New Zealand Parliamentarians and children among ZIM Rural Schools Library Ambassadors

via New Zealand Parliamentarians and children among ZIM Rural Schools Library Ambassadors – The Zimbabwean 13.11.2015

Hamilton based Parliamentarians David Bennett and Sue Moroney have been announced as Godwill Ambassadors of the Zimbabwe Rural Schools Library Trust New Zealand, alongside school children Annarose Nicol (Hamilton Christian School), Deano Roberts (Melville High School), Ropafadzo Kunaka (Hamilton West School) and twin sisters Shefali and Shivani Sinha (Southwell School).

Other Goodwill Ambassadors announced are Alys Brown (Midwife), Jesse O’brien (Musician), Nica van Woerden (School Teacher) and Wellington Chakonda (Engineer).

The 11, who are among a group of people who have actively support the trust since its inception, are the first to be confirmed as the trust’s Goodwill Ambassadors in New Zealand. The Goodwill Ambassador present at the ceremony expressed gratitude for their appointment, and pledged to work to ensure the trust’s objectives are achieved.

In his acceptance speech, Member of Parliament for Hamilton East David Bennett thanked and congratulated the Zimbabwe Rural Schools Library Trust for coming up with a noble initiative to help children in Zimbabwe’s rural school access educational reading material which promotes their intellectual growth and pledged his unwavering support for the trust.

Deano Roberts realized New Zealand children took the abundant reading material at their disposal for granted “Listening to my neighbor Driden talk about the Zimbabwe Rural Schools Library initiative, I realized how lucky we are in New Zealand as we have easy access to books and library services”, said Deano in his acceptance speech.

Another newly crowned Goodwill Ambassador Shefali Sinha, who with her twin sister Shivani initiated a fundraising fun walk/run for the trust was excited about her appointment and vowed to step up her efforts to help “In my new role as a Goodwill Ambassador, I will try and promote innovative ways to raise funds for the this worthy cause, said Shefali. “I see hope for the rural children in Zimbabwe. I believe that our united efforts in fundraising will make a difference in their lives”, she added.

Shivani applauded the Zimbabwe Rural Schools Library Trust for involving children in its programme, promising to do her best to change the fortunes for the less fortunate children, “I will endeavour to fulfil my role with great diligence, enthusiasm and integrity. I believe that when given a chance, we children can change the world, she said.

Ropafadzo Kunaka, who moved to New Zealand at the age of 11 months said she was inspired by Shefali and Shivani, and made an undertaking to raise $500 to support reading at Nyamasanga School in Chitomborwizi in Zimbabwe. “I am inspired by the work done by girls of my age group, Shefali and Shivani, and will work with them, other Goodwill Ambassadors and trustees to achieve good results for the children of Zimbabwe’s rural schools who need reading material. I am also setting myself a target to raise $500 to buy books for Nyamasanga School in Chitomborwizi, where my dad did his primary school, and I need the support of all”.

Wellington Chakonda thanked New Zealanders for rallying behind the initiative to provide reading as evidenced by the turn out at the ceremony, while Alys Brown said all children deserved adequate access to reading material, and human kind had to come to the rescue where children needed better access to reading material. She vowed to play her part in mobilizing support for the Zimbabwe Rural Schools Library Trust initiative.