The ZIMBABWE Situation

April 2003 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. 3rd Batch Posted 30/4/03
    • Mbeki off to Harare to discuss Mugabe exit'
    • 'Zimbabwean cricket team a bunch of yes men'
    • State Media Criticizes Zimbabwe Banks for Closing During Strike
    • Why we're there
    • Zanu-PF, MDC Don't Share Common Values
    • The End of Our Tether.
    • Mudzuri suspended
    • SA envoy urges Zimbabwe to talk over land reform
    • New twist in MDC arson case
    • Harare Central, Makonde voters' rolls ready for inspection
    • Madiro threatens timber producers
    • 10 000 Harare residents benefit from food aid
    • Mashonaland West MDC activists flee terror
    • Tenants resist eviction despite court order
    • Subdued start to ZITF
    • Zimbabwe's capital account dries up
    • Industrial production declines
    • It's the lying messenger who should be shot
  2. 2nd Batch Posted 30/4/03
    • Zimbabwe: a ghost of its former self
    • Zimbabweans protest through graffiti
    • Malaria threat stalks so called new farmer
    • Zimbabwe flunks democracy test
    • No Man is an Island
    • Old Folks...
  3. 1st Batch Posted 30/4/03
    • Crafty Mugabe will never change his spots
    • A president living in dreamland
    • Petrol, Police and Propaganda
    • Zim 'needs a revolution
    • Police bar MDC's Machiridza's wife from his burial
    • Cosatu speaks out against Zimbabwe economic state
    • Zimbabwean youths tell of their reign of terror
    • Zimbabwe govt suspends Harare opposition mayor
    • Zimbabwe widow: Ban cricket tour
    • Labour pullout sounds TNF death knell
    • Politicians and the art of shifting the burden
    • Barclays mulls survival tactics
    • Ex-President Banana in UK for treatment
    • State, ZCTU headed for fresh showdown Government sticks to new fuel
    • Zimbabwe says early Mugabe exit ''wishful'' thinking
    • Workers Fired for Participating in National Stayaway
    • JAG JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Updated April 29, 2003
  4. 2nd Batch Posted 29/4/03
    • Scramble for cash
    • Zinasu raps enrolment policy
    • Mutare residents beaten up by suspected soldiers
    • South African MPs on fact-finding mission
    • Rival unions line up May Day rallies
    • Ndlovu fires 32 teachers for striking
    • Chipangano members remanded in custody
    • Munich council officials arrive
    • Mugabe hinted retirement: Mbeki
    • Harare High School forced to close
    • ZCTU sticks to guns
    • Mugabe must pay the price
    • Birth of a free, united Zimbabwe imminent
    • Lending rates set to shoot up
    • Government loses millions in tobacco-fuel deals
    • Patriots must come forward
    • ZBC cannot fool anyone any more
    • Green Bombers wouldn't wear army kit without ZDF approval
    • Mugabe's wife outrages countrymen
    • Mugabe suggests he will retire after finishing land reform program
    • Warning to 'conflict diamond' traders
  5. Posted 29/4/03
    • Government Develops Cold Feet Over Another Fuel Price Hike
    • Time to do away with traditional leaders
    • Traders Continue to Flout Pricing Regulations Despite Raids
    • State Slams Economic Saboteurs
    • Human Rights Watch criticises lack of action on Zimbabwe
    • GMB Eases Restrictions On Grain Sales
    • 'Into Africa' - the search for a 'lost' explorer
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No. 69
    • S.Africa meeting to refine "blood diamond" pact
    • THE FUTURE OF FREEDOM: Illiberal Democracy at Home and Abroad
    • Zimbabwe prepare for departure after visit from the vet
    • President not leaving office
    • UK working with MDC to topple Government: Donnelly
  6. 2nd Batch Posted 28/4/03
    • Zesa Gets Tough On Offenders
    • Mugabe opponent accuses ECB of political collusion
    • Postal staff get the sack in wake of strike
    • Bid to Step Up Maize Deliveries
    • Third Term Bad for Democracy - Principal Judge
    • Mugabe ready to step down
    • Commuter operators defy new urban fares
    • Zvobgo appeals for divine intervention to stem Aids
    • CIO compiling stayaway list
    • Suspected soldiers assault residents
    • Government getting the publicity it deserves
    • Firms turn to generators
    • Farmers stay away from auction floors
    • It's Zanu PF using Selous Scout-type mercenaries
    • Why are pensions being withheld?
  7. Posted 28/4/03
    • Role model
    • Mugabe may call it quits: Mbeki
    • Zimbabwean police bury opposition activist
    • Zimbabwe: Addressing The Issues
    • City water crisis: Briefcase firm fails to deliver chemicals
    • Extract from Financial Times interview with Tony Blair
    • Zanu PF/MDC talks on
    • Zim-DRC business yet to fully exploit opportunities
    • Where has he gone?
    • CFU Second Farmers' Meeting
    • Letters : Zim-Gateway 28 April 2003
  8. 2nd Batch Posted 27/4/03
    • Mugabe 'Ready to Quit'
    • Strike sends Mugabe a strong message
    • No barter trade in Zimbabwe's tobacco this year: minister
    • Zimbabwean tobacco industry lays off workers
    • ZCTU rejects new pay hikes
    • Zimbabwe urged to end the torture of opponents
    • Botswana legislators call for tougher stance on Mugabe
    • Dos Santos to meet Mugabe over crisis
    • Police bar MDC victory celebrations
    • Love knows no political boundaries
    • Tough positions rule out Mugabe, Tsvangirai talks
    • Winnie's case shows Mbeki is tough on corruption
    • Does Zanu PF prefer dead enemies to live friends?
