‘Mugabe died and is being preserved in a freezer’, teen arrested

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | ‘Mugabe died and is being preserved in a freezer’, teen arrested  18 January 2014

A teenager has been arrested for allegedly insulting President Robert Mugabe on Facebook.

Gumisai Manduwa, 18, from Odzi, in Manicaland province was arrested on thursday for contravening Section 33 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, Radio Dialogue reported.

It is alleged Manduwa  posted a message on Facebook claiming that President Mugabe had died and is being preserved in a freezer.

He appeared in court on  Saturday 18 January 2014 and was granted $30 bail by Mutare Magistrate Sekesai Chiwundura.

Manduwa becomes the latest victim to be arrested for allegedly undermining authority of or insulting President Mugabe.


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34 comments on “‘Mugabe died and is being preserved in a freezer’, teen arrested
  1. Hope it’s true. Brave young patriot

    • zimjesus says:

      the helpless little guy being hammered by the big, powerful guys!! interestingly prosecuters have to first prove that the president is alive! If he is by a ny chance, DEAD, then he cannot be prosected because the ultimate UNDER…MINING is digging a grave for a dead president. Photographs are not enogh as the san salvadorian army leader was ‘photo’ dead, but pretending to be alive. And video cameras only show what is in the past, not the present. So the president has to actually make a court appearance, which he is too busy to do [assuming he is alive.... is he?]

  2. Kuakwa Katiyo says:

    Pathetic arresting a child for a rumour that is all over the country, for a country that cannot feed prisoners. How about those who put an old picture showing the president arriving? How come nothing is done to them for such a blatant lie?

  3. MikeH says:

    If mugabe isn’t dead now, he very soon will be and then I can crack a bottle of champers. No matter that the country will not come right overnight, the main instigator of it’s ruination will be gone.

  4. Tito says:

    There is tangible evidence incriminating the entire Avondale police station, all that happens is they all get transfers; no hearing no nothing. a teenage boy just regurgitates a rumor that is all over social media and main stream news (herald and ztv included) but is quickly dragged to court and fined. I think they sort of make the rumor more popular and ravel faster!! I love ths country

  5. jj says:

    haa. mati madii zvenyu

  6. Johann says:

    Even if he’s not physically dead he was brain dead many years ago.

  7. LUCY says:

    The young man said what everyone else is thinking but too cowardly to say. From now on The young man’s name will be ‘MAFIRAKUREVA’. In any case why keep it a secret if he is unwell I’m sure his many supporters will be wanting to intercede with whatever God they believe in ,some will want to pour a little alcohol into the ground in prayer while others will want to visit the local Godobori or snort a bit of bute or release a few doves into the air on his behalf ( whatever blows their skirts). By not telling them that their dear leader is sick they are denying them the right to do all in their power to make him better. I think that is silly.

  8. Chatunga says:

    The nation and world at large will errupt into wild celebration upon recieving such news.

  9. mark longhurst says:

    anyone see the movie ‘Weekend at Bernies’? LOL

  10. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    He is just a confused,uncultured,little boy.who needs a hard spank.
    @Lucy,so u reckon that all who support Mugabe are snuff takers.?And those who support Morgan?

    I will laugh the day the old man pitches up.What will u people say then?

    • LUCY says:

      I said some, others (coz unlike you I know it takes all sorts)
      where did you get ‘all’ from??

    • zimjesus says:

      this is what people will say, cio man. OH NO! our hopes are dashed. Our planned party is cancelled. the bible says that ahope deferred makes the heart sick. the day he appears hope is deferred and people will feel sick.

    • Mwanawevhu says:

      It’s you Zanu PF supporters who ironically will celebrate when the old dinosaur meets the devil. So don’t you dare point fingers when you secreatley pray to whatever god you believe in that the rumour is true. Let’s face it the old dinosaur is now a liability to both Zanu and non Zanu PF supporters but because he is like a mafia god father no-one would dare say it openly except for Zvobgo before he passed on

    • munzwa says:

      we will put the champers back in the fridge and wait for the next time…

  11. obert says:

    The chief rigger will surely die one of these days, bt, the others riggers will carry on from where he left. AntiRiggers unite.

