Uproar over non-Ndebele speakers

By | June 15, 2014

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Uproar over non-Ndebele speaking teachers. 15 June 2014 by Vusumuzi Dube

ACADEMICS and the Bulawayo Provincial Education office have expressed concern over the employment of non-Ndebele speaking teachers in primary schools in the Matabeleland region saying this was contributing to the low pass rate at these schools.

Speaking during a workshop on indigenous languages and non-fiction writing, organised by the Zimbabwe Academic and Non-fiction Authors Association (Zana) Bulawayo chapter last Saturday, deputy provincial education director for Bulawayo province, Mr Richard Swene, stirred a hornet’s nest when he blasted the Civil Service Commission for employing primary school teachers whose first language was not Ndebele.

He said it was essential to realise that teaching children between the ages of seven and nine was essential as this was the only way to fully introduce them to the education system thus the only way to do such was to teach them in a language which they understood.

“Our primary education policy clearly stipulates that children between the ages of seven and nine must be taught in their mother tongue. It becomes impossible for us to achieve good results when we have non-Ndebele speaking teachers teaching these young children.

“My child who is currently a doctor, during his studies at one of these universities in the Mashonaland region told me that when he started there the lecturers were teaching in Shona, my advice to him was to simply hang in there because it is their region. Therefore we must also take advantage of that within our schools in the region because naturally it is easy to understand something that you are being taught in your mother tongue,” said Mr Swene.

The deputy provincial education director said the onus was on the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to employ more Ndebele speaking teachers especially at primary school level.

“One thing we must always have in mind is that the mother tongue is always in the centre of development, it is also disappointing that even our institutions in the Matabeleland region do not offer indigenous languages courses or at least train our teachers that is why you find people have to travel all the way to Gweru just to learn Ndebele, which in itself causes all these problems we are facing.

“The fact that we allow our primary school children to be taught by teachers with Shona as their first language proves that we are in a crisis. We must take a cue from our national constitution which recognises 16 official languages and ensure that as civil servants we accept this and continue nurturing our mother tongue,” said Mr Swene.

Speaking at the same workshop, a teacher at a Nkayi primary school claimed the situation was even worse in the rural areas as at the school he taught he was the only Ndebele speaking teacher, the rest being Shona-speaking teachers.

“The situation is more pathetic in the rural areas because you find us spending most of our time assisting our counterparts, because they will be failing to teach the children in Ndebele, at the end of the day you find people talking about the low pass rate but what you should understand is that this is not done on purpose,” said the teacher who declined to be named for professional reasons.

A few months ago Minister of State for Provincial Affairs in the Metropolitan Province of Bulawayo,  Nomthandazo Eunice Moyo, shot down a proposal in the National Assembly that locals should be given preference in employment and education opportunities.

The minister argued that she was not a tribalist hence she would not support such calls.

Moyo was quoted as saying: “First of all, I am not a tribalist. Secondly, I serve Zimbabwe. Thirdly, I will support anyone who has the right documents to occupy a vacancy.”

Her statement was met with mixed feelings from educationists and analysts who accused the Government of letting down the education sector by creating a handicap that could easily be avoided, which goes on to affect the overall pass rate within the schools.

Meanwhile, speaking at the same workshop, Provincial Education Director for Bulawayo Province, Mr Dan Moyo, urged authors in Bulawayo to embrace the culture of writing in indigenous languages stating that it was the only way of promoting local cultures.

He said in the past there has been an outcry that the so-called minority languages were not recognised and were playing second fiddle to English, Ndebele and Shona languages in the country but the Government had recognised 16 official languages in the constitution.

“Zimbabwe, being a nation of diverse people has according to the constitution 16 officially recognised languages. The constitution states that the State and all institutions and agencies of Government at every level must take into account the language preferences of people affected by governmental measures .It is also the prerogative of the State to promote and advance the use of all languages used in Zimbabwe, including sign language”, he said.


47 thoughts on “Uproar over non-Ndebele speakers

  1. Tanonoka Joseph Whande

    Not only Ndebele, there are other tribes being sidelined in this manner too. And why is it an uproar? Haven’t we been saying this for decades but to a disgustingly insensitive government that still does not listen?

  2. Petal

    The shifty people from the shifty region that takes everything from everyother place only want their own to progress someone should have picked this up a long while ago

  3. Angela Wigmore

    Of course Zanu UN-Patriotic Front don’t want Ndebele children to be well-educated. Too much of a threat. Just another plot to keep the Matabele down!