    • Fuel price hike pushes prices up
    • Agency to introduce irrigation schemes in Binga
    • Mugabe now irrelevant to Zimbabwe's future
    • Zimbabwe tour can put focus on human rights
    • England Test series faces pitch protests
    • Commonwealth facing collapse
  9. Posted 27/4/03
    • West sidelined as Africa walks hand in hand with Mugabe
    • Zimbabwean gets no respect from Mugabe
    • Cosatu backs union-led strike in Zim
    • Lord of the Manor
    • Zimbabwe strikers return to work
    • Mugabe's visit to posh hotel sparks protest
    • Zimbabwe face trial by protest
    • DRC#1 - Zimbabwean business people assured of continuity in DRC
    • DRC#2 - Inheritance dispute Kinshasa-style
    • Australia tells Africa it must save itself
  10. Posted 26/4/03
    • Zimbabwe strike may continue - BBC
    • ZCTU illegal strike fizzles out on final day - The Herald
    • 30 MDC officials arrested Friday morning
    • Protest strike continues in Zimbabwe
    • Minimum Wages Raised in Response to Hyper-Inflation
    • Mugabe accuses 'enemies' of sowing division
    • Agribank Faces Financial Problems
    • Abuja Sneezes And Africa Catches Cold
    • Poaching
    • Rights abusers let off at U.N. - pressure groups
    • Noczim seeks $60 billion for fuel imports
  11. 3rd Batch Posted 25/4/03
    • Businessman interrogated for heeding stayaway call
    • War vets shun Independence celebrations
    • Commuter bus operators ignore new fares
    • Postal rates going up
    • Farmers stay away from tobacco auction floors
    • MP calls for a new electoral law
    • Increased border patrols fail to deter smuggling
    • Soldiers force shops to open
    • Zanu PF, MDC engage in war of political adverts
    • Land chaos comes back to haunt us
    • Milestone turns into a millstone
    • Options for solving the Zimbabwe crisis
  12. 2nd Batch Posted 25/4/03
    • Zvakwana Newsletter #22 - They're never going to keep us down
    • Beleaguered Mugabe unleashes new terror
    • Zimbabwe militia occupy town
    • Zimbabwe Strike Expected to Continue For 3rd Day Friday
    • There is More Than One 'African Story' to Be Told - President Thabo Mbeki
  13. Posted 25/4/03
    • Police arrest mourners in Chitungwiza
    • US Could Influence Regime Change in Zimbabwe, Analyst Says
    • Zimbabwe opposition chief says barred from funeral
    • Continued Support for National Strike
    • Big Hit Still to Come, Vows MDC As Zim Grinds to Halt
    • Zimbabwe strike holds
    • Mugabe won't step down, says Leon
    • Zimbabwe threatens bus owners to break strike
    • Sexual abuse rises as humanitarian crisis worsens
    • Why Do Africans Never Ever Trust the Voters?
    • Nigeria Betrays Africa
    • Leon proposes monitored Zim election
    • State slams economic saboteurs
  14. 3rd Batch Posted 24/4/03
    • Zimbabwe shut down by strike
    • Mugabe gets wanna-be Saddam palace
    • Howard to talk Zimbabwe with Commonwealth chief
    • Next Zim strike 'will be the big one'
    • Strike stops cars due for delivery to Mugabe cabinet
    • From Eddie Cross
    • Zimbabwe strikes to get 'bonkers' Mugabe out
    • Zimbabwe no longer a thorn in rand's side
    • Zimbabwe tobacco loses blue chip status
    • Zimbabwe workers heed call for three-day strike
  15. 2nd Batch Posted 24/4/03
    • Day 1 of the Stayaway Apr 23-25 ~ The spirit of resistance lives
    • ZCTU warns of further mass action
    • ZCTU piles fresh pressure
    • ZCTU stayaway widens cracks in TNF
    • Fuel subsidy on the cards
    • Fresh onslaught on rule of law expected
    • MDC officials in sex and bribes scandal
    • Minimum lending rates set to reach 70 percent by year-end
    • Zim's top trade negotiators quit ministry
    • Zim's domestic debt shoots up to $360bln
    • Future of TNF: fuel price rises and govt's obligations
    • Beef herd drops from 6.5mln to 250 000
    • There is more to farming
    • Zim's malady
    • African leaders are one and the same nightmare
    • Talk is cheap
    • Season of deadlines and ultimatums
    • And now to the Notebook . . . Overzealous Jonathan
    • UN extends DRC looters' deadline
  16. Posted 24/4/03
    • Mass Action Update
    • Stayaway
    • Watch Out!
    • Police arrest union officials ahead of national stoppage
    • Zimbabwe industry hit by strike
    • Union leaders arrested in first day of strike
    • Harare comes to a standstill
    • Zimbabwe still can't feed itself
    • Too little too late, perhaps?
