Shamed Shamu grovels at Mugabe

via Shamed Shamu grovels at Mugabe – New Zimbabwe 20/08/2015

FORMER cabinet minister Webster Shamu, known for his over-the top bootlicking, took his favourite trade to the highest level, praising President Robert Mugabe and the ruling Zanu PF party during parliamentary debate on labour amendments.

Quickly forgotten was the humiliation he suffered at the Heroes Day commemoration when he, wife by his side, was ordered to vacate the high table and sit with other ordinary folk.

Shamu, who was fired from cabinet but survived expulsion from the ruling party by the skin of his teeth, once described Mugabe as “Cremora”, a popular powdered milk brand.

In his contribution to debate on the Labour Amendment Bill 2015, Shamu went into a monologue about Mugabe and the ruling party, ignoring interjections from other MPs.

“Let me take this opportunity of expressing our profound gratitude to His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and also the First Secretary of the Party, Zanu PF and its President…,” said Shamu before being drowned by interjections of “Cremora…Cremora….Cremora” from mainly MDC MPs.

When silence was restored Shamu, the former Zanu PF national commissar, was not yet done.

“Before I was interrupted, I was saying in that vein, I would also like to thank the Central Committee of Zanu PF. I would also want to thank the politburo of the party and also the National Consultative Assembly which met two weeks ago to debate on issues concerning this country and especially focusing on the issue of the workers in Zimbabwe.

“Zanu PF gave direction to us all on what needed to be done. I would like to pursue an ideological angle with regards to what His Excellency espouses. He speaks for us being called upon always to speak the truth, the truth based on facts and those facts giving birth to realities,” Shamu added.

“Sound economics needs to be underpinned on sound political decisions. This decision that has been taken not only by Zanu PF as a party, but through its government, cabinet and its minister (Prisca Mupfumira-Labour), is living testimony to that fact.”

He then painted a rosy future for Zimbabwe.

“I believe that in this manner, we see a future full of success, greatness for Zimbabwe and indeed an opportunity for us to be able to exploit our human and natural resources, God-given as they are, for the benefit of our country.

“It is not all gloomy. In fact, we speak to a vision that we have all shared and is now being seen to be a living reality that our economy and country can indeed survive as a people without the West, hence our Look East Policy is now paying dividends. The economy is on the rebound,” gushed Shamu.

Shamu was among a host of Zanu PF ministers booted out of government on allegations of plotting to violently unseat Mugabe. The Chegutu East lawmaker was also suspended from the party for five years.

Some of his colleagues were expelled from both government and the party alongside former VP Joice Mujuru, the leader of the alleged coup plot.


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    Indeed Shamu is a lunatic cum clown of note. What economic rebound is this idiot talking about. Earnestly, with regard to Zim it can only take a brainwashed fool from Mars to utter such foolish words. But Shamu is worse than that anyway.

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    Nyoni 8 years ago

    Shake shake Shamu needs more Chibuku before going to the house of clowns.

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    Wisdom 8 years ago

    Send Webster back to Zambia because He is talking not about Zimbabwe.

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    Send that fool back to murombedzi.

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    Tsholofelo 8 years ago

    This guy is a big fool. He also thinks the President will continue getting fooled by this shameless boot-licking. For your information Shamu, the President is fully aware of the economic situation prevailing in the country. He knows very well that the economy is not on the rebound but rather, deteriorating. That`s why he now wants to approach the Japanese for assistance. The likes of Shamu are the people who have contributed to the current economic malaise by lying to the president. I don`t think Mugabe will continue buying into such kind of talk. Enda unorima minda yamakapihwa!!!! Toda kukudzinga zvachose mumusangano. You bloody Gamatox!!!!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    James Gray 8 years ago

    Shut up Shamu… What is he still doing in parliament? is this what he was elected for?
    Vakuru vanoti “Kuita kwewashaya kutsvaga uta mugate”
    This guy dreams self aggrandizement only.

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    Zuwarabuda Nyamhute 8 years ago

    It looks like all is not okay with Webster Shamu – mentally that is. How can anybody, with a sound mind and body, really talk of an economic rebound when the country is slowly descending into the sewer?

    • comment-avatar
      Hatina 8 years ago

      Webster Shamu…too much kachasu…nefodya!! Munzepete wawandisa mumusoro, brain dzave frozen! And to imagine that Zimbabwe has been under such leadership for 35 yrs…nxaaa…no wonder why yakoromoka, ingaenda nekupi….! Sorry maningi!!!