  12. ancy says:

    The old Dicktator should be be buried in the water table ,Death should not be celebrated but when a troublesome dog die in the villages everyone ululates.Evil men will never receive honor.

  13. tobias says:

    “No one needed a Robert Mugabe in 1980, and no one needs a Robert Mugabe in 2014, or after.”
    Robert Mugabe’s demise must certainly be welcome, and celebrated by those who will choose to.”
    “Certainly, it is the right thing that before he departs, Mugabe knows that the people know him for who and what he is: a short, dark angry man who abused entrusted public power and brought untold misery to millions of innocent people merely and solely because he was president. And a short, dark angry man who has cloned equally evil and bad people who continue to man the State machinery of present-day Zimbabwe, people who even today, insult, mock, scandalize, and seek to harm others merely and solely because they control the institution of the State. These clones, together with their leader, Robert Mugabe, must be demystified now just before Mugabe dies, otherwise if we don’t they are the new breed of Robert Mugabes that no one needs and no one has ever needed, about to terrorise us all over again.”

  14. Senzachena says:

    One can only hope that the rumour is true. I am arranging a “DEAD MUGABE” party. However I remain cynical and have heard this all before, we will wait and see.

    If it is true maybe we could help some of the evil trash that surround him to follow his example? They also need to go as quickly as possible.

  15. NBS says:

    Why arrest him! For goodness sake! The whole nation is talking about this issue non stop. And ZPF have the cheek to say we are free and a democracy

  16. Swagger Muchando says:

    Arresting the youth for their freedom of expression, zpf vadzvanyiriri pachokwadi, nxaaa maziharahwa aya imbwa dzevanhu.

    • Ra says:

      @ swagger muchando is that a freedom of exppression? Do u ever really understand what it means? You are really poor minded and must go back to school starting grade 0.

  17. tophaevy says:

    A traffic cop once said to me ”There is freedom of speech but there wont be freedom after the speech”. This is the Zim culture. Arresting a boy for what everybody else has said demonstrates that somebody has nothing else better to do and yet people are waiting for the million jobs promised them.

  18. Rwendo says:

    They say he visited his comatose sister upon his return. I would imagine it would be easy for any investigative journalists worth their salt to establish this – there are so many, different hospital staff you have to pass to get to an ICU unit.

  19. tobias says:

    so some will be arrested even 5 years after his death just for insulting the late first president of the republic of zimbabwe who happened to be bob. shame on the zpf

  20. bingo wajakata says:

    I only wish is that this evil Murgabage dies before I do, at least I deserve one celebration in 33 years

  21. Phibion says:

    Lets all send $5 each Eco Cash to this brave young man. What is his number

  22. blessing says:

    Kuti kunyepa here kuti muugabe wafa,vanhu ivavo ngavasungure izvezvi tisati tatora matanho,wafa wafa hachamuki paari,mandela wakafa vanhu vakazviziva kuti wafa vanhu vakataura wani,nekudaro waafa tavakuzviziva,kana muchiti aripo ngadzoke pachigaro chake tione kuti mupenyu

  23. Michael Saruchera says:

    Mugabe died some time ago when he was repoted going on leave.Mugabe with his noisy motorcade everyone could have known that he visited Parirenyatwa Hospital to see his sister.His motorcade also could have been seen or heard along the Harare-Bulawayo road going Kwazvimba. Give us proof that he is indeed alive.

  24. gonye says:

    give us proof of life iwe robi, ifa zvipere

  25. I chokwadi here kuti musiwakafa Mandela ndiwomusi mumwe wadedzera Zuma nezverufu rwacho?

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