    • JAG PR Communique
    • Mugabe says mining, manufacturing sectors next after land seizures
    • Zimbabwe Public Coin Phones to be Scrapped
    • After messy Nigeria polls, Africa's case weaker
  17. Posted 23/4/03
    • Evil Endures
    • Opponents of Mugabe dismiss resignation hint
    • Rival Rejects Mugabe's Offer to Meet
    • Strike Over Fuel Price Hike to Go Ahead
    • Raw Tobacco Being Smuggled: Zimra
    • JAG PR Communique dated 22 April 2003
    • Job Opportunities updated 22 April 2003
    • JAG Open letter forum : "Wanted - generators"
    • Monitors report Nigeria poll fraud
    • Hospital mortuaries no longer accepting bodies from outside
    • Trade unionists arrested ahead of the three days strike
    • Zimbabwe tobacco up in smoke
    • Trade unionists arrested ahead of the three days strike
    • A Timely Message - Hale
  18. 2nd Batch Posted 22/4/03
    • Mugabe: U.S. official can 'go hang' over call for free ballot
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe hints at retirement
    • Two Hurt As Dynamite Explodes During Clash
    • 'Zim's future bright'
    • ZCTU strike on this week
    • Exiled Zimbabweans link up in cyberspace
    • GMB official linked to food scam transferred
    • Bulawayo travellers stranded
    • MDC members flee homes
    • Cash-strapped Zesa warns of power cuts
    • Teachers attack minister over unfulfilled promises
    • Mandaza, worker in $1,7 million row
    • Violent regimes leave no option but war
    • Battle of control freaks could help unseat them
    • Government steps in over Dairibord's milk packaging
    • Please, donate generously to feed the hungry in Zimbabwe
    • Vendors making a killing at the cemetery
    • Mugabe has signed himself into political oblivion
  19. 1st Batch Posted 22/4/03
    • Soldier's family fear for safety
    • Double blow for Bob
    • Parastatals Gobble Up Funds As Economy Limps
    • Zimbabwe unions call strike to protest fuel prices
    • Zimbabwe pledges review of wages
    • Uncertainty of Zimbabwe's Food Situation Causes Planning Problems for Aid Agencies
    • Blackout looms
    • 'Fuel increases: A tonic for uprising'
    • Zanu PF youths halt Aids relief work
    • Education International slams attacks on teachers
    • Evict Zanu PF lodgers, says MDC official
    • Mugabe harps on about land reform
    • Fuel hikes herald economic meltdown
    • Open up economy says UNDP's Angelo
    • Fuel hikes to impact heavily on family life
    • 'Zim's economy mirrors war ravaged economy'
    • Corrupt administration, lavish lifestyles-Zanu PF style
    • Why Mugabe must go
    • In God's name, Go!
    • 'Courage brother, do not stumble'
    • Revolutionary spirit engulfs troubled nation
    • Zim ranked 122nd in term of freedom of the press
    • Mugabe's gravy train heading for disastrous derailment
    • Zvakwana Newsletter #20 - April 21, 2003
  20. Posted 21/4/03
    • Fury at Zuma's dismissal of Zimbabwe terror
    • Zimbabwe considers banned insecticide in malaria fight
    • 'Life was better in Rhodesia'
    • Zimbabwe judge finds in his own favour
    • Zimbabwean activist 'dies after torture'
    • Letting Mugabe get away with it
    • Anger at UN role for rights violators
    • Stephen Nkomo dies
    • Chitungwiza pair claim they were beaten up by soldiers
    • Police watched as war vets assaulted farmer, court told
    • Villagers say no to Zanu PF extortion
    • Teachers must refuse to be used
    • Government should announce new fares
    • CFU membership drops
    • Mugabe abusing funerals
    • A president requires ears more than education
  21. Posted 20/4/03
    • Zimbabwe judge secretly grabs white-owned farm
    • Action on Zimbabwe
    • Strikes, starvation and state terrorism: the tragedy of Zimbabwe grows deeper
    • 'No to foreign rule'
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No. 67
    • Mugabe outlines economic revival plans
    • Four-legged victims of Zimbabwe violence
    • Happy Birthday Zimbabwe
    • CFU Report Thursday 17th April
    • The truth that cuts to the bone: Mugabe worse than Smith
    • COSATU: Zanu(PF) party is a clear example of a liberation movement gone astray
    • I declare my 23 year marriage to Zanu PF to be over
    • Mugabe must dismiss Chiwenga
    • Wishful thinking to believe Mbeki would naturally support good over evil
    • Mugabe regime denies soldier a grave at home
    • Nominees for Burns award announced
  22. Posted 19/4/03
    • Despite government predictions, famine persists in Zimbabwe's remote villages
    • What gift can SA give?
    • Landmark victory for Tsvangirai
    • Sikhala vows to stay put
    • Muchinguri denies quizzing prosecutor
    • Debunking Mugabe's false claims about Chakaipa
    • Mugabe must chastise errant Chief Chiweshe
    • Chakaipa was no Zanu PF lackey
    • We'll recover shopping spree and farm booty!
    • Stop this evil tour
    • Mugabe says Britain trying to colonise Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans march on Pretoria High Commission
    • Ban Creates Crisis In Old 'Colonies' Club
    • Elephant kills Aussie tourist
    • Ancram calls for UN action on Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe hails land grabs on Independence Day
  23. 2nd Batch Posted 18/4/03
    • US Blasts UN Rights Vote on Zimbabwe, Sudan
    • SA's proposal on Zim draws strong criticism
    • Tsvangirai poll petition stalled
    • US turns heat on Mugabe
    • Maize sellers shun GMB
    • Bishops block Zanu PF's bid to declare Chakaipa a hero
    • Donor doubts could scuttle land summit
    • Assembly deadlocked over Zim
    • Tafadzwa Musekiwa coming back - Sikhala
    • Load-shedding cripples manufacturers
    • Zim rated highest risk economy after Iraq
    • Efforts to end Zim crisis thwarted - McKinnon
    • Justice system eroded by state non-compliance
    • Zim on the edge: what went wrong?