    1. victor jesse

      I truly agree zimbabwe is a racist tribalist country the world has ever came across ..everything in that country is done to fall on the favour of the shona people..Ask yourself this how many ndebele speaking people are holding top positions in ZANU PF regime ?? The people of u Mzilikazi are truly oppressed in that country…

  4. Kanganwiro

    Once again, the fruits of a corrupt system. If you want a job in the civil service you need to know someone high up or grease some palms. With government heavily centralised in Harare, people from around those areas have access to the influential people in the system who organise jobs for them in return for money. Also the effect of government preferring to employ Border Gezi graduates means that deserving candidates from Mat are overlooked in order to accommodate the above mentioned. Zanu Pf has infected the country with a corruption cancer that has
    spread to all levels of life in Zim.

  5. biend

    It is a sad state of affairs,because we are talking about the future of innocent young kids.It is said the Minister shot down the genuine cries about employing non-Ndebeles to teach Ndebele,because she is not a tribalist and she will employ anyone with correct qualifications,are these Shona speaking teachers qualified to teach Ndebele?what qualification is talking about,being a certain tribe?is that not tribalism on its own?People should be calling for this inefficient Minister to resign.

  6. roving ambassador.

    Pupils in school should learn their mother language , English and any other national African language.
    Some of us of the old school feel really disadvantaged because of the old education system which was segregative.
    In the mid nineties , I met Zimbabweans in Bostwana who were now Tswanas because the Mugabe regime refused to recognise their Tswana /Pedi languages and did not want them taught in Zanu schools. Whole villages migrated. These are some of the stories not told which highlight Zanu’s level of cruelty .
    Communities displaced.
    I am shona and my Ndebele leaves a lot to be desired and its all self taught. Its a shame .
    Does Zanu care?

    1. Petal

      there is a saying actions speak louder than words and you are right all the way they do not give a stuff it is all about them their families and their brats that get the good education
      who on earth told him that zimbabwe is his own property for goodness sake

  7. Chitova

    Live tribalism focus on development Zanu pf is not shona party so you are blaming your own poor Mps in that region who are failing to represent genuine issues let it not be hate,and or tribalism we have more shonas in byo than other tribes do your research

  8. Petal

    does not the geriatic know that this province is a part of the country or his just deliberately neglecting it for personal reasons only known to himself- he should spit it out before the one upstairs decides to take him away from the universe

  9. Petal

    if the senile Geriatic would move the Victoria Falls to his region he would would do it!!

  10. GEORGE

    I don’t see anything special about being shona ,ndebele and their languages at all.My advice is that all the ndebele people, cats and dogs should go to school so that they can man the so called their schools.simply, and stop crying like babies.

  11. Chaka

    Unfortunately, it’s a zanupf strategy n they are in gvt after stealing the elections. The Ndebele have not tasted the independence they fought for. Oppression by whites was better. At least they ensued you were properly educated, you were healthy etc.

  12. Former Zimbo

    English…. if Zimbabwe wants to compete in a Globalised Village, then we need to be taught in English from creche. Speaking our mother tongue (Shona / Ndebele / Pedi / Tswana / hell even Afrikaans)at home is a right, but for education, it should be English. Simple…..

  13. Madlinduna

    I don’t know,isn’t it that their constitution says their president appoints them as our representatives other than us.If it’s still the same as the last time I checked.The Minister saves the master and does so without an independent leverage against the iffy policies of the master even to the most pertinent issues around her constituency.Invidious position to be in,pathetic Minister.But this has to stop.It’s criminal to our belonging and posterity before your salary and minionity impairing your judgements against realities around you.

  14. Straight Shooter

    The imposition of Afrikaans onto blacks in Soweto led to the 1976 uprisings. The imposition of Shona on Matebeleland people, by the gukurahundi at gun point is surely leading to that re-enacting of the Soweto uprisings in Mthwakazi.

    Even Morgan Tswangirayi has taken from Mugabe and sees nothing wrong with imposing his Shona on the Mthwakazi people. Will we ever learn? Not everyone is Shona in Zimbabwe and Shona people should stop assuming that by virtue of being from Zim one understands and speaks Shona. Even if I did understand it, I would not speak it under duress.

    Besides, it is an undisputable fact that Shona as a language is not just a minority language; the Shona people themselves are a minority in the Mthwakazi region.

    The Mthwakazi people never impose Ndebele or any of their languages in Shona provinces; why cant the Shona people do likewise in Mthwakazi and integrate with the local populace.

