Why prefer Singaporean surgeons, Cde President? Muckraker

via Why prefer Singaporean surgeons, Cde President? – The Zimbabwe Independent February 28, 2014 by Muckraker

Congratulatory messages came pouring in last week for President Robert Mugabe’s 90th birthday.

This is as it should be — 90 is a ripe old age.
But Muckraker’s attention was caught by the Air Zimbabwe (AirZim) advert that said “We cherish your visionary, insightful and bold leadership.”

This is probably appropriate as AirZim is getting a lot of business from Mugabe shuttles; what with increased visits to Singapore.

Something the unadventurous Tazzen Mandizvidza failed to ask — among a whole host of questions that went begging — was why Mugabe needs to be treated by Singaporean eye specialists when Zimbabwe has world-class specialists on its doorstep?

Dr Gurumutunhu, for instance, is widely regarded by his profession. It would be interesting to know what the relative costs are including transport!

Moreover, Bona is no longer at university in Hong Kong. What’s really going on here?

AirZim’s future

And while AirZim is busy grovelling with its congratulations, perhaps it could tell us about the airline’s plans for the future including the cannibalising of one of its Airbus planes. It will now concentrate on its Boeing fleet, we are told, where workshops are to hand and pilots fully trained.

According to NewsDay, AirZim now has a mixed fleet of three Chinese MA60s, three Boeing 737s, three Boeing 767s and two leased Airbus 320s which are based in Johannesburg.

After all, we did notice the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe boasting that its mandate was “to promote the safe, regular and efficient use and development of aviation inside and outside Zimbabwe”.

One wonders how they would do that with an unreliable and grounded fleet, let alone a bankrupt and crippled national airline.

Editor complains

And “of course”, Tazzen’s special ZBC-TV guest was Mugabe. Could there be anybody else jostling for attention on that date?

We did have the editor of the Herald complaining that nobody had taken up George Charamba’s offer of the previous week to publicly confess his sins and thus exonerate himself from any wrongdoing.

“Generally speaking,” the Herald said, “his take was that all culpable people must be decent enough to admit their failings and resign their posts”.

“Zimbabwe,” it seems, had “a dearth of honourable men and women”.
“The plethora of revelations of abuse of office and outright criminality by public officials has not induced a single person to own up, apologise and call it quits — except for Mr Charamba,” the Herald dutifully pronounced last week.

With Charamba (we are not aware he has resigned) calling the shots at Herald House, you can understand the reluctance of the guilty — and some who are not — to become victims of a powerful official who is running his own agenda and may need to divert any heat that is generated by the current imbroglio.

Manheru’s account

Meanwhile, we are enjoying Herald columnist Nathaniel Manheru’s account of colonial history even though some may find it heavy going. What nobody can miss is the contemporary narrative that situates Khama as a friend of the British as early as the 1880s.

“Khama and his people had largely converted to Christianity thanks to Robert Moffat’s efforts in the process predisposing them towards the white man’s views, values and pursuits.”

In other words, Cecil John Rhodes had his ducks in a row by the time he occupied Mashonaland. And we can blame Khama for letting the British in through the back door!

This is patriotic history as Terrence Ranger would call it.

Zim poorer

Meanwhile, perhaps President Mugabe could grasp the fact that investors have the right to choose where they place their funds. Zimbabwe has over the past 30 years become a poor country when in 1980 it was a middle-income state on a par with Ghana and South Korea.

“Mugabe is right. We have no apologies,” the Sunday Mail proclaimed as if it was heading a grand nationalist cause.

All the successful African states are headed in the opposite direction. In particular Botswana and Mozambque have overtaken Zimbabwe. Everybody seems to have recognised that cold hard fact.

Except the Sunday Mail! The state-controlled media is happy to contribute to or even cover up this record of failure. It is a shame.

What can we say of a newspaper chain whose new best friend is a buffoon like Julius Malema? When Russia and China make some routine polite noises to mark the president’s birthday, the public media become hysterical with delight as if this was the first time somebody has been nice to them!

Anyway, isn’t the African Union deputy presidency and Sadc deputy chairman a routine appointment selected by rote? It was Zim’s turn or Buggins’ turn, as they say. So what’s the hype about?

Over to Kiev

Events in the Ukraine on TV this week have been fascinating to watch.

On Sunday the inhabitants of the capital trooped out to the presidential palace which had previously been the private domain of President Victor Yanukovych (who is on the run) and very much off limits to the public. It contained the presidential zoo where some overfed animals were on display.

The citizens of Kiev had not seen an ostrich before it seems. Nor had they seen the boathouses lining the shore of the lake in the grounds. The architect of the tasteless Soviet-era palace declined to identify himself, unsurprisingly.

The public then sauntered through the palace interior where a number of top secret documents could be found. Some had found their way into the river that flowed through the grounds. The president himself could not be found, but later turned up in the (Russian-speaking) Crimea.

On Saturday night his possessions had been trucked out of the capital and that was a sight to see as truck after truck carried Yanokovych’s goods into the darkness.

There is always a dramatic end to dictators’ rule. Beware!