    • Forex quick-fix an unreal expectation
    • Fall of Baghdad gives Saddamites sleepless nights
    • Reduced deliveries cripple Wankie operations
    • Uncertainty drives Anglo away
    • Parallels between Zim and Iraq
    • State terrorism shows time is up for Mugabe
    • Mbeki perhaps sees a genius in Mugabe
    • Timely lesson for Moyo and his cohorts
    • Mugabe versus the people
  24. Posted 18/4/03
    • After Empire
    • Whose soldiers?
    • 'Never has the country been so isolated'
    • Bishops say Zimbabwe tortured cricket protesters
    • Zimbabwe farmers to be reunited with their pets
    • UN agency to halve Zimbabwe food aid
    • UN 'should tackle Zimbabwe'
    • Zimbabwe Facing Power Outage
    • Zimbabwe's torturers on the run
    • No human rights scrutiny in Zim
    • Nyarota finds sanctuary at Harvard
    • Time Will Tell Who Commits
    • Zim fuel hikes 'criminal'
    • HM greets Zimbabwe president
    • Sadc diplomats back Zimbabwe
    • Guard your independence jealously, says President
  25. 2nd Batch Posted 17/4/03
    • Help to end the impunity - Help document the crimes
    • Four MDC Supporters Brutally Assaulted in St. Mary's - MDC Press
    • Chigovera forced to retire
    • Chinese firm yet to clear land
    • Farmers to sue Mliswa for damages
    • Kasukuwere slams intolerance
    • MP, 36 MDC men granted bail
    • Tar shortage hampers Harare road repairs
    • Fuel price hike: a dog chasing its own tail
    • Unemployed seek solace in informal sector
    • Let's mourn the mockery that our independence has become
    • Yet another gigantic Zanu PF failure
    • The saga of victimisation and subhuman brutality continues
    • Was Jocelyn heading team of army deserters?
    • 'Dlamini-Zuma is Mugabe's chief apologist'
  26. Posted 17/4/03
    • Zimbabwe may become newest 'collapsed state'
    • Mugabe's Fuel Hike Piles on the Misery for Ordinary Zimbabweans
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No. 66
    • Fuel Hike Will Lead to Further Economic Decline
    • Zimbabwe maize harvest could be 'nearly enough'
    • Go to hell, Mugabe tells Bush
    • Massive Gas Price Hike in Zimbabwe Sparks Calls for General Strike
    • FAO to Assess Food, Crop Situation
    • CIO quiz ZUPCO boss
    • Breakdown at colliery worsens power crisis
    • Cabinet reshuffle expected soon
    • Govt hampers food aid plans
    • ZANU PF quizzes business over stayaway
    • Mayor flees Town House
    • 3 killed, 94 assaulted in political violence
    • Zimbabwe to have new independent Sunday newspaper
    • Zimbabweans worse off than at independence
    • In God's hands
    • . . . AND NOW TO THE NOTEBOOK. . . . Idi Amin
    • Collaborators always existed in the Church
    • $500 mln set aside for low-cost housing lies idle
    • Load shedding set to play havoc with results
    • When dictators who live a lie go .
    • Sudan, Zimbabwe escape censure at UN rights meeting
    • Milk supplies improve
  27. 2nd Batch Posted 16/4/03
    • Zimbabwe's torture adverts hit a nerve
    • When will Bush save us, Zimbabweans wonder
    • Need for action on Zimbabwe
    • Fuel price increase shocker
    • Sadc addressing violence, repression in Zimbabwe: Mbeki
    • 250 treated for trauma say NGOs
    • Journalists worried about judgment delays
    • Tsvangirai calls on nation to disobey oppressive laws
    • Police assault MDC activists
    • Government designs another bridge at Birchenough
    • UN agency to assess food aid
    • Green Bombers turn Kamativi into garrison town
    • Matombo raps government
    • So little to celebrate, so much to regret
    • The truth about Uzumba-Maramba-Pfungwe
    • GMB turns to State to clear $50bn arrears
    • After Saddam, others quake in their Gucci shoes
    • The ordeal of queuing for a Zimbabwean passport
    • Go-it-alone US wants new poll in Zimbabwe
  28. Posted 16/4/03
    • Zim inflation spirals to 228%
    • Zimbabweans ponder images of the fall of Saddam
    • Zanu-PF Skewing Food Aid, Clergy Say
    • Open Letter Forum No. 65 dated 15 April 2003
    • ZIMBABWE: Mugabe leaves door open for churches
    • 'It's time to change Zimbabwe policy'
    • Wear black on 18 April
    • Letters to ZimGateway
    • Zimbabwe hikes fuel prices amid shortages, crisis
  29. Posted 15/4/03
    • Mugabe regime launches new attack on opposition
    • MDC: Final freedom call
    • Zim bribes farmworkers
    • Witnessing more deprivation in Zimbabwe
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No. 64
    • US wants Mugabe out, transitional government in Zimbabwe: senior official
    • Mugabe's Recruits Flee Brutal Zimbabwean Past
    • Mugabe loses support of Catholic Church
    • War vets threaten to disrupt festivities
    • MDC to sue police officers for arrests
    • Top officials implicated in flouting one-farm policy
    • Chimhini condenms haphazard detentions
    • Judgment reserved in Tsvangirai poll petition
    • Don't be used as propaganda tools, editors tell state media
    • Lessons from the Iraq war
    • Retirement of key civil servants: what next?
