Chihuri collapses during recruits’ graduation

By | May 29, 2014

via Chihuri collapses during recruits’ graduation | SW Radio Africa by Alex Bell on Thursday, May 29, 2014

Zimbabwe’s Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri reportedly collapsed during a parade of new recruits at Morris Depot in Harare on Thursday.

Chihuri, who according to media reports was standing next to Robert Mugabe at the time, passed out as he and the ZANU PF leader were about to inspect the graduating officers.

He was taken away on a stretcher. reported that deputy commissioner Godwin Matanga then took Chihuri’s place next to Mugabe.

“There was complete silence among the hundreds of recruits and their relatives with most unsure whether to continue using their cameras and smartphones to take pictures as the police boss was taken away,” reported.

Chihuri then reappeared about 30 minutes later and carried on as if nothing happened.

No other details were released about the incident.


22 thoughts on “Chihuri collapses during recruits’ graduation

  1. Madlanduna

    That was the first warning the next is our celebration when he is dead

  2. Mlimo

    Still got money for more recruits? Or are they on leave without pay. Hopefully next time he stays passed out permanently.

  3. zanupf fear me

    The rotting stench from the festering corpse next to him must have overwhelmed him !!!!!!!!????!

  4. Mlimo

    Claims it was tight shoes – i guess its time he paid a visit to singapore like his baas? I guess if his doctor says its tight shoes i guess its right. Me I would hazard a guess hes got a blood pressure problem. May he have another one and not awaken.

  5. Senzachena

    One can only hope that the next time is the BIG one and he can go straight to hell, he will not pass GO nor will he collect $200!! One of the worst bits of ZANU Trash

  6. Kabunga

    Wow, whoever would have thought there could be so much hatred by Zimbabweans. They are renowned for their peace loving, good will nature. It serves you right, you Zanu PF militants. You deserve every bit of hatred that comes your way! I just hope you read how much you are despised.

  7. Msizeni silwelani

    Dear God,

    Hopefully you will not disappoint us when it happens again.


  8. Jake

    He said he was given wrong shoes, the left one was tighter than the right and caused his blood pressure to go up etc…ref The Herald. What rubbish.

  9. I am not the one!

    why is it, good people seem to pass away too young or suffer a mishap rendering them incapable of fulfilling their goals. On the other hand, truly evil people seem to live for ever no matter what amount of misery they dish out. Is there really a god? Maybe there is a god but he bypasses Africa?

    1. Don Cox

      This problem is discussed in depth in the Book of Job.

      I’m not sure it comes to any solid conclusion after the various arguments have been put.

      I don’t see any sign that God has in any way altered the course of events during the past two thousand years. The wicked flourish until the good fight back; and in doing so, the good often become evil themselves.

    2. Peter Jones

      Yes, god is there. See, he works in strange ways. He takes his good children early, before they mess it up. He then rests them in his kingdom for ever. The bad ones he lets live long so they mess it up big time. He then sends them straight to the fires of hell with no appeal.

  10. DubboZimbo

    Pity it was not Bob wearing the badly fitting shoes, I guess his expensive Singspore specials are a bit more comfortable.

  11. biggus dickus

    Senior Comm General the Almighty Chihuri attributed his blackout to working long hours in recent times and a mix-up in the shoes he wore for the occasion. Chihuri said ;-
    “I have been working overnight for quite some time. The situation has been exacerbated or worsened by the fact that there was a mix-up of my shoes. The right shoe was mixed up with the left one. The right shoe is a bit small and it is an old shoe so my toes were burning because of the tightness of the shoe and there was no circulation (of blood) in that leg that caused me to be dizzy and then fell down.
    So always ensure you put on a pair of the same shoes – not one of yours and one of your wifes !

  12. Fundani Moto

    I love these “immortal” leaders! Why was he trying to explain sickness away? Nobody is devoid of illness, but our leaders believe they are exempt forgetting that God is just. The sun shines for the rich, the poor, the powerful as well as the powerless.
    God is great!

  13. Justice

    You would have thought, with all the fines channelled into his bank account, that he could have afforded a decent pair of shoes? Or is Bata also shut down?


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