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MDC rebels rule out unity with Tsvangirai

via MDC rebels rule out unity with Tsvangirai – DailyNews Live by Lloyd Mbiba  6 APRIL 2014

Elton Mangoma and a team of his loyalists yesterday ruled out any unity with MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai, highlighting intensified strategies to dethrone him.

Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday, suspended MDC deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma’s spokesperson Jacob Mafume, who was introduced as the “MDC renewal team spokesperson,” said the purported unity between the rebels and Tsvangirai was a farce.

“You cannot unite with yourself (Tsvangirai). You cannot say I am uniting when you don’t call the aggrieved party.”

“In that instance, when the so-called unity was announced, the person who was on suspension was the treasurer-general and at that point they mentioned that he remains on suspension and the issue he was suspended for was writing a letter to discuss about leadership issues.”

Two weeks ago, Tsvangirai said he had healed the rift between himself and rebels pushing for his ouster.

Mafume, who was flanked by MDC youth assembly secretary general Promise Mkwananzi, alleged Tsvangirai had personalised the democratic struggle and was acting as if he owned the MDC.

“When you are elected to a post, you are not given title deeds and that is where we have always complained,” Mafume said. “When you are elected to be a president of a country, you are not given title deeds, same as a political party. What happens is that you are given responsibility that you are supposed to carry out. When that responsibility is questioned, you don’t behave like someone is taking your personal property.”

Asked whether MDC secretary-general Tendai Biti is part of the renewal team, Mafume said the former finance minister has said the party needs to go back to the founding values.

However, he said Mangoma was fully behind the renewal team.


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    Mafume hauna nyaya, you are just jelousy of Chamisa and crew.You were a student leader at UZ in 2000 and you did nothing, absolutely nothing.You even lost a safe seat in Harare, what can you offer in UMP? Democracy is not in Harare, and decmocracy is not defined by the oundaries of Harare.Tell us how you are going to crack into Dande, UMP, Mutoko-all no go areas.Yopu are useless people, urban areas need not to be convinced.We badly lose in the rural vote.So tell us your strategy to woo the rural electorate.We are tured of there ahoyi ahoyi chanting, no result.Biti was also a student leader, failing to grow out of this ahoyi chanting.Dont be overzealous and hold mini-briefings, drinking bottled water.You are far from being politicians.
    ZANU PF had cadres like Border Gezi, directly linking with the people.Tell us who do you link with/ The urban population is not faithful voters.So open your eyes and brain.The only way forward is to dig into the rural areas and make sure that even if MDC lose there, it will be 60-40%, not the 95-5% we see.Get real.Dont confuse people.We were there in the struggle, the issue is not Tsvangirai.The issue is rural vote.Even if you put Biti, I tell you he ZANU will get 55% urban , he gets 45% .Then lets go rural, ZANU will gewt 100% without campaigning.Biti will be whitewashed even by Jabulani Sibanda as ZANU PF Presidential candidate.Be real cdes and don’t hide behind democracy which you don’t even know.Being a lawyer is bookish, real sense is lived.

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    jobolinko 4 years

    we dont care

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    mujibha 4 years

    thank you guys for leaving otherwise the party is going to be better without u. wish u the best.

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    Rwendo 4 years

    I doubt anyone knows the true breakdown of the famous rural vote because that is where ZANU PF has always focused its rigging (before Nikuv and 2013). There are too

  • comment-avatar
    Rwendo 4 years

    I doubt anyone knows the true breakdown of the famous rural vote because that is where ZANU PF has always focused its rigging (before Nikuv and 2013). There have always been too many eyes watching in the urban centres. If ZANU PF has strong rural support, why has the retaliation, violence, intimidation, bribery all been most intensive there?

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    The very people who beat up Mangoma are the same you will meet trying to gain support. So be careful!!!

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      NBS 4 years

      The whole frikking lot of them should get on their knees and beg God for forgiveness and then the ask for the peoples forgiveness. And by the whole lot I mean the WHOLE lot. Zvakwana. maybe it IS time for ZUNDE.

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        Now you are talking. IT IS time fo Zunde. They are our hope. Matakanana atiri kuona aya will take us nowhere. True leadership is not selfish. Tamirira Zunde.

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    Chongwe une yese.You are the real politician.Never did we hear of a clear strategy to win rural votes.I take my hat off to you.Only if MDC had thinkers like you.Not the cowards who fight for safe seats in urban areas

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    Matake 4 years

    Aah yah, things fall apart, the Zimbabwean doesnt seem to understand how the world around him functions..!

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    tiritoga 4 years

    A MDC can win elections cannot beat the army. You are missing the point. Since 2000 MDC were winning but watched sorrowfully when Mugabe declared himself the winner or rerunning the election. It’s a waste of time to try to dislodge ZANU-PF through election. After all you guys think like Mugabe, selfish and destructive. SHAME

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    Messenger Of God 4 years

    Only God Jesus Christ Is The Answer…He Is Coming This Year, All the rich people who think they are rich shall kneel down and beg from the poor…Messenger Of God