‘ Black Jesus ’ rules out Mujuru

via ‘ Black Jesus ’ rules out Mujuru – Southern Eye by Tatenda Chitagu 18 January 2014

THE self-styled pioneer of farm invasions that precipitated Zimbabwe’s violent land grab in 2000, Francis Zimuto, who calls himself “Black Jesus”, has waded into the divisive Zanu PF succession debate saying it was taboo for the country to be led by a woman.

Zimuto of Masvingo said according to African culture, women should be under men and Vice-President Joice Mujuru should be content with her current position.

Mujuru is believed to be involved in a tug of war with Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa to succeed President Robert Mugabe although they both publicly deny harbouring ambitions of succeeding the veteran ruler.

Zimuto was the first person to invade a farm belonging to a white commercial farmer in 2000.

He told journalists yesterday that a man, whether it be Mnangagwa or any other, should occupy the country’s top post, and not a woman.

“It will be against our culture for a woman to be president. We are conservative Zimbabweans. We are not like Western countries where the queen or a female president may rule,” Zimuto said.

“It will be taboo and we will not accept it. A woman’s place is under the man and we are satisfied with her (Mujuru) current position as vice-president. In fact, that post should be reserved for women while the presidency should be for men,” Zimuto said, in remarks likely to cause some ructions within the party.

Zimuto equated the Zanu PF presidium to a family in which a woman should be submissive to her husband by playing second fiddle.

“It is like in a typical African traditional family where a woman acts as the balance of power and children seek refuge in their mother and go through her if there are things they want,” Zimuto added.

Zanu PF’s spokesperson Rugare Gumbo was unreachable for comment yesterday.


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39 comments on “‘ Black Jesus ’ rules out Mujuru
  1. hutu says:

    In the first instant no body knew what colour Jesus was. This clown BLACK JESUS has been around for some time. I feel sorry for him. God will not be mocked.

    • zimjesus says:

      I am pure white by birth. Jesus was of african appearance. Look up ‘black’ in king james concordance and you will see this
      1. the girl in song of solomon was ‘black but beautiful’. when she shaded her body for beauty sake she had a paler comp;exion but in the field she becomes black. That is clearly african song of songs 1.5,6
      2. Job 30 he states clearly that his skin is black
      3 lev 13.31 israelite hair is black. It is clear here that the hair is only black, not [blonde, auburn, red etc]. This is confirmed by solomon whose hair was ‘bushy and black’songs 5.11

      4.lammentations states clearly the skin is black 5.11
      5 adam means reddish. europeans have assumed that reddish means pinkish but african skin is actually reddish and if the person is in the sun the skin is burned black
      6 Egypt was an advanced african civilization, the root of all civilizations. If you examine the people of egypt you will see clearly that the aristocracy had reddish brown skin and the field workers had black skin- ire the same skin. The women have normal african braids and I have seen a picture of king tutenkamen that shows under his helmet that his hair was african braided hair.
      7 jacob had smooth skin, esau had hairy skin. Africans have smooth skin, europeans have hairy skin.Jesus was son of [balck] solomon and smooth jacob and was a member of the black tribe of job, song of songs etc

      8 Israel was closely related to the egyptians and the ethiopians. They looked similar and they defended each other when attacked by ‘white tribes’ of assyria, babylon and persia.When introuble israelites ran home to the brothers in egypt where they were sheltered. Even jesus was a refugee in egypt. It makes sense that people run to people that look like them and have a similar culture.
      9 lastly, if you read the old testament, hebrew culture was parallel to african culture. European culture has been alienated from Old testament culture, but as a european who has lived many years in africa, I can tell you that when you read the bible, it makes automatic sense since you have a community based culture, but when a european reads many of the levitical laws, it fights against european individualistic culture and he protests.

      the evidence points beyond a resonable doubt that Israelites were black, had black bushy hair and had a similar community based culture as africans. jesus was a trabal member. So was jesus was either black or dark brown [like khoza/koisan.]

      so why are jews white? because they have been assimilated into russian, european and slavic tribes. They have been ‘whitened’ but if you look at the classic jewish look, it still has traces of wavy hair and dark skin.
      the evidence demands a verdict. jesus was african


      • Timba says:

        Well said ZimJesus!!! These foolz will probably call you stupid but it’s them that need to learn to like to read or research before they run their mouth!!

