Zinwa owed over $115m 

Zinwa owed over $115m 

Source: Zinwa owed over $115m | The Herald June 28, 2018

Zinwa owed over $115m
Mr Shoriwa

Conrad Mupesa  Mash West Correspondent
The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) has expressed concern over the $115 million debt it is owed by various clients.

In a statement, Zinwa’s acting spokesperson Mr Tsungirirai Shoriwa said the debt was now $115 756 275, with local authorities and farmers who use irrigation accounting for more than 50 percent of the debt.

Urban and rural district councils, together with farmers who use irrigation consume much of the raw water from Zinwa-managed dams.

“As of May 31, 2018, local authorities and irrigators owe over 50 percent of this amount, $35 578 099 and $31 729 543 respectively,” he said.

Mr Shoriwa said other debtors include domestic users, industries and parastatals.

“Domestic consumers owe Zinwa $16 352 186, while churches and schools owe us $112 790 and $1 977 017 respectively.

“Other debtors include mines that owe $5 535 688, industry $949 166, while parastatals owe $6 575 711,” he said.

Mr Shoriwa also bemoaned the non-payment of bills, which he said was affecting day-to-day operations of the water governing body.

“The non-payment of water bills by these various water users has seriously compromised Zinwa’s ability to provide uninterrupted and sustainable services,” he said.

He said defaulters were making it difficult for Zinwa to replace ageing equipment, procure critical spare parts and build up water treatment chemicals stocks.

Zinwa has also been struggling to meet its obligations such as the payment of creditors and other statutory requirements that include taxes and levies.

However, Zinwa has introduced a promotion dubbed Pay Update and Win Promotion in which it is encouraging its clients to pay up their bills and also update their details so as to get a reward.

Meanwhile, Zinwa clients in Mhangura recently declared that they will not pay amounts owed to Zinwa until service provision improves.

Speaking during an all-stakeholders meeting held in the mining town, the residents condemned the authority’s sewer charge fee despite most of them using public toilets.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Banket and Karoi residents who claimed that they were not getting any services from Zinwa.