Sikhala dismisses Makandiwa

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Sikhala dismisses Makandiwa 21 April 2014

Controversial MDC-T politician Job Sikhala has disputed popular prophet and United Families International Church (UFIC) leader Emanuel Makandiwa’s prophecy that there will be a boom in industry in the country.

Sikhala said the country’s industry would only thrive in an economy free of corruption as he took a swipe at Zanu PF ministers for believing the popular prophet.

“When Zanu PF ministers and hangers on celebrate and go bonkers over Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s prophecy that there will be an industrial boom then you know that these men no longer have ideas,” Sikhala said. “Modern economies have never been run on the basis of prophecies but on the platform of modern thoughts and ideas.”

Sikhala said an industry that needs modern technology and operations based on production and export of products in world market does not need prophecies.

“The economy operating on a corruption free environment which promotes production against consumerism and plunder doesn’t need Makandiwa to prophesy its booming,” he said.

“I prophesy that the downward spiral of the economy will continue unabated as long as these greedy idiots are still forcing themselves on the people who no longer love them.”

More than 150 000 people attended Makandiwa’s Judgement Night 2 on Saturday at the National Sports Stadium in Harare.

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53 comments on “Sikhala dismisses Makandiwa
  1. Tjingababili says:


  2. John Thomas says:

    Mukandiwa is a liar and a dishonest man. There are no prophets in this world. There would less noise if he just shut up. He has nothing of any use to contribute.

    • tangwa says:

      You will need him soon my brother. Rejecting a man sent by God is rejecting God Himself.Jesus said whoever receives you hath also received Me, and whoever rejects you has also rejected Me. Notice from the moment you done typed this comment how miserable your life became. It shall be worse with you my brother and your life shall be pain at each and every heartbeat until you repent of these words. This is not a curse from me or from Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, but its a consequence of cursing and rejecting God. Repent or else you will continue in misery. Its only a fool who said there is no God. If you believed there is God, you would appreciate his servants.

  3. mujibha says:

    Makandiwa’s prophecy might b correct, what he has to tell us is under which party and whose leadership? I don’t see nthing change for the better under zanu pf with its current policy in place. If its zanu pf they have to swallow their pride first, and change things like, look east policy because there is nothing which is going come from there to help the country, the key area for zimbabwe to boost the economy is agriculture, so zanu pf has to ask those x farmers to come back and start proper farming not cabbages, tomatoes and chicken the whole country. And ask the current ones to go chibero college to learn how to farm, and after completing the course they should work under those farmers who has experience as work exprience for a year, then they can apply to the government for land, then the government have to asses them before aproval. Then corruption, surely if zanu pf is dreaming of improving the economy they have to do something abt it.

    • NBS says:

      They still taking farms and messing up tourist destinations with greedy takeovers: right now as I speak. look at Doma and Hildemara and most farmers in Mash West have been given till mid may to get off their farms so who are w fooling. The destruction just goes on and one. Schools, orphanages, clinics the whole catoot. Destroy! Destroy! destroy!

  4. Zen says:

    If Mukandiwa produces diesel from a rock,then we’ll believe him

  5. lloyd says:

    Wake up Zimbabweans , while you are reading the bible white people are taking over the world, we need critical thinking people . Stop being a miracle country, i.e country of lazy people..

    • Doris says:

      So what? Either it’s the whites or would you prefer to have the yellows take over the world? I know what I would rather have.

    • nesbert majoni says:

      Please can you stop those racial baseless ideas and think straight. Where are these white people taking the world to as you are saying. The white people are the right people to invest in our country because they have money and know how to run the economy. And they are the right people to till the land. We want want jobs in our country not lies fro my Makandiwa and these ZANU pf idiots.

    • NBS says:

      That is not true Lloyd. We all need God. he is the only answer. we just can’t get motivated and we are too disunified. We need leadership. Where is it? Who will stand up?

  6. obert says:

    Why not make Makandiwa minister of finance? Then he can apply his miracles.

  7. Mtimukhulu says:

    Zimbos lets work hard to fight corruption & we must know that any economy is not driven by prophesy but by hard work & proper economics that we hev learnt but we hev not applied bcoz of greed.

  8. Nothing new,if they could take off shoes to a false n’anga on the issue of diesel they too can believe this pathological liar in the name of Makandiwa.

