Dagga is just another vegetable

via Dagga is just another vegetable – The Zimbabwean 16.10.2015

A Chiredzi man stunned the court when he said he did not know that growing dagga was a criminal offence as he just cooks and eats the drug the same way he cooks other vegetables.

Simon Mapazu of Feversham in Triangle pleaded not guilty to the charge of contravening a section of the dangerous drugs act when he appeared before Chiredzi magistrate Constance Mutandwa.

“I cut the plants into pieces and cook them the same way I do with other vegetables,” he told the court. “In fact I regard dagga as one of my best vegetables that I cook,” he added.

The magistrate ordered that he be examined by a doctor to ascertain his state of mind. She said anyone in his right mind would surely know that dagga is a dangerous drug and therefore possessing or growing it is a criminal offence.

Prosecutors had alleged that on October 1 police received a tip off and raided Mapazu’s homestead and recovered 10 twists of dagga weighing about 10 grammes, resulting in his arrest.
The magistrate remanded him in custody so that he is examined by a psychiatrist.


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    Mugarbage 7 years ago

    So they arrested a man for 10 grams of weed, luckily nothing more serious happens in Zimbabwe.
    It is like giving a parking ticket in Damascus, Syria.

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    psalms 58 7 years ago

    Dagga is treated in zimbabwe as a dangerous drug. While in civilised countries they are using dagga to treat cancer, crohnes disease, seizures etc. 10 grams are you effing kidding me? Up to 30gr is punishable by a twenty dollar fine. What a bunch of jokers you magistrates and prosecutors are. Crooked theives the lot.

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    Mr Viriri 7 years ago

    How many deaths in zimbabwe have been attributed to mbanje? How many road accidents have been caused by drivers under the influence of it? What health benefits can you get from cigarettes and alcohol? How many bar fights are caused by people who choose to smoke mbanje? People all over the world know the risks of smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol but choose to do so regardless of the consequences. When will the government stop interfering in our free choice? If I choose to have mbanje at the end of my day that’s my choice to make the same as any alcoholic or chain smoker. Now excuse me will I light my spliff…

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    I remember in 2011 an MP (Zanu) getting up and mentioning that it should become a product in Zimbabwe. He was laughed out of parliament and I don’t see why. Would create thousands of instant jobs. Does not require power and next to nothing of water. No fertilizer. Insect and disease resistant.

    It is has a massive future as a cash crop (value add to create oils from it) and the US is at the forefront again. Its big Pharma that are holding this back as it will be a billion dollar industry soon. Imagine all the taxes. Zimbabwe could be at the forefront with a little future thinking. And there’s the problem.