    This language tribalism is really their way of asking for trouble – watch your backs!!

  15. Straight Shooter

    Those Mthwakazi people who can afford it – take your children to South Africa for their schooling. Zimbabwe as a whole has become Mashonaland Republic. Its all there in black and white, in the 1979 gukurahundi ZANU PF Grand Plan!!

  16. Petal

    Dialect means a form of a language that is spoken in a particular area

  17. Chatunga

    In a positive note, the non ndebele speaking teachers will help address and eeduce the ‘bad’ pronouncation of some wnglish words distorted mainly by ndebele as mother language! One word is ‘little’ where ndebeles pronounce it as Litili!

    1. Wethu

      What a petty mind…have you heard a pure French, German, Italian speak English? Hell, a Shona saying bottle? We shouldn’t even be talking about that but for small minds like yours.

      1. Mukanya

        Wethu you better ignore tribalists. By replying to his/her comment, you reward him/her. There are people who will always live in the past. It is a fact that progressive minds should accept and learn to live with.

    2. Straight Shooter

      And your pronounciation of “INDANESHINAL”; for “INTERNATIONAL” what do you say about that?

      What about “PEYINDEDHI”, for “PAINTED”?

      If anything the Ndebele/Nguni accent sounds far much much better to the ear than your heavy Shona accent. Just compare the English news readers on SABC and those of the Shonas on ZBC?

      What about “AGENESTI!” for “AGAINST!” – its typical Shona. In South Africa, you dont even need to hear the name of the speaker in phone in radio programes – you will know its a Shona just from the oulandish heavy Shona accent. Its a sell out. We dont want our Mthwakazi children to be taught such accents!!

  18. petros

    Who are these none Ndebeles? Are they from outside Zimbabwe? Zimbabweans should be employed anywhere in the country. I am from Chivhu but enjoyed my school days at Khami Prison School. Let us not support anything that divide us. Do you want another Mfencane and track back South? If so pliz just be on your way and leave those who want peace and co-existence to stay. Down with tribalism from whoever.

    1. Straight Shooter

      Yes, Zims should be employed anywhere, only on condition they know the local languages. We will not tolerate any imposition of Shona on our people. You did it through the gukurahundi barell of the gun – this time around – it will be discreet warfare – you wont know what hit you.

      If Mthwakazi people dont impose their languages on the Shona people in Shona provinces, what is it that is so difficult for you people to do likewise?? When in Rome you do as the Romans do.

      This Mfencane/going back to South nonsense that ZANU PF taught you – we will soon wipe it out from that thick Shona gukurahundi skull of yours. You are indeed asking for trouble, not peace – we all can see that.
      This 1979 gukurahundi ZANUPF Grand Plan you are pursuing with your gukurahundi party we will not tolerate. If you want to be stubborn – your days in Mthwakazi are numbered. Forewarned is forearmed. Dont cry when another Rwanda starts!!

      1. petros

        This shows you are living in your own world full of fantasy. How do you know that there are no Ndebele teachers in Mashonaland? Do not spread hate language. Find those who participated in Gukurahundi and seek reprisals. It happened in Matebeleland and unfortunately some of your own kind were the master minders. Zimbabwe for all. I have lots of respect for Ndebele people but why the hate language?

        1. Straight Shooter

          The fact that there could be Ndebele speaking teachers in Mashona provinces but they are not that easily recognisable is exaactly my point.

          One wouldnt easily know there are there because they integrate with Shona people and speak the Shona language.

          On the other hand, the Shona teachers will continue to stick out like a sore thumb in Matebeleland for the next twenty years they are teaching in those provinces because they refuse to integrate or learn local languages.

          Zimbabwe’s tribal problems are caused by the Shona – fact!!

      2. petros

        And pliz dont intimidate me. You are overating yourself. All I am saying is lets live together in peace. In any case I reluctantly left lovely Byo. Its a good place. True no Chipangano. But dont call me thick headed simply bcoz am saying lets stay in harmony. Come on man.

        1. Straight Shooter

          Living in harmony is a consequence of a two-way relationship of give and take.

          The first step to finding a solution is to acknowledge there is a problem and that the problem is the Shona gukurahundi attitudes of tribalism – these were imparted into most of you people by ZANU PF and you have greatly be nefited from their evil rule. Never mind you now claim to support MDC-T.

          You can not take, take, take and take all the time and still expect the relationship to continue harmoniously.

          Where does that happen in the world?

