Minister threatens workers

via Minister threatens workers – NewsDay Zimbabwe August 8, 2015

LOCAL Authority employees face salary cuts after the newly appointed Local Government, Public Works and National Housing minister Saviour Kasukuwere said their scales are too high to sustain.


The minister threatened the downward review of council staff salaries while addressing councillors in Chinhoyi on Thursday in one of his “meet the councillors” tours.

He blasted council officials for pegging exorbitant salary scales at the expense of service delivery, which is supposed to get 70% of council budgets with 30% reserved for salaries.

“We cannot have someone earning $22 000 per month when council collections are less than $70 000,” Kasukuwere said.

“What is that when residents are not getting clean water and refuse is not collected?”

He said it was unfair to let residents suffer poor service delivery, while a few council officials enjoyed hefty earnings.

The minister warned council officials to desist from looting of funds, adding personal financial problems were never solved by corrupt activities.

Kasukuwere, who is the ruling party commissar also took a dig at Zanu PF party members saying they should desist from taking advantage of desperate home seekers by robbing them of their money under the guise of helping them get accommodation.

He warned corrupt party members saying the police would pounce on them despite their positions in the party.

“I want to warn all of us that we should not use our positions to rob the poor and weak in society. Some of us have become land barons and have robbed widows,” said Kasukuwere.

He said his ministry was in the process of disciplining wayward councillors who misused council funds and allowances, adding that he would soon inform the public of two Gweru councillors he fired for graft.

Mining companies which reneged from paying their dues to councils were also warned to comply with indigenisation laws, which he said would be implemented without fear or favour.

Chinhoyi town clerk Mundororo Mazai and mayor Test Michaels, who were ousted by councillors a fortnight ago, were reinstated during the meeting.


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    Fundani Moyo 9 years ago

    I am beginning to believe that most people in the Government of Zimbabwe and those in local governments lack a sense of proportion. How in the world can anyone working in any company/entity in Zimbabwe justify a monthly salary of $22,000? This is totally obscene. No wonder the country’s economy is on its knees.