    • Timba says:

      Farira kuverenga mhani dofo iwe!!!

  2. John Thomas says:

    Bearing in mind Mr Jesus’s reputed sexuality it is surprising he can speak as to what a woman’s place is!

  3. Do we have to give credible publicity to an evil half donkey half baboon.

  4. Zimuto wainge uchikopera kuchikoro uridofo chairo.Zvino ivo vanhu rume vaita nyika dongo vanhu kadzi here varikutonga. kana varume pasina vanenjere vanongozvifunga pachavo varivo vaparadzi regerai vakadzi vanenjere vatonge.varume vanoviga udofo nokudzvinyirira vakadzi vachiti usazvitaura kupusa kwakaita sa zimuto pasi nako

  5. Panda moyo says:

    Who is this person?.is he not a wanted criminal?is he now zimbabwe s high priest to choose presidents.?who or what has given him such powers?is this country a banana republic?shooo.

  6. nesbert majoni says:

    He is an idiot who finds nothing to do now as they have invaded all the farms SHAME

  7. LUCY says:

    It is an insult to say this man’s name in the same sentence with Jesus. He knows not what Jesus stood for.
    I was going to call him something else but that would be an insult to all baboons in the world who go about the bush minding their own business.
    enough said!

  8. mudhara says:

    The people of Svoswe were the first to invade a farm in 1998. Pse get your facts right

    • zimjesus says:

      correct. The farm invasion were predicted by prophet steve blomefield in 1997 in his prophecy [a prophetic overview of zimbabwe’ the next year the invasions started in svosve,marondera.

    • Mukanya says:

      Yes they invaded Igava farm. The wave then spread

  9. mark longhurst says:

    Sadly all the Zanoid sheeples will believe this racist,mysoginist,weirdo,thug, it is a sad indictment on the youth of Zim that this’culture’ lies are to be forced down their throats by elements that cannot provide ,protect, grow or develop Africa’s most beautiful country

  10. mucha says:

    He is a lunatic and he deserves our sympathy. Police to take him to Enkutsheni in Byo for psychiatric examination.

  11. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    @Mark.I am of ZPF,but I dont agree with this mocker.
    When Joyce was a war time commander,where was he?Did the missions fail coz she was a woman?

    I dont like this guy’s name,and I dont want it ringing in my head all day.
    Nuff said.

    • zimjesus says:

      I dont understand ‘black jesus’ he follows ambuya nehanda, one of the primary leaders of the first liberation war. Then he wants nehanda and all other women to obey men. nehanda was a leader, not a follower.
      When the liberation army fighters went to zimbabwe they were commissioned by the spirit medium ambuya nehanda [or a fake copy[whatever]. not by a man.
      Even Jesus listened to his mother mary when she asked him to sort out the wine shortage at the cana wedding feast. She asked, he did what SHE asked.

  12. obert says:

    Antiriggers unite, zimbos , free yourselves from thinking that the leadership race is now between two riggers, mjuru and mnangagwa,depending on who rigs more.Again,zanupf has managed to rally zimbos into believing that the next president will be from zanupf.Antiriggers,let’s stop this perpetuation of oppression.mjuru or mnangagwa, NO, they both are riggers.

  13. NBS says:

    Jesus is Spirit. Jesus when He walked on earth was born in the middle East-Israel- as we all know and the skins there vary from light to dark. Colour not an issue. The state of our hearts before God big issue! We should all get this!

  14. veduwe says:

    He is one of them, the dictators. So what is he doing to stir up zim economy with the farm he grabbed. Just an asshole.

