Ex-Chipangano leader Jim Kunaka apologises

via Ex-Chipangano leader Jim Kunaka apologises – NewsDay Zimbabwe October 16, 2015

THE former leader of Zanu PF’s Chipangano terror group, Jim Kunaka, has publicly apologised for his past deeds, claiming he was being used as a pawn by top ruling party officials.


Kunaka, whose Chipangano militia terrorised Harare residents and opposition party supporters from its base in Mbare, admitted being the face of Zanu PF violence then.

“I was the political violence master when I was in Zanu PF, but what I want people to know today is that when you join a cult, you behave like the people in that cult,” he told South Africa’s ANN7TV on Wednesday evening during its Africa Tonight special programme.

“All the bad things I did while in Zanu PF and Chipangano were not intentional; it was because of the bad system I had got myself into.”

A number of Zanu PF officials have been accused of leading waves of terror and violence against unarmed opposition supporters, particularly during elections, but few have apologised for their past deeds.

Kunaka, who is now a member of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s United Family International Church, urged politicians to shy away from violence and instead go to church.

He also now works with expelled former Zanu PF MP Temba Mliswa in a youth advocacy group that encourages youths to unite and engage in peaceful politics.

“People understand and forgive me. There was Saul in the Bible, he was a serious murderer, but at the end he changed and became Paul and started preaching the gospel. So I was Saul and I am now Paul, I am preaching the gospel of peace in Zimbabwe,” Kunaka said.

“Politics is not about killing each other, it’s about engaging each other peacefully.”
Kunaka, who has faced charges of extortion, abduction and torturing dozens of opposition supporters, was once abducted by suspected State security agents.


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    If he truly wants forgiveness he should set what he actually did and to whom and who ordered it.

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    Observer 7 years ago

    Yes, if he spilled blood, he must now spill the beans.

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