  19. Straight Shooter

    I can tell you now, if all Zimbabweans were like the people of Matebeleland, Zimbabwe would be the most peaceful, nation-building and united nation the old nationalists wanted it to be. The following are the reasons.

    1. Matebeleland/Mthwakazi provinces are the only multi-lingual and multi-cultural provinces in the country;

    2. Matebeleland people are the only people in Zim who will settle in any part of Zimbabwe without causing friction with their hosts – they respect locals, integrate with the locals and always speak to them in their mother tongues. In fact, in most cases you can not tell them apart from the locals unless you know them;

    3. Matebeleland people are the only people in Zimbabwe who dont mind the tribe or place of origin of the leaders of the different political parties. They support and vote for anyone who they think best represents their interests; and

    4. The Mthwakazi/Matebeleland provinces are the most peaceful provinces to live in today in Zimbabwe. In the last 20 years all political violence has been associated with Shona speaking provinces.

    There are no vigilante groups like Chipangano or the so-called “Talibans” in Mthwakazi. Almost all organisations that a formed in Mthwakazi are either cultural groups or mere lobby groups and nothing beyond that!

    1. petros

      This is an idealism well and good but is it realism? So why the uproar then? Lets all try our best to accommodate each other. Life is too short to habe time to turn against each other.

      1. Straight Shooter

        It is you Shonas who are the problem in Zim. Everywhere you go, you expect everyone to dance to your tune. When will you accept that you a a minority in Matebeleland? You are not a majority. You are only a majority outside the Mthwakazi provinces. Tghis is a fact and you know it.

        Matebeleland accommodates you but you make no effort at doing them same – what kind of people are you? You are like the racist whites – two sides of the same coin!!

        1. Petal

          woo straight shooter always hitting the nail on the head an arrogant person will always be an arrogant person and that is what the region who takes from all are because they are always taking from others hence thei arrogance.

          1. petros

            If it was a traditional court people like you are sent away to skin the goat.

        2. petros

          You have so much hate. When the Ndebele came it was Guruuswa and part of Mashonaland. So be careful coz you open old wounds. Up to now some Shona people build their kitchens with two doors to escape from Ndebeles. They were killed and pushed upwards leaving behind beautiful daughters as wives for you. Cattle were taken away. So dont play the victim. Was only trying to be polite. But you are not good people at all. You skinned a Shona King alive. You are only 10% of the population. So you can never do anything to us. Stop dreaming. Try it.

          1. Straight Shooter


            1. When the various Shona groups came down South from the north, was the Mthwakazi region called Guruuswa as you claim? Was there a place called Mashonaland? Mashonaland is an invention of the white colonialists. This region is the home of Abathwa/the SAN people; not the Shona. Get off your high horses;

            2. It is you who has a lot of hate based on a distorted history that you were taught by your gukurahundi father Robert Mugabe and many of your confused forefathers. Dont try to pretend the Shona are just an innocent bunch who dropped from the heavens only to be invaded and butchered by the Ndebele.

            3 When tribal raids took place in the 1800s, there were no such people as the Shona. That word does not even exist in any of the dialects that make up what you now call the Shona language. If anything it exists in the Nguni language groups. Shona is just ZEZURU in disguise and was created by white Mishionaries as recently as the 1930s. Tell me, what does the word SHONA mean in either Zezuru, Karanga or Manyika?

            4. I as a Mthwakazi, never raided or killed any Shona. Nobody who lives in Matebeleland today killed a Shona – so stop talking rubbish here.

            5. Are you trying to say we in Matebeleland should now follow your logic and seek revenge from Bona, Robert junior and Chatunga for what the Shona gukurahundis did to our parents, relatives and friends – in line with your obvious revenge mission in Matebeleland for the 1800s tribal raids? Is that what your Shona culture says is the right thing to do?

            6. Look here my friend, I dont need your politeness here. I only need facts and not distorted facts designed to suit your tribalistic agenda mission in Matebeleland.

            7. Foreget about your numbers. This is exactly the source of confict between the people of Matebeleland and you Shona people – those so-called numbers you brag about day in day out.

            8. War and its outcomes are not a function of numbers. They are a function of strategies and tactics; planning and courage. We are children of warriors; we dont fear you with your numbers and we have never feared you – check our history; check our records.

            8. You dont know me; you dont know how old I am; you dont know what I do in life; so dont ever dare to try you stupid intimidation tactics of numbers.

