ZINARA Gives Amnesty To Motorists Who Have Arrears

Source: ZINARA Gives Amnesty To Motorists Who Have Arrears

The Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) has allowed motorists that are not up to date with their vehicle licence payments to clear arrears without incurring any penalties during the ongoing Zimbabwe Agricultural Show.


ZINARA posted on social media saying they will be offering a 100 per cent waiver promotion for those fully licensed. Reads the notice:

Zimbabwe Agricultural Show 100% Vehicle Licensing Penalty Waiver Promotion
• 100% waiver on all penalties

• Exciting prizes for those who are fully licensed

• Motorists are urged to take advantage of this promotion to regularise their vehicle licenses as those without valid discs will not be allowed to pass at the tollgates after the promotion

Motorists can pay at any ZINARA office or agent, nationwide for the duration of the show.