15 xenophobia victims destined for Zim disappear in Musina

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | 15 xenophobia victims destined for Zim disappear in Musina 21 April 2015

15 people who were part of a first group of Zimbabweans returning home in the wake of xenophobic attacks in Durban have “disappeared” in Musina, state media reported Tuesday.

The Herald reported that, “Fifteen victims disappeared in Musina where they reportedly claimed feeling safe because there were no xenophobic attacks reported.”

There were no further details.

Meanwhile, the first batch of Zimbabweans fleeing xenophobic attacks in South Africa which arrived at Beitbridge Border Post last night have been delayed amid reports that the haulage truck carrying their goods is yet to arrive.

Government officials have been making frantic efforts to locate the truck which is delaying the victims’ departure to their respective destinations.

Zimbabwe is repatriating up to 2 000 of its citizens who have asked to be evacuated in the wake of the attacks.

The first six buses carrying 407 Zimbabweans left Durban on Sunday.


  • comment-avatar
    Desperate 7 years ago

    The truth is they dont want to come back home. So they just used the free transport to get to a safer destination in SA. There is nothing home. Home has its own problems.

  • comment-avatar
    I am not the one 7 years ago

    Too true, free transport to musing… So much better as drubs too far from the border. They most probably expected to get handouts as well. The truck with possessions has been stolen but it will only have worthless stuff on it.

  • comment-avatar
    Michael 7 years ago

    It is very likely the 15 wanted a free ride out of Durban – without any wish whatsoever to return to Zimbabwe. By now they are probably on their way to another destination in SA. I certainly think that despite the fear of people in some areas of SA – that they are 100% better off here than they would ever be in Zimbabwe. At least the imminent prospect of starvation in Zimbabwe would not be found in SA.

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    protestor 7 years ago

    Better kufa wakaguta pane kufa nenzara ngavasadzoke havo kuno.