            9. What have you done with those useless numbers against your erstwhile hero gukurahundi Mugabe’s bruitish rule.Your COWARDNESS is a matter of historical public records and you know it. This is why you are now scattered all over the world, running away from your own Shona kith and kin whom you proudly installed in power in the 1980s.

            10. You also have, for years been crying tears in desperation for Matebeleland support “to remove Mugabe”, as if we ever helped you in the first place to put him in power back in 1980s.

            11. You are an assehoole – Go figure!!

        3. victor jesse

          @ straight hooter LOL hitting the nail on the head ..the shona people at some point believe they are the superiors…but only a bunch of fools who ruined zimbabwe caused the economic collapse which in return failed to bring it back to life

  20. harper

    Many young Matabele men arrived in Chikurubi Max having never attended formal education. They were taught to read and write in their home language for Standards 1 and 2, thereafter all teaching was in English. With nothing else to do all day most of them passed Standard 4 within 12 months of arrival and went on to pass the national Standard 6 external exam within two years of arrival. The teachers were the staff of Tjolotjo School put into detention by Obert Mpofu for opposing his election campaign. However, I taught the Standards 6 & 7 classes in English, Maths, Commerce and Geography and am very proud of my pupil’s success rate in the Standard 6 exams.

    1. Petal

      This obert Mpofu is a real theiving scumbag thug he thinks he is god almighty if the teachers opposed his election campaign so what

  21. kelly

    Its a clear cut case of realities . I had Ndebele teachers for lower grades and I cant even begin to express how important the language interpretation and communication was at that time when transitioning to English. For the higher grades and secondary school I had quite a number of Shona teachers and they did a fantastic job as well and thanks to these dedicated civil servants both Ndebeles and Shonas I now have a master’s degree.

  22. Mbudzi Wekwa Murehwa

    I am Mbudzi from Murehwa. I am a proudly Shona and I have no regrets saying so. Whilst I don’t condone the hatred and ultra- tribalism that Mugabe and his gukurahundis created in post independent Zimbabwe; let us for a moment acknowledge there is clearly a problem in our beloved Zimbabwe and this needs urgent attention.

    Let us for a moment ignore their sour approach to the issues of tribalism in our country and try addressing the issues.

    As Shona people, let us be honest and ask ourselves whether, coming from Christian backgrounds, is the way we relate to our fellow citizens morally acceptable in the eyes of God? Lets avoid being defensive.

    Let us not justify unchristian beliefs, attitudes and behaviour on flimsy and erroneous grounds of “we built Zimbabwe ruins”, “Zimbabwe is Shona” “you invaded us” – this is ZANU PF politics and we must get rid of it.

    I myself; I might be Shonah, but I do not want to live in a Shona country; I want to live in a country that belongs to all who live in it, as children of God.

    I was born in 1959. I grew up in the ZAPU era as led by Joshua Nkomo in the 1960s and 1970s. I can assure you, what is happening now under the current ZANU PF regime is totally reprehensible.

    Granted, there were tribal skirmishes in the townships in those days, but they were never political. Even then, we never had attitudes towards speaking each other’s languages and this tended to lessen the tensions – this is not what is happening now.

    In Bulawayo then, you could hardly make out a Shona person unless you knew him – not because we didn’t want to speak Shona, but we just fitted in, within the communities we lived in; just as it was the case in Salisbury, Gwelo and other Shona speaking areas – you would hardly make out a Ndebele person.

    Please let us take responsibility and accept each other as equal citizens with equal rights. Let us all forget the divide and rule history as taught to us by ZANU PF – we are all equal; all the same; we all want the same things – success and progress for ourselves; our children and our children’s children and the preservation of our languages and cultures.

    This is what defines human dignity and this why we fought white colonialist rule that denied us all these things as black people and as human beings.

    Ndini Mbudzi wekwa Murehwa

    Ndatenda! Ngiyabonga!

  23. Petros Magomazi

    Hi all,

    Only lazy people beleive that there is tribalism in Zimbabwe. If you are hardworking in Zimbabwe, you will make it. If you choose to neglect school and rush off to work in SA mines as a manual labourer, it is your choice. I know many Ndebeles who are working in Harare without any issues at all. If the truth be told there is no tribalism in Zimbabwe at all. I can understand the bitterness stemming from the Gukurahundi massacres. But my view is that it was not tribal but political and it was incidental that it happened in Matabeleland. Any person who challenges Zanu PF is subjected to the same treatment regardless of your tribe. How many people were killed before the 2008 election? Where they Ndebele?

