Ministers bankroll #mugabe son-in-law bachelor's party

Ministers bankroll #mugabe son-in-law bachelor’s party

via Ministers bankroll Mugabe son-in-law bachelor’s party – DailyNews Live by Fungi Kwaramba  28 FEBRUARY 2014

Simba Chikore, President Robert Mugabe’s son-in-law, was on Wednesday treated to a five-star bachelor’s party by ministers loyal to the 90-year-old strongman.

The guests, who included Cabinet ministers, arrived in Bentleys, Mercs and BMWs at the Rainbow Towers Hotel to witness the “transformation of Chikore”, who customarily married Mugabe’s first daughter Bona last year.

Tomorrow, the Qatar Airways pilot will walk down the aisle, as he officially weds the “first daughter” at Mugabe’s plush Borrowdale home.

Drinks flowed freely and tables were burdened by the ample buffet. Politicians, celebrities, diplomats and business leaders, mingled to the strains of renditions of old school music majestically played by the Police Band.

Chikore, who used to fly Mugabe and wife Grace when he was still employed by Air Zimbabwe, was described by his friends as “a brave man who dared to marry President Mugabe’s daughter.”

Walter Mzembi, the minister of Tourism and Hospitality, advised Chikore to behave well since he is now part of the “royal family.”

“You are marrying into Zimbabwe’s royalty. Your wedding is now a national benchmark of real marriage,” Mzembi said.

Apart from Mzembi, other ministers who graced the colourful occasion include Ignatius Chombo, Webster Shamu, Supa Mandiwanzira, and Chris Mutsvangwa.

Mugabe’s son Chatunga was also partying along at the bachelor’s party.

Chikore revealed the source of the funds that bankrolled the glamorous event.

“I would like to thank the ministers that paid for all of this,”  Chikore said, adding: “I am a regular guy.”

But there is nothing regular about his destiny, at least according to Mzembi, who told the pilot to continue working hard.

Mzembi said it was no time to relax, simply because he had married into an affluent family.



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    roving ambassador. 4 years

    you have married into royalty, king mugabe, no wonder he will not let go .These idiots have planted all these crazy ideas into his head.

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    Nyoni 4 years


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    LUCY 4 years

    “royal family.”

    Dear Lord my foot!!!

    Soon every man and his dog in Chikore’s family will be promoted to minister of this that or the other.Even those who where not close to him will be know towing to his front door.

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    Mthwakazi 4 years

    Our own children, who would be of the same age with Bona and Chikore were killed during gukurahundi.

    We are supposed to keep quiet, pretend to be happy for the sake of this so-called national unity nonsense.

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    Old senseless people attending bachelor’s party.These parties are for the young ones not old divorced who give bad advice.

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    jiji 4 years

    Its good that Mzembi is alive commenting on petty issues.The people of Nyajena are looking for you.Since you were elected you never even went there to mourn with them the Tokwe Mkosi disaster where the relatives of the Jena people were affected.The bridges of Nyamaunga killed dozens last year, but still the same.The one at Tetenu still a disastet.But you here a buffoon ranting about royal family.Since Edison Zvobgo died, Masvingo never had any politition standing up for the good of the people.Only bootlickers like Mzembi who got embarrassed by being barred from setting his feet in Renco Mine which he wanted to hijake.Wake up people from Nyajena and boot out this bootlicker