Mugabe spits on Chimurenga

via Mugabe spits on Chimurenga – The Zimbabwean 20 January 2015

But Mutasa reminds his comrades that ‘one man one vote’ was the central theme of the liberation war. By doing away with elections at the last congress, Mugabe has effectively spat on the core principle of Chimurenga.

Often when there is infighting within Zanu (PF), most Zimbabweans – fed up with unemployment and potholes – take the position of ‘let the predators eat each other.’ But no matter what one’s political affiliation, the abandonment of democracy (what little there was) in Zanu (PF) should scare us all. If Mugabe can do this at party level, then the mind can only conjure the most nightmarish visions of what he is capable of at national level.

It is worth pointing out that these are the exact same complaints perennially made by opposition parties. ‘Each time the party faces challenges, it resorts to brute force.’ Mutasa is a struggle icon who has been in Zanu (PF) for decades. He knew the nature of the beast that is Zanu (PF). In fact, he may have fed the monster himself.

Anyone would be forgiven for mistaking Mutasa’s press statement for something written by one of the opposition parties. Since 1980, Zanu (PF) rivals have all registered the same complaints: violence, intimidation and even murder. Never in 35 years did Mutasa ever imagine he would have to sample the banditry of his own making.

Dorothy Mabika, former Manicaland vice chairperson once accused Mutasa of threatening her with unspecified action in order to obtain sexual favours. Referring to his buffalo totem and Mabika’s zebra totem, Mutasa is reported to have said ‘Mbizi ikasafura pamwechete nenyati, nyati inotunga mbizi’ (if the zebra refuses to consort with the buffalo, the buffalo will gore the zebra).’ Anyone reading the subtext will know that Mutasa was not speaking of grazers roaming the plains of Gonarezhou.

It was also Mutasa who, in Zanu (PF)’s official language of violence, suggested that Jonathan Moyo be Gamatoxed.