Jabulani Sibanda defends farm invaders

via Jabulani Sibanda defends farm invaders – DailyNews Live 15 September 2014 by Jeffrey Muvundusi

BULAWAYO – War veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda said youths in Bulawayo who invaded farms on the outskirts of the city were victims of the current poor economic situation.

Zanu PF activists riding under the auspices of Bulawayo Chapter of Youth in Farming

Organisation led by Tariro Magovanyika, 34 and Mark Muunganirwa, 35 have in the past weeks invaded about five farms.

Umguza MP Obert Mpofu recently called for the arrest of the invaders describing their acts as illegal while party national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo and Bulawayo Provincial chairman Callistus Ndlovu have disowned them.

But, speaking for the first time since the onset of a new wave of farm invasions, Sibanda said calling for the arrest of the agitated youths was missing the whole point with regard to empowering the growing number of the jobless young population.

“They are victims of unemployment, they are not criminals,” Sibanda told the Daily News. “Give us the opportunity to talk to them on how to handle these difficult circumstances they find themselves in and the magistrate is not the right person to talk to because he can only put them into prison and that does not help the matter,” he said.

The two youth leaders have a pending court case where they are

being charged of criminal trespass in Bulawayo City Council-owned Mazwi Nature Reserve.

The war veterans leader said the land grabs were an epitome of a malfunctioning industry.

“They are invading because they are land-hungry. It is actually a sign that our people are desperate considering that our industry has collapsed here in Bulawayo.”

He, however, criticised the invasion of Mazwi Nature Reserve, a move he described as ill advised. “Mazwi is Bulawayo City Council’s land.”

Asked about the recent invasion of a Figtree Farm owned by David Connolly, by a top

President Robert Mugabe aide Ray Ndhlukula, Sibanda said the title deeds held by the white farmer had been overtaken by time.

“When did Connolly invade our country to take a farm here?” asked Sibanda.

“He must have a lease for that farm, if he is still holding onto title deeds for that farm, that has been overtaken by events.

“We want all white farmers that bought land during colonial time to respect the present land distribution method by applying for a 99-year lease from government.”


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    Until these so called youths realize that they are unemployed because of Jabulani Sibanda and his likes they will continue to leave miserably and even be worse than what they are now. Even if they seize the land they will do nothing with it. They will sell to no one. We are living in a global village where international trade rules will apply even to local economic policies. Only a total fool ignores or rejects this reality. They will eat the party regalia and Jabulani Sibanda’s confusion if they can. Jobs will come from sound normal economic policies and not endless individual property seizures to please a bankrupt political tyranny.

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    Chaka 9 years ago

    Farm invaders are fortunate. They have someone they can lean on. Jabulani Sibanda, do you know that a majority of Zimbos can brutalised by the police just for mentioning the name of the president? Farm invading is a crime, let’s not encourage it. Are we finaly going to do the right things? God save our beloved country

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    John Thomas 9 years ago

    Lets turn the whole country into a barren desert. Won’t that be an achievement for ZANU to boast about

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    Doris 9 years ago

    We are pensioners. Our farm, which was state of the art citrus export, was grabbed in total. Including the clothes in our houses. We, as pensioners, with no income now, are suffering from the economic climate. We are too old to get a job. These youth are young enough to work and earn an honest living. Who, then, is entitled to take what doesn’t belong to them?

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      masvukupete 9 years ago

      Doris. We are all suffering. We also have pension parents who have also lost everything. Your problem is not unique and is not special. We are all suffering. Up until you realise this the better you will be able to fight the system. I do not condone farm invasions but a lot of the white farmers should have realised that despite some of them having bought vast lands there was something fundamentally wrong with the land distribution in the country. Yes there were many wrongs that were done during the “land invasions” but the question that needs to be answered is would whitey have shared even 1 hectare of land with your “brothers” with dark skins, who were condemned to barren lands by the colonial system. Yes it is unfair to you today but it was unfair then. If given a chance to be president what would be your solution to the land issue. Would you invoke the past title deeds as they were or you would you seek for a more equitable distribution. As said before we are all suffering, and please spare a thought for those who have been suffering all their lives due to racism before 1980 and now through mismanagement.

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    Zimbali 9 years ago

    Comrade Jabbu “We want all white farmers that bought land during colonial time to respect the present land distribution method by applying for a 99-year lease from government.” It is common knowledge that 80% of white farmers purchased their farms after independence in 1980 with a promise from comrade Bob to support them. A farmer had to obtain a certificate from the government stating that the government had no interest in the farm. Now you and your ilk proclaim this stupid nonsense. Yes you are stupid. And as long as you all remain stupid, Zimbabwe will never prosper. Chaka, I agree with you, God save our beloved country.

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago

    can zanupf keep the promise of jobs! DONT TELL US THIS RUBBISH JABU! WHERE DO YOU WORK! YOU ARE LUCKY AS ….