    • Lessons from next door
    • Church leaders blast opposition parties
    • Cashel violence: Zanu-PF thugs on the loose
  30. 2nd Batch Posted 14/4/03
    • Second mass action planned
    • Food crisis to continue
    • Mutare raises $27m from shack dwellers
    • Chinotimba faces second charge
    • Sida head attacks African states for wasting resources
    • Catholic bishops slam corruption
    • Beira mayor woos Zimbabwe investors
    • Mutare police defy court order
    • MDC duo attacks loose fiscal policy
    • Jonathan Moyo cannot fool anyone any more
    • Chombo reducing himself to slapstick comedian
    • Supplementary budget looms
    • Stormy tobacco season expected
    • Government using CIO agents to spy on exiled Zimbabweans
    • Zimbabwe in a worse situation than Iraq
    • Zanu PF actions easily personify the Nazis
  31. 1st Batch Posted 14/4/03
    • Compensate white Zim farmers
    • Zim moves to restore land to white farmers
    • Iraqi conflict a perfect example of the hypocrisy that governs global politics
    • Angloplat moves into Zimbabwe's treasure chest of reserves
    • Lawyers descend on Melbourne
    • Zimbabwe Blames Foreign Powers for Civil Uprising
    • Zimbabwe torture victim interview
    • Call for justice in Ndebele killings
    • Star-studded Concert for Zimbabwe in London - 30 April
    • MDC President's Message
    • Cahora Bassa Reduces Supplies to South Africa, Zimbabwe
    • AU still mum on Zimbabwe: Mbeki
    • Zimbabweans challenge Bush
    • Zimbabwe's attorney general retires early - paper
    • Oppn's ad on torture list illegal: Zimbabwe
    • Politburo to decide on Chakaipa's hero status
    • Zim police release Opposition MPs
  32. Posted 13/4/03
    • Mugabe declares war on MDC after mass protest
    • Terror gang netted
    • MPs accuse Zanu PF of thwarting development
    • Police, GMB impound maize
    • Relatives of arrested MP detained
    • Suspected Zanu PF youths bomb Kuwadzana tuckshop
    • Chinamasa raps foreign states
    • Will Mbeki, Obasanjo ever wake up to this deception?
    • One-hundred days with Robert Mugabe
    • Helpless pawns
    • CFU Report Friday 11th April 2003
    • Dead Zim soldier a 'mercenary'
    • New protests as Zim opposition grows bolder
    • Chakaipa against violent land grab
    • Mumbengegwi ditches Hungwe for Zvobgo
    • ZCTU's May Day under threat
    • Villagers dress down Obert Mpofu
    • Zanu PF land grabbing and looting to be exposed
    • Zimbabwe nationals warned to stay straight
    • Little to cheer as impoverished Zim turns 23
    • Degradation, deprivation and decimation
    • Zimbabwe at 23
    • What the people want on April 18
    • Under the weather
  33. Posted 12/4/03
    • JAG PR Communique - April 11
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No. 63
    • JAG Security Report April 11
    • Zim officials 'would compromise task team'
    • Cops try to defy court order
    • Zim must think about how to recover
    • Investor to Plough $40 Billion Into Ferro-Chrome Operations, Jobs Likely
    • Mandaza Seeks Court Order to Transfer Bubi Farms Into His Name
    • UNDP supports Zimbabwe on its economic blueprint
    • SA gives Zimbabwe R93.5m in food aid
    • Opposition vows anti-Mugabe march
    • Unity will defeat Mugabe - MDC
    • Zimbabwe food deficit seen lower, crisis lingers
    • CFU Report Thursday 10TH April
    • Zim immigrants: hard come hard stay
  34. Another Batch Posted 11/4/03
    • Mbeki 'denying' Zim reality
    • Nigerian election to test democracy
    • Human Rights Progress Amid Conflicts in Africa
    • MPs disappear
    • Soldiers evict retired cop from police camp
    • Mudzuri urged to fire insubordinate heads
    • NGOs urge State to spend more on children's welfare
    • Lawyers demand protection for judiciary
    • MDC threatens to veto Sadc talk force
    • Suspects say they were beaten up
    • Of denials that do more harm than good
    • Futile to think Sadc or US can liberate us
    • Despots should not hide behind cheap slogans
    • When will Chigwedere stop playing the fool?
    • Mugabe, beware of the tide rising against your regime
    • Police bar MISA from staging show
    • Why are the MDC trying to kiss a spider?
