had been grievously undermined by political interference particularly from Zanu PF politicians, especially Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo.

It emerged in the meeting that revenues had dwindled in almost all the local authorities especially after Chombo ordered councils to cancel all debts in the run-up to the July 31 election.

After that move councils are struggling even to raise money forsalaries, let alone to invest in delivery projects like water and sanitation, roads, refuse collection and housing, among other key deliverables.

In the city of Gweru, after Chombo’s populist decision, revenues dwindled from $2 million per month to $500 000 against a salary bill of about $600 000.

In Chitungwiza, which turned out to have the most problems, revenues dwindled to $1 million per month against a wage bill of $1,7 million, meaning there will be nothing for service delivery and other capital expenditure.

It emerged that Chitungwiza was a major victim of political interference after a large tracts of council land were parceled out to party barons, huge numbers of Zanu PF supporters were illegally recruited while some party functionaries are collecting rent for council properties.

As a result, almost all the councils are in arrears in the payment of salaries as councils begin to reel from the effect of Zanu PF’s populist decisions to cancel debts.

It also turned out that all mayors and chairpersons elected on an MDC-T ticket were not privy to thesalaries of their town clerks and council management, which was being kept a secret.

Other problems that emerged ranged from acute housing backlogs in almost all the councils due to shortage of land, poor refuse collection, poor roads and water and sanitation as well as unplanned settlements mostly spearheaded by Zanu PF barons.

Councils are also reeling from overstaffing after unqualified employees were recruited on political lines ahead of the last election.

Furthermore, it emerged in the meeting that Zinara illegally usurped council responsibilities of collecting vehicle licensing thereby negatively affecting council revenue inflows.

Tsvangirai told the mayors and council chairpersons that they were in charge of the cities and towns and the buck stops with them.

He urged them to be innovative and to prioritize service delivery to the residents. At the end of the day, they would be judged on the basis of their record.

The MDC-T leader expressed shock that the mayors did not know the salaries of their management. He said it would be difficult for the mayors to ascertain whether they had achieved the desired ratio of 70:30 of the expenditure on service delivery to salaries if they did not know the salaries of their subordinates.

The meeting expressed concern on the delay in implementing the Constitutional requirement on provincial councils especially for the metropolitan provinces of Harare and Bulawayo.



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    Your boss has nothing to offer you or protect you mayors,therefore you are alone with a big cruel lion after you.If you are clever, you should all resign and see how the ruling party can handle the situation but because you are all greedy for poor you won’t do it.I can see you being blamed for all the failures because your leader has already said it in advance.He knows that he has been completely neutralised politically.The sad story is that all these things happened when he was the prime minister but he could not protect you with his majority in parliament.I have noticed that some councilors have been celebrating their victories,I think this is premature because you will think of those funds you have just wasted on these parties.Save the little money you have for the hard times to come.

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    ps-power not poor

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    John Thomas 9 years ago

    Morgan the organ. How’s your love life chap

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    I imagine a scenario where all MDC elected Mayors just walked out of their jobs. Leave ZPF to run the councils. Would be interesting to see if they can do a better job.Coz right now the Mayors on an MDC ticket are being used as scapegoats and not supported by ZPF councillors who can not separate Party from civic responsibilities. The Mayors are being held accountable for all the mess created over decades by ZPF thieves and expected to perform miracles.

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      What, and give up even their meagre perks? That will never, ever, happen. The MDC has tasted the fruits of power and will treasure them till they die.

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    Mature contributions here guys. I enjoyed all the comments. MDC celebrates whatever they believe is “victory” too early and when reality becomes evident they cry. What really can we expect from Chombo as Minister. Does Zanupf rea

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    Does Zanupf really care about service delivery or for them what counts is loyalty to Robert Mugabe while one loots what ever he can get hold of? All these Ministers that the President has kept are well known looters therefore to put Chombo in that Ministry for all these years really is a clear indication that even the President, truly speaking does not care about service delivery. The poor, powerless and empty-glory loving MDC-T mayors can yawn, cry or dream. Service delivery under these circumstances remains on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

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    l concur, by continuing appointing chombo as minister of local gvt, mugabe doesnt care a hoot about service delivery, let alone the chaos & corruption sorrounding urban areas,

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    Murimi Wanhasi 9 years ago

    MDC has been in charge of most urban councls for over a decade.Whats new.?They r “eating” and cant let go.Cry.munch.Cry,munch munch.

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    Cosmetic in charge my friend,you know that for sure unless you refuse to see facts due to your party partisanship.

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    Premier 2 9 years ago

    It shocking for Tsvandirai not to be aware of the going ons on Municipal and council boards when he was once the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe. Is he telling us that he got to know about this at the meeting with the Mayaors or he is just trying to make a political statement. If he was not aware these problem then it speaks a bunch of words about his leadership capabilities

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    Mdc rescued zpf 2008. Now chombo wants mdc rescue urban centre’s from zpf looting

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    Ok fine, Chombo’s populist policies harmed councils.

    However, I have one small question: HOW MUCH ARE COUNCIL BOSSES EARNIG?

    We saw this at ZBC..and in Hwange where management were having corocodile tears.

    Please, before we blame chombo, let us know your salary structures.

    I do not want to blame chombo at this point because his was just a policy that was in line with the poverty levels prevailing in the country.

    People could not just take the inflated bills anymore.

    where is the money going? Mota dzedu dziri kusungwa mutown umu dzichi dhonzwa…Mari iri kuendepi

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    VaTsangirai takadya navo ndosaka vakanyarara vari GNU