Detained vendors’ wounds rotting: Union

via Detained vendors’ wounds rotting: Union – New Zimbabwe 19/07/2015

NATIONAL Vendors Union Zimbabwe says the “wounds of our injured members are rotting in detention” accusing prison authorities of denying them access to treatment.

Last Tuesday, members of the union, including Chairperson Sten Zvorwadza, and national director Samuel Wadzai, were arrested in Harare for defying government directive to vacate the “illegal” spaces they were using as marketing malls.

In the process, NAVUZ said some of its members were injured Zvorwadza included.

During their initial remand hearing Wednesday last week, Harare Magistrate Tendai Mahwe ordered the state to give medical attention to the injured vendors.

“Tomorrow (Monday) marks one week after our chairperson, director and members were arrested,” said NAVUZ   in a statement Sunday.

“As if this is not enough, our members who have been injured are still without access to medical attention, although Magistrate Tendai Mahwe gave an order that they be given access to medical attention; nothing has been done so far in that respect and their wounds continue to rot in detention.”

Running battles between vendors and municipal cops continue with the former being harassed, arrested and having their wares confiscated.

NAVUZ vows that its members will not be giving up anytime soon.

“No form of violence will deter vendors from pursuing their livelihoods and these arbitrary, cruel, inhuman and barbaric treatment of vendors will only galvanize their unity against such efforts as would deter them eking out a living in these harsh economic circumstances.”


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    The Mind Boggles 7 years ago

    I hear medical treatment in the far east is superior to that available in Zimbabalooba , perhaps they should try and get on the next flight???? You reap what you sow I feel nothing

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    Two Million Jobs 7 years ago

    The politician in Zim is the most cruel I have ever seen. You destroy people’s livelihoods while your family lives in mansions you have bought or built in every corner of the world, including your Borrowdale mansions, your children have five course breakfast, five course lunches, five course dinners everyday. They are driven to school in a fleet of cars by assistants whose salaries are paid by the VAT and PAYE we pay.

    You and your so called educated cabal produce no wealth, just talk on TV or travel from continent to continent.

    Then you turn back and say only you and your close associates must thrive. My children must suffer continue….!

    This is your legacy!?