    • Kick of a dying horse
    • Mbeki, Obasanjo must be remembered for their betrayal of the people of Zimbabwe
    • Let's all shun Independence Day celebrations this year
  35. Photos Posted 11/4/03
    • Tortured Farmers pics
  36. 2nd Batch Posted 11/4/03
    • Mugabe's reforms a sham, report finds
    • Zimbabwe arrests dismissed as propaganda
    • Zimbabwe unions condemn evictions
    • Official takes plunge as women fume
    • Second Update to Urgent Action #UA 81/03
    • Australia urges African nations to press Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe frees opposition spokesman from detention
    • Zimbabwe report must be made public
    • Food security worsening in south
    • No Progress On Commonwealth Concerns - Report
    • Human Rights bodies warn of anarchy as cops defy law
    • No poll in Zengeza
    • Market spurns ZBC bond
    • Foreign diplomats gagged
    • Perence Shiri denied bid to export
  37. 1st Batch Posted 11/4/03
    • Chefs circumvent govt's one-man one-farm policy
    • Harare's garbage heaps here to stay
    • CFU demands written govt undertaking
    • MDC threatens to boycott Sadc team
    • Govt out to crush MDC leadership - Ncube
    • Sadc taskforce faces tough credibility test
    • Commonwealth report a timely reality check
    • Zimbabwe Ltd - Rest in Peace
    • Shifting sands around Munhumutapa Building
    • PAZ not a legal entity - Court
    • Lethal duet pose threat to insurance industry
    • Budget deficit spirals close to $38 000m
    • Our brave, uniformed men and women at work on populace
    • Accountability Commission sets record straight
    • No excuses
    • Well-wishers foil police attempt
  38. 4th Batch Posted 10/4/03
    • Mliswa arrested
    • Prosecutors deny soliciting for bribe
    • CZI, State discuss power pricing policy
    • Mugabe's state of disaster decree meaningless: farmers
    • MDC activists arrested
    • Mugabe attacks State officials
    • Lawyers demand atrocities report
    • What is independence without freedom?
    • UN's loud silence on Zimbabwe worrisome
    • Moyo's claims on rule of law in Zimbabwe are infuriating
    • Exiled Zimbabweans to hold 18 April demo in London
    • Story of military deserters incredible
    • Report adds to Mugabe's isolation
    • Sins of the fathers
    • The brave and the brutal
    • Maize deliveries start
  39. 3rd Batch Posted 10/4/03
    • JAG open letter forum
    • JAG legal communique - April 9, 2003
    • Zim bribes farmworkers
    • Bill would ban trade in conflict diamonds
    • Farmers Dissatisfied With Compensation Offers
    • Women beat Zimbabwe official over land seizures
    • Human Rights Concerns Not a Diversion, LCHR Says
    • Swedish protests against Zimbabwe
    • EU Presidency Statement on Restrictive Measures against Zimbabwe
    • Africa's progress, challenges
    • ZNSPCA update 08 April 2003
    • Update on Paul Themba Nyathi
    • Alien Tort Claims Act Proceeding Against Robert Mugabe
    • Effecting regime change in Zimbabwe
    • Million dollar ticket racket at Air Zim
    • ZESA offered 25% stake in Mozambique power utility
    • ZESA uses parallel market rates for bills
    • Govt bid to crush MDC intensifies
    • 'Green Bombers'using rape as political weapon
  40. 2nd Batch Posted 10/4/03
    • MDC councillors flee ceremony
    • Wankie Colliery in $5.6 bln loss
    • ZRP hit by spate of resignations
    • MDC to decide on mass action in 2 weeks
    • Mayor, Chombo headed for fresh clash
    • Urgent application for Nyathi's release filed
    • Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition lobbies for fact-finding mission to monitor violence
    • Justice must prevail for political violence victims
    • . . . And now to the notebook......Aggressive interrogation
    • Stockfeed producers slash output by half
    • The irrepressible Archbishop Pius Ncube
    • Highfield: the past, the present and the future
    • Careers in East Africa
    • Workers set to benefit from new AIDS project
  41. Posted 10/4/03
    • Harare muscles in on SADC rights probe
    • Evicted workers win court order
    • MP says mine workers fired for backing MDC
    • 100 foreigners arrested in massive clampdown
    • Suspected Chinhoyi arsonists granted bail
    • 17 MDC members remanded
    • Public dismisses army claims on rogue soldiers
    • Chinotimba threatens to deal with Mudzuri
    • Good prevails over evil in by-elections
    • About-turn on evicted farm workers a deceitful gesture
    • Monetary policy blamed for bank note drought
    • Borrowers bleed from high rates
    • What Zanu PF did to make freedom really stink
    • Gwanda shakes off its dusty, backward settlement image
    • 'Caution saved SA from Zim's IMF debt trap'
    • Cross-border traders continue exporting basic commodities
    • MDC's Nyathi stays in jail as charges changed
    • ALB weekly update fromt he CFU.
    • Bogus cop in Zim border scam
  42. Posted 9/4/03
    • Zimbabwe farmers not happy with payout offer
    • Mugabe's children
    • Zanu PF in panic, parades own youth militia to deceive the world.
