Tsvangirai, ZCTU close ranks

via Tsvangirai, ZCTU close ranks – Southern Eye 17 January 2014 by Moses Matenga

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday met the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) to discuss the plight of workers amid a war of words with Zanu PF over the state of the economy.

Tsvangirai, who was accompanied by MDC-T vice-president Thokozani Khupe, secretary-general Tendai Biti and organising secretary Nelson Chamisa, among others, met the ZCTU top five in Harare.

The meeting that came a day after civil servants rejected a government offer to increase their salaries by $79 was immediately dismissed by Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa as a non-event.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka confirmed the meeting between his boss and the ZCTU.

“The two parties met and discussed the crisis in the country that started after a stolen (July 31) election,” he said.

“The MDC-T believes in where it comes from, so it’s like the party was meeting with its parentage.

“The salary issue came up for discussion and the general plight of workers especially government workers was discussed.

“Workers are not happy with the situation on the ground and if workers are not happy, the MDC-T and the ZCTU are also not happy.”

However, Tamborinyoka could not reveal how MDC-T and ZCTU would deal with the problems the workers are facing.

ZCTU acting secretary-general Misheck Shoko said the MDC-T leadership had requested to brief the labour union on the outcome of the July 31 election.

“They invited us to brief us on the outcome of the election and the way forward,” he said.

“We were told the elections were rigged and that the way forward was the MDC-T will participate in Parliament and other institutions where it has representatives.

“They said they will go back to the people and tell them what happened.”

MDC-T’s shadow cabinet also held a meeting in Harare where it accused Zanu PF of mismanaging the economy, leading to poor conditions for workers.

But Mutasa said MDC-T was now a spent force and the government would not lose sleep over its meetings.

“The whole world now knows that they are a spent force, no-one can take them seriously anymore,” he said.

“Even their British friends no longer take them seriously. I don’t know why they are wasting their energy holding such meetings because they are of no consequence.

“But you can’t stop them because it’s their democratic right. To us whatever they resolve to do is of no effect and consequence.”

MDC was formed by ZCTU members, but relations with MDC-T appeared to sour during the lifespan of the inclusive government when Tsvangirai was accused of ignoring the plight of workers as prime minister.

ZCTU has also been resisting MDC-T manoeuvres to work with the labour body to rebuild after its poor performance in last year’s elections and the meeting with Tsvangirai could bring an end to the hostilities.




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    Its a step in the right direction.That alliance is very pivotal if Zanu is to be shaken further. Mutasa like his other thugs in zanu is always singing for his supper and talks hogwash? Mugabe challenged the labour movement to form a party and they did not knowing what he was atarting and if it wasnt for his brutal dogs he would be history. So mutasa must stop putting on a brave face when inside he is feeling unease. Workers must unite and claim what is rightfully theirs because they are the backbone of any country and must be treated with respect. mutasa is not productive in any way,he is just a sponge!

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    MDC has been weakened a lot by many impostors from the ruling party to ensure that all their secrets are known to them.I do not trust the current labour leadership.Zimbabweans are easily fooled once they see money.How many workers do these people now represent to make any impact when they call for a strike action?The few who are still at work cannot risk their jobs for the people who let them down when they had a golden chance to make meaningful change.The ruling party is now more afraid of ZAPU-Dabengwa and emerging new parties not the weakened MDC. MDC leadership is bedeviled with many scandals caused by those who were planted within it by the ruling party eg women,impostors and agents.

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      Mixed race if MDC have learnt from their mistakes they will weed out the (I wanted to say plants) the weeds and they will be stronger for it. What makes the MDC so attractive is that they were not formed on tribal or racial lines. They did not accommodate people because they wanted to make sure they put Khaya Moyos in their ranks. I t was a group of workers that were pissed off with the behaviour of Zanu pf. I still think they are the way forward.The only thing is since workers are now almost extinct they need to concentrate allot on the needs of the POVO.

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      wensil 7 years ago

      MR, I think nobody will be afraid the Dabengwa-Zapu party because its got no support. They did not get any meaningful votes in the last election even in areas where they are meant to be more popular.
      Unless Zapu re-invents itself as a party for today and with a broader appeal rather just historical I am afraid it will become a party that you only hear of around election time only for it to flounder again.

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        Dabs should really retire and let the boys get things done. Zanu we are watching you.

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    Jenandebvu 7 years ago

    Mutassa no events MDC meeting n yet he slept not with a comment. Pple say no thing on unimportant things. How can a minister in the office of president worry about child play? Deep down, he knows zanu pf must seend more boys in bimbos

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    All progressive democratic forces must now close ranks. We cannot wait for more starvation, corruption, job losses, company closures and a general economic collapse which is ,surely, on the way!

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    Some good analysis there Wensil about Zapu. They still have some respect from the people despite the election results. A lot of Zapu people voted for change and not necessary for their party. Zapu did not have resources to do any any meaningful campaign. Dabengwa never addressed a single meeting outside big cities, only one in Harare. True again that they are living in the past. That past excludes the 40 year olds some of whom are powerful thinkers and politicians who will certainly shape the destiny of our country. So Zapu needs to make itself a party of today that gives hope to the future and not a representation of aggrieved former freedom fighters, political clowns, opportunists, political fortune-seekers and those who generally hallucinate about the yester-years. If the leadership opens up there are many people who love Zapu’s history and have been greatly inspired by it. But they want that inspiration to shape their destiny. On the other hand ZCTU does not achieve anything by grouping around Tswangirai. The MDC-T current leadership will never rise to the level of Zanupf. They can get all the support just as they have had it but they cant transform that support into a people’s victory. They just do not know how or they deliberately do not want or they just get too scared. It would do the ZCTU good if they stick to the workers cause and refuse to exclusively attach themselves to a political party because by so doing they inherit the failures of that party.

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    Comments made so far are good because they show diverse thinking by participates in this debate.I am convinced that if this party ZAPU-Dabengwa does proper campaigning in the next election it would win all the seats in Mid and Mat because the MDC has lost a lot of support in these areas.If they are clever they can unite with people like Makoni and other parties to capture some votes in Mas.I suggest that all the opposition parties should compromise and face the ruling party as one team to beat it.Marriage of convenience with ZCTU is a non starter in my humble opinion.

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    Viva! 7 years ago

    MDC mourning than the agrieved! Didn’t tsvngson, during Monday tea time @ the state house, passed a clause against workers demonstrating in a ‘negotiated’ constitution? Double standards. Like matibili, he’s overstayed his welcome.

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    obert 7 years ago

    Bit by bit pple are getting used to the idea that zanupf won the election. Hey, the election was stolen,that’s the truth. Zimbos can form as many parties or coalitions as they want, but without knowing how to prevent rigging, there is no point. The first step is for Zimbos to forget abt parties and fight rigging enmasse. The socalled elections in Zim are designed to hide the true nature of gvt. Zim is led by a mafia that has conculuded that zimbos are so spineless to do anything. The elections are done to woodwink the gullible world that there is democracy in zim.the world doesn’t care anyway.until someone tells us he will lead us out of rigging, then we can start voting. Mayb let’s start a new party, Movement For Antirigging. Yaa