Zanu PF defends Kasukuwere

via Zanu PF defends Kasukuwere – DailyNews Live 8 September 2015

HARARE – President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF has defended national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere in the face of demands that he steps down.

Zanu PF spokesperson Psychology Maziwisa said Mugabe continues to have full confidence in Kasukuwere, after moves to oust him from power escalated.

Kasukuwere is seen as a leading member of both the G40 and the so-called Gang of Four, the alleged operational command and think tank of the G40 and weevils.

Kasukuwere’s ruling party enemies are throwing everything at the burly party enforcer in a desperate bid to oust him, including mobilising for a vote of no confidence against him.

Maziwisa said some failed members of the party had unsuccessfully tried to derail the restructuring exercise currently going on in Zanu PF and had resorted to last minute attempts of petitions.

“The so-called petition is devoid of substance because while it alleges that Honourable Kasukuwere is causing factionalism, it does not say with any specificities exactly how he is causing it,” Maziwisa said.

Part of the petition reads: “On the 11th of September 2015 we choose to add our voices and rescue our party and revolution. We choose to defend our President Cde R.G. Mugabe.

“We will sign the petition against this power-hungry opportunist. Yes, we will sign against factionalism and artificial divisions in Zanu PF. Oh yes, we will sign against this CIA-sponsored attack on our party.

“We will ask Saviour Kasukuwere to leave office honourably. Yes, peacefully, we will take to the streets here and join the other revolutionaries on the 12th of September 2015.

“As all roads lead to the Zanu PF HQ on Monday the 14th, we will be there with others to hand-over our petition to our living icon and leader Cde R.G. Mugabe,” some of the group’s anti-Kasukuwere postings say.

But Maziwisa said: “As far as I am concerned, there is no pending disciplinary hearing against the national commissar.

“President Mugabe does not at the moment have time for pettiness, let alone petitions. His attention is on ensuring the rapid implementation of his economic growth-oriented 10-point plan in order to grow the Zimbabwean economy and to improve the welfare of the Zimbabwean people and any serious Zanu PF member knows that. There is no time for childish games at the moment.”

The petition — circulated at the weekend — suggested that Kasukuwere should leave office as he was spearheading factionalism in the party by creating confusion and artificial enemies among senior leadership.

It also describes Kasukuwere as “a self-confessed political thug, power hungry opportunist and revolutionary hijacker” whose “ill-gotten wealth will not help him out of his situation.”

“He is at the centre of the confusion,” the petition, circulating on social media says. “His dirty hands are everywhere.

“His nose pokes everywhere. His name is associated with confusion and meaningless fights. He is giving false reports to the party leader. He is pitting the First Lady against the VPs.

“He is pitting the two VPs against each other and creating artificial divisions. Senior leadership is at each other’s throat as he creates artificial enmity.

“He has ignored the president’s call for sanity and a stop to suspensions and votes of no confidence. He has created his own centre of power which is a contradiction to the 2014 congress resolution stressing one centre of power.

“He has divided the women and youth leagues…. He continues to cause confusion in provincial party structures to justify dissolving of the current provincial committees which he alleges are not loyal to him.

“This he is doing in anticipation of an extraordinary congress where he plans to stand for the presidency.

“He continues to sponsor divisive succession stories in the media and wrongly but intentionally implicating our two VPs and the First Lady so that the three will appear as power hungry-factionalists.”


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    Nyoni 7 years ago

    At times like this its makes one wish to be a footballer. Give these idiots a kick up the bum.