    As for the issue of Shona teachers teaching in Matabeleland, I am truthfully surprised by the thinking that says one should be taught in their mother language to do well. That is absolute nonsense. I come from a teaching background myself and my kids speak shona at home and are going to schools where there is no single Shona person in sight. They are doing very well and are learning English faster than a kid in a school with shona teachers.

    My last comment is that I am surprised that noone has said that there are Ndebele teachers who are failing to find work and are ready to takeover from these Shona teachers.Saludos

    1. Straight Shooter

      Petros Magomazi
      I am truly astounded by your arrogance. They say, “who feels it knows it”. Where in the world have you seen a pepetrator of any type of evil acknowledging his evil ways – only in very, very few cases does this happen.

      You can not tell a victim of tribalism that there is no tribalism in Zimbabwe. Its like Ian Smith and his followers – never ever did they accept there was racism in Rhodesia. It is the blacks who knew there was racism because they were the victims.

      So, are you saying the people of Matebeleland should accept the loss of their identity; their culture and their language in the name of the “andinzwi chindeere” culture, brought to Matebeleland by ZANU PF?

      If that is the case, why did you fight the Rhodesian government and its policies? Why did you fight against white rule – since being turned into other people’s identity (Whites, in this case)is all just fine by you?

      It is appalling just how selective you are of ZANU PF/Mugabe’s rule really. You shout daily – day in day out and write acres and acres of articles and commentary criticising them, but where you have benefited; such as in “the spread of your language and cultures to every corner of Zimbabwe”, you are all defensive. This is one area where I know many Shona people like you are all full of praise of Robert Mugabe.

      That this was done through the despical gukurahundi massacres, you really wouldnt care less. You are just not bothered. This is indeed your line of thinking – and many of you have justified it on the basis of this GURUUSWA nonsense that you keep paddling about. Its all ZANU PF tribal politics now gone mad; even in the MDC-T.

      I have never known of such selfishness in my whole life; I surely never knew tribalism can be so, so blind. You people are beyond the pale!



  24. Straight Shooter

    The nation of Zimbabwe should never accept “ethnic cleansing” designed as “national unity” or the usual claims of “every Zimbabwean can live and work anywhere”.

    What is happening in Zim is “evil tribal assimilation by stealth”.

    The people of Matebeleland should not accept this “one-way-traffic” type of a relationship with the majority Shona, that is always justified on the basis of numbers; especially in their own home region/provinces of Matebeleland, where the Shona people are a minority.

    Genuine national unity is built on honest relationships; loving and caring relations based on “give and take”.

    When a fellow citizen is being disadvantaged, it should be one’s duty to fight in their corner against the “oppressor”; even if that “oppressor” is one of our own.

    There are whites in both Rhodesia and South Africa who refused the previleges bestowed upon them by the racist regimes of those years and instead chose to fight in the same corner with the oppressed blacks. Many perished for the black cause – people such as Ruth First; the wife of ANC/SACP’s Joe Slovo who died from a parcel bomb in Mozambique.

    This is what moral uprightness is all about. What is wrong is wrong, it doesnt matter who does it. Even if its done by my own people and for my own benefit – it remains wrong!!

  25. kelly

    Mbudzi Wekwa Murhewa. Thanks for that observation .If this govt. perceived things your way there would be less antagonistic views but unfortunately the govt. in power has done nothing to resolve these issues and instead of uniting people as you state they have even created a bigger problem

  26. Tarirai Madamombe

    The comments made make interesting reading.I am Shona and did my primary and secondary education in Bulawayo. I’ve been living and working in Harare for the past 17 years. There’s a Shona saying that goes”chinokanganwa idemo”
    The teaching of Primary school children in a language they do not understand is not right.Those who believe that this happens to Ndebele children only are not being honest.What about Nambya,Kalanga ,Venda,Tonga and others? We are all of us victims of the mismanagement of the education system and the economy.
    Young people have been leaving in droves and those who remain are either not competent enough or lack the experience to fill the posts available as teachers.
    If there are qualified Ndebele speaking teachers who are unemployed then they should fill the teaching posts in Matabeleland. The problem is that some Ndebele speaking people see Tribalism in every injustice. The broader evils of dictatorship, nepotism and corruption are behind most of these problems.
    Blaming tribalism makes people think that the accuser themselves are tribalist
    Shona people living here in Harare are not concerned about whether you’re Shona, Ndebele or Tonga.It is The Ndebele themselves who focus on ones tribal background


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