    • Animals become scapegoats in vicious attacks on Zim opposition
    • Mugabe on the hop
    • Historical And Current Perspectives
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No. 62
    • Zimbabwe opposition denies using army deserters
    • Mugabe to keep honour
    • Opposition leadership face crackdown
    • Livestock decimated by drought in Matabeleland
    • Zimbabwe Arrests 23 Alleged Army Deserters
    • Africa's Food Crisis As A Threat To Peace and Security
    • JAG job opportunities
    • Can Robert Mugabe's regime be ousted peacefully
    • Nationalist movements not committed to democracy
  43. 2nd Batch Posted 8/4/03
    • Yesterday in Parliament (UK)
    • Mobilise for mass action, MDC urged
    • Nyathi arrested
    • Facilities for refugees expanded
    • Poll agent's wife gang-raped
    • MDC man battles for life after arson attack
    • MDC denies link to terror gang
    • Mutare war vets threaten prosecutor
    • Mnangagwa's nephew says he was set up
    • Muchinguri is a cut above the rest
    • Sex brutality now a vital tool of political repression
    • African leaders ought to learn from the ordinary man
    • MDC Weekly Brief
    • Poor Africans to lose out as Iraq grabs limelight
  44. Posted 8/4/03
    • Mugabe Government Has Done "Enormous" Damage to Food System
    • Draft Memorandum of Understanding
    • Mbeki decries 'force fed' democracy
    • Mugabe rival set free
    • MDC News Alert - Vice President Sibanda Released, Paul Themba Nyathi Arrested
    • PR Communique - 07 April 2003
    • Plans to send SA grain to Zimbabwe well under way
    • Unified grid a must for Nepad - Eskom
    • Zimbabwe opposition says spokesman arrested
    • Open Letter Forum No. 61 dated 07 April 2003
    • The Black Zimbabwe Day
  45. 2nd batch posted 7/4/03
    • Mass action to go ahead, says Ncube
    • Shortage of oral health equipment hits Bulawayo
    • MDC activists granted bail
    • Outrage after police attack on disabled
    • Ex-dissidents unleash reign of terror in Binga
    • War vets to discuss Mugabe succession
    • Farmer defies order to pay $7m to ex-workers
    • On-the-spot probes on food distribution imperative
    • Muchinguri apologises to evicted farm workers
    • People-oriented constitution answer to current crisis
    • Black reform of Zimbabwe's industry
    • State, RBZ Fail to Squeeze Forex
    • SADC's fact-finders may meet mandate
    • Morality not money
    • Politics and food make volatile mix in Zimbabwe
    • Zambia threatens Zim farmers
  46. Posted 7/4/03
    • Babies hard-hit by food scarcity
    • MDC playing "heads I win tails you lose"
    • Zimbabwe says white farmers lawless
    • MDC abandons stayaways
    • Wafa Wafa, Wasara Wasara
    • Sadc: Restoring hope for Zimbabweans
    • They ate and enjoyed the bait without swallowing the hook
    • Zim faces vaccine crisis
    • I am not a member of the MDC
    • Blame it on the Rhodies!
    • Aids patients bear brunt of food shortages
    • Land grab destroys Zimbabwe beef industry
    • April issue of Police magazine banned
    • Masipula was a credit to the profession
    • Mugabe has lost the magic
    • It never rains but pours for Jabulani Sibanda
    • Power cuts threaten ailing economy
    • Thriving black market for graves
    • Mbeki snubs Baroness Amos
    • DA: Parliament should send delegation to Zimbabwe
    • NSPCA: 15 cattle maimed in Zimbabwe
    • Commonwealth plotters try to exclude Charles
    • Zimbabwe eases media curbs as pressure builds
    • ZimGateway Newsletter 6/4/03
  47. Posted 6/4/03
    • Farmer abducted in Mwenezi
    • Bringing down Mugabe
    • Task force acts on Zimbabwe
    • The World's Other Tyrants, Still at Work
    • Zim fact-finding mission welcomed
    • Freelance revenue collectors
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No. 60
    • US tightens screws
    • Police refuse to evict Zanu PF militants
    • Shortage of pathologists hits hospitals
    • Settlers defy moves to evict them from farm
    • SA churches condemn violence in Zimbabwe
    • PAZ one more State boob
    • Mbeki, Obasanjo mere pawns in Mugabe's shenanigans
    • Price of vegetables spirals as fuel shortages hit
    • Chigwedere preoccupies himself with trivia
    • Jocelyn Chiwenga hogs limelight for the wrong reasons
    • Forex Controls Now Cover Hunting Sector
    • Money Market Rates Continue to Firm
    • SA company acquires prime mining assets in Zimbabwe
    • Tengenenge Museum Opens in Guruve
    • UN brings food aid to cities as Zimbabwe's plight worsens
    • African Famine To Last For Decades
  48. Posted 5/4/03
    • Sadc grills Mudenge
    • Recruitment attacked
    • Food shortages to persist: UN envoy
    • Woman claims rape at Zanu PF HQ
    • Businessman sues for ordeal in filthy cell
    • Green Bombers posing as army, says Mutsekwa
    • Moyo clearly suffers from selective memory loss
    • Objectivity a must on Zimbabwe
    • Costly blunder haunts Air Zimbabwe
    • Dairibord Fined $1,5m for Repackaging Milk
    • Zanu PF Militants Force Workers From Coffee Farm
    • Concerted Effort Needed to Ease Transport Woes
    • City Needs $18bn for Water Treatment Chemicals
    • Leon urges rich countries to keep promises to Africa
    • JAG PR COMMUNIQUÉ - April 4, 2003
    • UK Blames Mugabe for Impoverishing Country
    • Southern Africa wants EU talks on Zimbabwe crisis
    • Zimbabwe launches charm offensive
    • Mugabe under regional spotlight
    • Magistrate defers MDC leader's trial
    • Citizenship laws to include foreign farm workers
    • Police blamed for Zim stadium deaths
    • Olonga has no regrets about leaving Zimbabwe
    • JAG LEGAL COMMUNIQUÉ - April 4, 2003
    • Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe
    • Doctors, Private Hospitals Fees Up
    • Paradza's partner jailed
  49. 3rd batch Posted 4/4/03
    • Chefs panic over land audit
