ZPRA Veterans Extra-Ordinary General Meeting on Feedback about the ZPRA NITRAM Properties Issue

Source: ZPRA Veterans Extra-Ordinary General Meeting on Feedback about the ZPRA NITRAM Properties Issue

The ZPRA Board held an Extra-ordinary General Meeting on Feedback on ZPRA NITRAM Properties at Stanley Square in Bulawayo.

In attendance were the Board Members comprising the Chairman Cde Volta Ekem Moyo, the Secretary Cde W. Maphios Moyo, Treasurer Cde Albert Ronald Ncube, Director of Operations Cde Leonard Machingura, Director of Marketing Cde S. Mchechesi Mpofu, Director of Research Cde John Gazi, Director of Human Resources Cde Queen Maligwa, Director of Logistics Cde Ian Matiwanza and Cde Mhlanga as Legal Director. Also present were Chief Nematombo of Hurungwe, Chief Masendu of Plumtree, Chief S’khobokhobo and the Honourable Widows of Lookout Masuku and Cain Nkala. ZPRA Commanders such as Cde Marshal Sitsha ~ Reconnaissance, Cde Steward Moyo ~ Regional Commander Lupane-Nkayi, Cde Dumisani Ncube ~ Regional Commander NF1 and Hon. Tshinga Dube ~ the Facilitator in the Re-acquisition of the ZPRA NITRAM Properties, though not feeling well, was in attendance.

The ZPRA Board reported that it has so far acquired an Office @ Number 12 Hoosen Building along Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Street and 14th Avenue in Bulawayo, near Fleet Harware. Anyone who wants to get in touch with the Directors can contact the Secretary Cde W. Maphios Moyo on Cell 0779583406 / 0712763798 or Cde Leonard Machingura on Cell 0712660687. The Office still needs some furniture ~ so well-wishers can assist in this regard.

The thorny path to untangle the contentious issue of the Re-possession of the ZPRA NITRAM Properties which were confiscated by the Mugabe led Govt, after “the discovery of arms cache” in some of the ZAPU farms, more than forty years ago has been necessitated by the willingness of the New Dispensation led by the Hon. President Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa who advised the Hon. Vice President Cde Kembo Mohadi who roped in Hon. Tshinga Dube as a Facilitator. A Committee was then chosen at MacDonald Hall two years ago amongst the ZPRA Veterans, which was later upgraded to a Board at Stanley Square early this year. The Committee was mandated to identify all the ZPRA NITRAM Properties around the Country, and then the Board has been empowered to see to it that the ZPRA NITRAM Properties are returned to their rightful owners. An Inventory would then be compiled that would come-up with the Total Value of these Assets/Properties. The Shareholders (ZPRA Veterans) would then be issued with Share Certificates. The Reclaimed Properties would be categorised, i.e. Farming, Mining, Tourism, Real Estates, etc. These Properties have to be run profitably so as to boost the National Fiscal. Experts would be identified amongst the ZPRA Veterans to spearhead this Initiative. The Companys Act shall apply in the running of these Business Entities. Lawyers shall also be sourced to give legal advice.

The Board has so far identified about one hundred Properties and the Lists together with the Tittle Deeds have been submitted to the Vice President Cde Kembo Mohadi for forward transmission to the President Hon. ED Mnangagwa for actioning. The Board is still searching for Tittle Deeds of some of the Properties that are well known to be ZPRA NITRAM Properties.

The ZPRA Board is now appealing for all ZPRA Veterans ( the Shareholders / Beneficiaries) to register their names at their Provinces/Districts. Committees will be formed to cater for the registration of all the Beneficiaries.

Who are those Beneficiaries (Shareholders)
1. All those Cadres who were trained in ZPRA Camps,
2. All those Cadres who were in Assembly Points,
3. Including those who were not vetted due to different circumstances, but participated in the Liberation Struggle.

Requirements for Registration are as follows:-
1. Full name and pseudo name,
2. National ID Number and War Vet Card Number,
3. Residential Address and Contact Number,
4. Place of Training,
5. Names of Instructors,
6. Names of Witnesses whom you were trained with (2 names or more).

The Women Brigade should Register in Bulawayo by their Trainers, including Widows/Widowers and Beneficiaries of the late ZPRA Veterans.

And Requirements for Registration of Widows/Widowers and Beneficiaries include:- Marriage Certificate, Confirmation Letter or Affidavit and Birth Certificates.
All male ZPRA Veterans should register at their Districts/Provinces. Committees will be set up to do that Registration Exercise.
N/B:- A Registration Fee of $2.00 usd per person is required.

♤ Chief Masendu called for ZPRA Veterans to be united and pull together to make this mission a success. He also asked for ZPRA Veterans to believe in the current Board. The also asked for an appeal be made to the President, as a matter of urgency so that some of the confisticated ZPRA Veterans Buildings in the Bulawayo CBD could be released so as to be used as ZPRA Veterans Board Offices. That would cut on Office Rent being paid to private entities.
♤ Chief S’khobokhobo asked for the ZPRA Commanders to assist the Board in its pursuit for the final settlement on Properties. He also called on the ZPRA Veterans to search for their Children who were conceived during their war operations around the Country. Many Children are desperately seeking for their Fathers.
♤ Chief Nematombo said that Hurungwe is a step ahead as it has already compiled the List of its Beneficiaries. He also said “isikhathi sokuzondana as Comrades under ZPRA sesiphelile.” The job ahead requires ZPRA Veterans to stand together united for purpose.
He also called on the ZPRA Veterans to put pressure by appraising the President on their plight, so as to alliviate their long suffering.

This was followed by Question and Answer Session.

One Cde asked for Transparency as some title deeds are yet to be recovered.
The other Cde asked for recognition of the disabled ZPRA Veterans.
The other Cde asked if the current occupiers of ZPRA Veterans NITRAM Properties could be made to start paying rent to the ZPRA Board.
The other Cde bemoaned the loss of income from the illegally occupied Properties in the past 43 years. And asked how that anormal can be addressed. The Chairman said “ithole selimunyile, kuzoxezwa okuseleyo, even though other avenues for the recovery of lost income can be pursued at a later stage.
Castle Arms and Magnet House due to their proximity to the Venue Stanley Square were raised up as examples on how the issue of confistigated Properties could be partly resolved meantime, so as to mitigate the current expenses faced by the Board.

All the ZPRA Veterans are putting their shoulders on the wheel to enable this tall order to be brought to a point where it is resolved to finality.

# Mandla Khanye: Writing in his own personal capacity as a ZPRA Veteran Member