Zinwa designates 5 points for bulk water collection

Zinwa designates 5 points for bulk water collection | The Herald 15 October 2014

THE Zimbabwe National Water Authority has with effect from October 1 designated five water extracting points to bulk water suppliers who sell the commodity to residents in Harare’s leafy suburbs. The points are Dema, Juru, Henderson Research Station, Gwebi and Parirewa.

Zinwa corporate communications and marketing manager, Mrs Marjorie Runyoka, said the bulk water suppliers would buy the water for US$3 per 1 000 litres.

Previously, bulk water suppliers were fetching water in residential areas such as Mt Pleasant and The Grange.

“There has been over-extraction of water by bulk water suppliers from residential points. By doing so, the suppliers were now affecting the water table resulting in drying up of nearby boreholes,” said Mrs Runyoka.

Residents from Mandara, Borrowdale, Greendale and Mt Pleasant among others in Harare have no access to tap water because of their geographical locations and residents rely on boreholes and bulk water suppliers.

These residents had not been able to buy water for the past three days as suppliers stopped deliveries because of a disagreement with Zinwa over tariffs.

The tariffs increased from US$50 per 5 000 litres to US$90. In an interview, some residents who bought bulk water from dealers, said they were asking for water from neighbours with boreholes.

A resident of Mandara, Mrs Tapiwa Gora, said it had become very difficult to survive without water.

“Being unable to buy water from these dealers means a potential outbreak of diarrhoeal diseases if the situation continues as it is,” she said.

Another resident from Mt Pleasant who declined to be named, said households required running water since Harare’s supplies were unreliable.

“We rely on these water suppliers and we hope they (Zinwa and dealers) come to some sort of agreement so that we can have some normalcy in our homes,” she said.

Harare Residents Trust Association spokesperson, Ms Sharon Magodyo, urged Zinwa to maintain the old tariffs since water was a basic human right.

“Zinwa should not take advantage of the situation because people are trying their best to look for alternative sources of water. The fact that water is a basic human right should be considered, hence it should maintain old tariffs,” Ms Magodyo said.


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    Some points for clarity and truth.

    1) The reason that the northern and eastern suburbs of Harare have no access to water is because the City of Harare has failed in their mandate to supply water to city residents. Even as we speak, the City is trying to borrow money from China to build Kunzvi dam, but the problem is not the total amount of water available. There is enough water in the dams. It is that the delivery network is old and 70% of the water leaks out.

    2) The City of Harare charges $1 per 1000 litres of treated water piped to your house. For Zinwa to charge $3 for untreated water pumped from the ground into a delivery truck is nothing more than profiteering at the expense of the public.

    3) The public has lost faith in City of Harare and in Zinwa to solve our water crisis. Let us set up an INDEPENDENT TRUST to manage the city water.

    4) All residents who do not receive piped water from the City of Harare should boycott rates payments.

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    Grabmore 8 years ago

    “Residents from Mandara, Borrowdale, Greendale and Mt Pleasant among others in Harare have no access to tap water because of their geographical locations….”

    Then how come they had water in 1960, 1970, 1980 and 2000 ???

    Let’s rather be honest and say ZINWA wants to monopolise water so they can pay salaries and buy new Mercs for the Chefs.

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    Terry Hwesa 8 years ago

    When will this madness end? Firstly the CBD has been extended to cover all avenues. Residents and visitors have to pay for the “privilege” of parking in the avenues. When will this insatiable thirst for USD end. As for the water levy- this is the final straw. I live in Borrowdale and have not received municipal water for two/ three years. In places like Glen Lorne they have not had municipal water for years. We have relied on bulk water suppliers for water as boreholes have dried up. 10,000 litres which previously cost $80 has gone up to $110- a 38% increase just to pay some stupid bureaucrat at ZINWA. It reminds me of the Egyptians adding on more suffering to the children of Israel, Exodus 5 v 18 ” therefore go now and work for no straw shall be given to you, yet you shall deliver the same quota of bricks”
    I have just read of a Harare citizen who sued City of Harare because of their failure to maintain his road. I think as citizens we need to sue City of Harare to compel them to provide us with water.

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    Mukanya 8 years ago

    ZINWA Goblin!!