    Haana nyadzi imhata

  15. easily fooled says:

    ZPF will even turn to quote the bible for this, “vakadzi zviisei pasi pevarume venyu”. They will talk of the lffice of deacons and bishops. They will talk about Moses, Aaron and will downplay the daughter of Zehelopad as spelt by Number 27, whc where God granted women a claim on the inheritance of their parents. Luckly, Joyce is entitled to that inheritance too. I believe in MDC but given a choice between Joyce and crocodile, I think joyce brings a bunch of joys

    • zimjesus says:

      Mujuru showed the male fighters how to shoot down helicopters. After her example, several MEN followed her example and shot down more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!!!

  16. mutakura says:

    Something wrong with zimbabwe situation. How can you give space to this idiot,dofo zvaro still living in the 19th century.

  17. willy says:

    That black jesus is satanic,kwakhulunya kwathiwa ekugcineni komhlaba kuzavela abafundisi bamanga so he jus one of then,n u must stop living in the past woman or man can still lead a nation,

  18. tophaevy says:

    She could have been on the corrupt band wagon but she is a better devil. At least I would like to see how it feels to be under a lady presidency, maybe we may experience a lesser iron fisted administration of our affairs since this lady at least talks to her opponents. As for black jesus, he lives under a rock and pukes should he take a ride on a bus, ignore him.

    • zimjesus says:

      yebo maybe we would have a kinder, gentler presidency. ONE LOVE! maybe she would have as her motto. We are the party of LOVE. We are the party of CARING PEOPLE. The people of Zimbabwe are our children and we love them like mothers and fathers, instead of shooting them, starb=ving them and making them in poverty

  19. chokwadi chinorwadza says:

    Why this article even make it on this site is beyond me

  20. Sonofngwazi says:


  21. Remuganga says:

    For the record the land takeovers whether good or bad cannot and will never be credited to Zanu PF, its delinquents and misfits such as Chinotimba or pne Black Jesus. We all remember the Svosve people somewhere near Marondera were the first to collectively and peacefully invade a farm. Ironically the same Zanu PF government responded swiftly with German alsatian dogs, teargas, sophisticated armoury and ultimatums telling them to vacate the farm.Its petrifying that this important piece of history is slowly,and ruthlessly being ignored. This is daylight factual thievery and must be exposed and corrected for the benefits of our children.

  22. Mixed Race says:

    He has a mentality of an Afganistan Taliban, thus why he carried out barbaric farm occupation with so much cruelty eg beating innocent dogs in the cage.This is total barbarism beyond human description.He is still living in the past with his misguided farm evasion achievement.We are in the 21 first century where sex does not matter but only quality and integrity.

  23. ike says:

    Wanyara!!!! What does you have to show on your ill-gotten piece of land?? Look where lady Mujuru is!!!! Just keep on barking chinos!!!

  24. Harper says:

    I always consider 2-Boy Edgar Tekere to be the pioneer of farm invasions. In August 1980 he invaded the farm next to his and murdered the manager,Gerald Adams.

  25. Bonginkosi says:

    I am surprised by this idiot,appointing himself a spokesman for all Zimbos.Heyi Ndodandini never say ‘we’when you are hallucinating on behalf of all idiots in your party. Amai Mujuru is a Zimbabwean with all qualities to lead us so ngithi kuwena Zimutundini futseki for your sexist remarks. Awuna msoro mkosho wakho.

  26. Bonginkosi says:

    Le ndoda iyangethusA uma izothi ‘we are conservative’. Wuyena no bani labo abaqambayo. Isihlama lesi, sicabanga ukuthi yena loMnangagwa ndini bayophelelaphi ngoba phela nango u mama u Mjuru uyintandokazi lapho kwaZanu pf.

  27. Zingizi says:

    It is not also our culture to have a president in the first place.

  28. mujibha says:

    Mai mujuru, its now clear who killed your husband, he said is not going to let u be the president, what is he going to do if bob apoint u as the next president. Is he going to assacinate u with the help of munangwa? Pls investgate this idiot.

  29. xrissie says:

    Haahaa xaaaa zibenzi iri.Must go back to grade R.sis’

  30. Patriot says:

    I think the HOLY bible has clear guidance on the matter and most Zims are christians. Most churches don’t have any pbms with the respective passages guiding he/she relations.

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