  • comment-avatar
    apolitical 8 years ago

    Fees and salaries have soared so much that it ios cheaper to fly overseas for an operation than have it here.
    I had a situation where for a very simple operstion done in Zimbabwe – plating a fractured leg ended up costing $140000. Cost in UK private would have been 3500 pounds.
    Our hospitals all have the super bug in a epidemic state that closed hospitals in the EU, an airborne virus it is ignore by surgeons and hospitals locally.
    What they do is apologise after the operation, say there is no antibiotic currently for the virus MRSA I think and suggest in the case of a leg – amputation as the infection will be removed along with the limb. Bad luck if its a neck infection.lol Cimas a local medical aid accepts this and as the problem cab be solved locally by amputation will not advance payment for overseas treatment.
    UZ microbiology confirm it is epidemic and you may go to casualty for a cut finger or pregnancy and die of the air borne infection which has a 60% fatality rate internationally.
    Due to hospital hygiene and negligence it is cheaper to go to a hospital overseas.
    Doctors fees alone are more expensive than SA or the eastern countries.
    The President actually saved himself and the nation money going to Singapore rather than having medical attention here and having massive expenditure overseas to rectify negligence and infection or to survive.
    It would be an asset to investigate the situation before making a fool of yourself writing rubbish in an article. If you don’t understand ask or don’t write about it.

    • comment-avatar
      John Steele 8 years ago

      Shut up, you Zanoid apologist, praise singer!

    • comment-avatar
      Ruramai 8 years ago

      Apolitical, you should have compared the costs of treating an eye ailment not the stuff you brought in.

      Besides don’t act as if you are unaware that Mugabe withdraws a minimum of $4 million per trip.

    • comment-avatar
      Just saying 8 years ago

      Really Apolitical you mean there is something better in Britain that in Zimbabwe???? Careful who reads of you being so unpatriotic!! Just wondering – where do ‘work’ & how ‘much’ do you get paid?

  • comment-avatar
    roving ambassador. 8 years ago

    What a load of drivel. Has the responsible ministers ever brought to task? It costs$500000 in t and s for every trip bob and his hangers on make. I have not included his medical bills yet. Singapore is the most expensive place in the Indonesian peninsular. You pay money daily to park in front of your on factory. the Zanu misuse and mismanagement of state institutions is indefensible.
    Bob would have been treated for free in Zim anyway.

  • comment-avatar

    Trust Apolitical to make apologies for the fossil who presides over a nation that he has consistently raped over 34 years.Raped our mines,hospitals,schools etc.Well Apolitical Bob’s azz must truly shine for you spit and polish it every second of the day.
    The fossil that you worship caps Doctors at our local universities year in year out but refuses to entrust his health into their care. What a hypocrite. Every other nation prides in their own health care professionals and will do all in their power to equip their own hospitals to meet the standards that suit their people. That is what any sane leader would do.

    If our hospitals where that bad and riddled with MRSA and all manner of hospital infections how come your dinasuar’s sister survived 4? years in a coma in one of them?? Who looked after her you azz wipe? Did Singapore come out here to care for her?

    MRSA is everywhere in the world and people die everywhere. Our Doctors in Zim are as capable as any to control such infections but are limited by an incompetent government with misplaced priorities.
    Dont make apologies for Bob .He has always loved everything foreign especially British. Where it not for the sanctions trust me he would gladly have entrusted his foggy eyes and his prostate to the British Doctors. He wolud gladly close his eyes while a British Dr fiddled with his shrivelled nuts. Singapore is a second choice.

    Our Health care professionals do the best they can with prehistoric equipment. ALL THIS IS BOB’S FAULT.

  • comment-avatar
    Isu Zvedu 8 years ago

    Need I say it for the nth time (n > 10)? Singapore trips are here to stay. Its where the loot is deposited. All these excuses of ill-health sorry, the looter-in-chief will be going there to make more deposits.

    The only consolation price for poor dullible zimbos is that the oldman is indeed old! He struggled to start speaking, because the jaws were numb and his first few sentences were deserving pity. Then after a while, the jaw muscles caught up. Watch again, please.

    And now so I wonder, would it not be better if this oldman handed over power to his son Chatunga or even to his wife Gire?

  • comment-avatar
    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Muckraker as usual you are far too kind to all concerned.

    Apolitical you are a tart

  • comment-avatar
    Msizeni silwelani 8 years ago

    Yes Isu, the old man frequents the Islands to make deposits only this time he returned with the money for his daughter’s wedding.

    • comment-avatar
      furedi 8 years ago

      No he will never bring money back here.We are paying for the wedding.That is why Civil Servants have to wait till April for increases,Bona comes first.

  • comment-avatar
    roving ambassador. 8 years ago

    OOHHH ,I love you people. Crash all this propaganda wherever it appears. Apo should go preach in a nuthouse.

  • comment-avatar
    Harper 8 years ago

    If Mugabe came to the UK for treatment he could receive it from the same outstanding Zimbabwean Urologist as treats me for prostate cancer. The head of my radiotherapy unit is also Zimbabwean, plus two of the radiographers so he would feel quite at home as they are all Shona speakers.

    • comment-avatar
      Mthwakazi 8 years ago

      Zimbabwe is not about Shonas. This is the mentality we have to get rid of. Zim belongs to all who live in it. Shona arrogance arises from this definition of Zim as synonymous with the Shona.

      This is the same problem in South Africa, where Mzansi appears to be defined as a Nguni, specifically a Zulu nation. Once you define a nation this way, you alienate other communities and races, and that is asking for trouble.

      • comment-avatar

        Hey Mthwakazi My cousin’s Psychiatrist in the UK is Zimbabwean and speaks Ndebele. Does that balance the score? And oh before you asign a tribe to me I’m 1/3 Shona, 1/3 Shangani and 1/3 Ndebele and wholy proud Zimbabwean.