    • Fuel price hike imminent
    • Sibanda still detained
    • Friction rises between Zim, SA over repression
    • Civil society warns of 'boomerang effect'
    • Govt plans to restore white farmers
    • No need for 'troika' meeting - Mbeki
    • Mudzuri snubs Chombo
    • GMB tightens screws on Mash farmers
    • Libyans seek more business deals
    • Electoral hurdles remain despite MDC victory
    • Blind diplomats
    • Extravagance spurs Zim economic woes
    • Turmoil holds back Confarm egg project
    • These are acts of Godless criminals
    • Mandaza Circus ensemble tours Baghdad
    • Recovery will be driven by textiles
    • Turning of the tide in Zimbabwe's politics
    • Letters to zim independent
  50. 2nd batch Posted 4/4/03
    • Targeting Mugabe
    • US Slams Poor Rights Records in Region
    • Zimbabwe opposition wants crackdown condemned
    • Sacob demands more pressure on Zimbabwe
    • SADC Ministers Urged Not To Turn A Blind Eye To The Crisis In Zimbabwe
    • U.S. Scholar Asks What Went Wrong with Democracy in Africa
    • SADC Security Organ Meets
    • Letters to Zim Gateway
  51. 1st batch Posted 4/4/03
    • Wanted: new driver
    • Mugabe sowing seeds of war, says MDC leader
    • Olonga breaks protest silence
    • Cosatu condemns arrests, state violence in Zimbabwe
    • Lighting up a dictator
    • 1 000 thrown out
    • Stop the tragic events at Charleswood Estate
    • Iraq war has dire consequences for Africa
    • Give dialogue a chance
    • Zanu PF terror gang turns on city vendors
    • Mutare threatens to cut off government departments
    • MDC yet to decide on mass action date
    • Leo Mugabe joins race to replace Mombeshora
    • Judge orders chief to return seized property
    • Thousands flood passport office
    • Heavily armed soldiers deployed in Masvingo
    • Chihuri asked to probe torture of civilians
    • Tsvangirai says repression won't resolve country's crisis
    • Intimidation, bribery the losers in by-elections
    • Open Letter Forum No. 59 Dated 03 April 2003
  52. Posted 3/4/03
    • Zim police brace for more protests
    • Tsvangirai Warns Mugabe About The Consequences of His Actions
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No. 58
    • JAG PR COMMUNIQUÉ - April 2, 2003
    • New Book Concerning Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Opposition accuses Mugabe of seeking war
    • SA leads bid to solve crisis in Zimbabwe
    • Dlamini-Zuma attends SADC meeting in Zimbabwe
    • Upcoming By-Elections Crucial for Zanu And MDC
    • MDC Backtracks On Planned March to State House
    • Exporters bail out govt
    • US accuses Zim security forces of political killings
    • Harare mulls 1 400% hike in water tariffs
    • MDC to decide course of action
    • Britain insists on fresh Zim elections
    • Forum to discuss ZESA tariff hikes
    • Prof Sithole suffers stroke
    • Zim High Commissioner to Tanzania threatens lawyer
    • Govt set to fork out $100bln in subsidies
    • Election reform needed, say poll observers
    • ZANU PF Byo chief to appear before disciplinary panel
    • No smart sanctions against Zimbabwe
    • AND NOW TO THE NOTEBOOK. . . Mukanya to join GMB
    • Use economic sense
    • Are we ready for another mass action?
    • Agriculture Ministry sets up new unit
    • I wish the old ZANU PF was still there
  53. Posted 2/4/03
    • Britain committed to helping Africa, official insists
    • Tsvangirai calls for 'supreme sacrifice'
    • More Zimbabwe protests loom
    • Election reform needed, say poll observers
    • 500 MDC members allegedly arrested
    • The West Could Lose Its Grip On Africa Say Analysts
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No. 57
    • MDC Vice-President Denied Bail
    • Mugabe's day of reckoning dawning
    • We Admitted Charges Under Duress, Say Suspects
    • Poor Road Conditions Hamper Food Distribution
    • Michael Ancram speaks out on Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe is No Special Case - Eskom
    • Email from Zim
    • Ruling on Sibanda's bail application set for today
    • Harare council defies Chombo
    • Jail, torture, rape won't stop winds of change
    • You keep your Uzumba, we'll keep our Highfield!
    • Three versions of the youth as the catalyst
    • Shoko probes stands scam by councillors
    • Bennett's workers out in the cold
    • ZBC awards hefty pay increases
    • Sour grapes
    • Endless conflict cripples the once reputable University of Zimbabwe
  54. 2nd Batch Posted 1/4/03
    • MDC retains Harare despite it all
    • Tension mounts between government, opposition in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe's foes brace for 'the last push'
    • Fury over new Zim tour
    • MDC 2, Zanu PF 0
    • MDC youth tells of torture
    • MDC trio's application for bail relaxation fails
    • Kunonga's dismissal of chancellor unlawful
    • Suicidal violence
    • Mnangagwa robbery suspects claim duress
    • Gibson Sibanda arrested
    • Ndlovu faces trial for threat to Asians
    • IMF demands stability before resuming talks
    • Load-shedding hits industry
    • Mugabe's opposition celebrates poll wins
    • Electoral fraud could spark violent backlash warns Tsvangirai
    • US rights report blasts 'axis of evil'
  55. Posted 1/4/03
    • MDC wins two by-elections, police step up security
    • Zimbabwe opposition wins polls
    • MDC Vice-President Arrested in Bulawayo
    • Zimbabwe Human Rights Demonstrations - UK
    • Zimbabwe police surround Mugabe home as opposition deadline looms
    • Zimbabwe tension mounts as protesters promise 'final push'
    • Open Letter Forum No. 56 dated 31 March 2003
    • Psychological Warfare Mugabe Style
    • PR Communique - 31 March 2003
    • EU, G8 countries could lose confidence in Nepad Action !!

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