Zinwa disconnects Binga residents over $4,8m debt

Source: Zinwa disconnects Binga residents over $4,8m debt – NewsDay Zimbabwe

THE Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) has disconnected water to a residential area in Binga, Matabeleland North province, commonly known as Emasotsheni/ Soldiers section over a $4,8 million debt.

Last year, Zinwa cut off supplies to the same camp over a $1,55 million debt, leaving the residents without water for more than four months.

Emasotsheni/Soldiers section deputy chairperson Richard Muleya said water supplies were cut on January 28. The area is called the Emasotsheni/Soldiers section because of the many former and serving members of the army staying there.

“Zinwa has closed water again for the residents. They closed the bulk water meter supply, but initially we had agreed that Zinwa would close the meters only for those who were owing, not everyone,” Muleya said.

“We were advised that we owe Zinwa $4,8 million and we asked them where this amount was coming from. They could not tell us exactly where that amount came from.”

Muleya said they were yet to have a meeting with Zinwa over the issue.

Zinwa spokesperson Marjorie Munyonga said she would respond when she got full information.

Zinwa last year refused to restore water supplies to Binga Rural District Council until the local authority paid at least $300 000 of its $1,5 million debt.

Recently the residents accused the council of failing to provide water, and appealed to Zinwa to take over water provision in the town.

Residents are now forced to fetch the precious liquid from the banks of Lake Kariba, risking crocodile attacks.

Binga centre is about three kilometres east of Lake Kariba and boasts a number of tourist attractions, including the hotsprings, wildlife and the magnificent Binga beach.