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    Mixed Race 9 years ago

    What do you expect from somebody who survives through acts of violence.What would happen to him if say tomorrow law and order is put in force?He would struggle to drive and maintain his big car he got through funny deals.This guy has zero qualification except violence using these illiterate youths.Where were you when Bulawayo was being reduced to an industrial ghost city?
    If they want land they must approach the chiefs in places like Gwayi and Binga where the population density is low per acre.These are not youths from Matebeleland,therefore they are sent here to cause unnecessary problems.If they want employment they must talk to the minister of youth and empowerment for assistance, not to attack peace loving people trying to survive from their small farms.Your ignorance on tittle deeds is so amazing for somebody claiming to be a leader of an organisation.I have never head of a tittle deed changing to a lease agreement over night.The minister of transport was right to say these malcontent youths should be arrested because you have failed to control them.Who are you to condemn the courts when they are implementing the laws of the country? Are you now opposing rulings from elected authorities?When a person acquires power through violent means,he fails to notice his limitations until he is stopped by other means.Once the courts give the police permission to remove them,we hope that your tom boys will realise that you are not as powerful as you think.

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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    nyoni 9 years ago

    Jabu what an idiot you are. Beautiful Bulawayo is being destroyed by Zanu and you don’t see it. Zimbabwe is being destroyed by Zanu and you sleep in your hazed cocoon. Were you a War vet or mujiba. Please tell us because I don’t see or hear one talking any sense at all. You simply are a joke let alone a comedian of gigantic proportions.

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    you want investment you uneducated morons.

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    Like swans of locusts the invaders as they are rightly called see a green patch they swoop down on it and eat everything. They pupate and fly off to another patch to do the same.

    Should it not be time now for building things instead???

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    A genie released from the bottle. Paso jabulani and fellow mujiba sibanda

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    Mlimo 9 years ago

    Jabuwok is top of the hit list just wait. There will be no mercy shown.

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    Justice 9 years ago

    His comments show his stupidity and sense of entitlement,getting rich off other people’s hard work! Has he ever worked an honest day’s work in his life?

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    JRR56 9 years ago

    What if I don’t want land but want a car. Can I take yours Jabu?

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    Mishonga yanetsa 9 years ago

    Comrades so who is on the president side jabu or obert

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      Sonofngwazi 9 years ago


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    mtino 9 years ago

    Comrades let us not blame youths fo dat….act.blamme de situation dey are no jobs plus why is it dat land is being sold to us the citizens………aluta continua youths

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    I think everyone should take note of what is happening to the ex Mrs Chiwengwa. “So you have done to others so it shall be done to you.” “For what ever you sow , so shall you reap.” And then there is the simple, “Whatever goes around comes around.” I was perturbed by Grace Mugabe’s boastful claim last week that she personally led the invasion of Iron Mask Farm. If my memory serves me correctly she brutally and without any mercy deposed two elderly people and a whole lot of farm workers. And so now we get to Micah Chapter 2. I remember reading some months back of Grace leading a prayer meeting somewhere. It makes me shudder. This is surely trampling on the grace of God. I see that judgment of Micah Chapter 2:3 coming upon many who have violently grabbed land and property without mercy and without justice. Its a funny thing but fake doctorates will just not work on judgment day! Repentance!!!!!!

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    Can anyone imagine the Lord Jesus Christ violently and chaotically taking over a farm, destroying the lively hoods of many and causing deep suffering one day and them popping up the next day to preach God’s word in the temple??????

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    Mena Bona 9 years ago

    Jabu and his goons don’t want land. If they did they would go and look in the Binga and Gwayi areas. They want to steal the property and equipment from a productive hardworking farmer then look around for more plunder. Thieving criminals is what they are. Lazy thugs that should be behind bars not hiding behind ZANU PF.

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    Phunyukabemphethe 9 years ago

    Gukurahundi Sibanda, farm invaders are criminals PERIOD!!

    There can never be an acceptable excuse for forcefully grabbing other people’s properties whatever one’s circumstances. Otherwise, it becomes a free for all. Assets have to be worked for, not grabbed.

    Unemployment is everywhere around the world, but its only in Zimbabwe where assets are grabbed from their owners by force, why? clearly there is something wrong with Zimbabwe.

    These land-grabbing gukurahundis have always faced the ravages of unemployment but they have continued to vote and sing for gukurahundi ZANU PF – what then do they expect? Let them face the consequences of their stupidity.

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    “They are invading because they are land-hungry. It is actually a sign that our people are desperate considering that our industry has collapsed here in Bulawayo.” Who does Jabulani think is responsible for ‘current poor economic situation’? Should somebody not send this idiot back to his village?

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    Grabmore 9 years ago

    Hilarious !!

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    These farm invasions are a case of we’ll let you input as much money, hard work, building etc and then take it away from you so that we can have it for free and label it “Land Redistribution”. Only in Zimbabwe