    • Mukanya says:

      You have said it! mate, I can’t think of any other dissertation to describe the “proverbial garbage”. Thanks

    • NBS says:

      False prophet! Is he going to sell his so called miracle oil??? Where does one see miracle oil in the bible?

  9. Insider says:

    Ask this “prophet” to throw a few more bones, cut of a few more chickens heads, sleep with underage virgins and shove some magical potions up his backside and I have no doubt all the factories will reopen and the farms start producing again!!!! How can people listen to this trash, wise up Zimbabwe the country is going to collapse and only then when Mugabe and his thugs are gone, hopefully dead, will it start to come right under an honourable government. Listening to these false prophets will get you nowhere.

  10. Dave says:

    Makandiwa is not a prophet. The true prophets of old concerned themselves with God’s law which said much about justice, the poor, the alien, and the widow. Israel prostituted itself to other gods and neglected justice so the prophets spoke. If Makandiwa were a true prophet he’d have been locked up long time ago for telling the truth like the prophets of old were. Makandiwa tickles peoples ears and for that reason is no prophet. He brings Christianity into disrepute.

    • NBS says:

      Dave you hit the nail right on the head.

    • Diodotus says:

      Well done Dave, that is the truth. Makandiwa is really just an ear tickler and not someone who preaches concerned with the gospel and its implications for injustice, corruption and nepotism. He demonstrates little to nothing of God’s intention for the gospel. His mouth is sealed concerning the governmennt’s human right violations: Zimbabwe is filled with these hood-winkers who will not serve the truth (Jesus said He was the way and the ‘truth’).

  11. NBS says:

    How do we get a boom without repentance? no repentance! No restoration. Makandiwa must preach repentance first. We are a sinful nation. How can God bless us unless we recognise our sinfulness first? The gospel needs to be preached. the cross of Christ to bring people back to Him. Not just worldly prosperity???? Wake up church!

  12. Thanks to all of you who are expressing the truth about this Zanupf created prophet. He is not alone. All these money making churches are part of the looting spree that has condemned our people to this humiliation pf going to South Africa and else where begging, stealing, prostituting reducing us as a nation of insane mbira players. Gone are the days when we could proudly stand tall and say yes we are Zimbabweans. Yet we have Zanupf religious products, like Makandiwa who benefits from the desperate Zimbabweans “prophecying” his economic dreams, ecstasies and hallucinations. May God quicken His Deliverance of our people from lies, repression, military subjugation and economic condemnation.

  13. nyoni says:

    JOB YOU HAVE TAKEN THE WORD FROM ME. Zanu are referred to as IDIOTS BY THE WHOLE WORLD. What an embarassment the idiots.

  14. MANDELA jnr says:

    zanu go to hell

  15. Panda moyo says:

    Seems instead of being god s puppet the good pastor prefers to be a puppet of political parties.stop misleading the nation n assist in building hospitals ,schools, scholarships not driving fancy cars

  16. Stay Well says:

    You all soumd like those who said Jesus operated by the power of satan, well those who are spirit filled and know the word dont even condenm or express hate comments. God freed Isralite from a strong army and nation via a prophet Moses. Words were spoken, etc.. The bible has records of what the prophets did by speaking words. The oíther thing is Christ was rich yet for our sake he became poor that through his poverty we might be rich. There is no scripture in the bible where poverty is promoted.” I wish above all things that you may prosper as your souls prospers”. God take pride in the prosperity of his people. How can you have a father(God), who created and owns all things,, and you as His children be poor??? A thousannd times no. Thirdly God shows up more wnen people have failed on their own, Psalm 107 v4- continue reading you will realise that it is God who takes you out of your troubles so that u may praise Him. Lustly. Those who are carnally minded are unto death but those who are spiritually minded there is life and peace. Dont be quick in writting your thoughts down, mostly it will they will beinspired

  17. Stay Well says:

    You all soumd like those who said Jesus operated by the power of satan, well those who are spirit filled and know the word dont even condenm or express hate comments. God freed Isralite from a strong army and nation via a prophet Moses. Words were spoken, etc.. The bible has records of what the prophets did by speaking words. The oíther thing is Christ was rich yet for our sake he became poor that through his poverty we might be rich. There is no scripture in the bible where poverty is promoted.” I wish above all things that you may prosper as your souls prospers”. God take pride in the prosperity of his people. How can you have a father(God), who created and owns all things,, and you as His children be poor??? A thousannd times no. Thirdly God shows up more wnen people have failed on their own, Psalm 107 v4- continue reading you will realise that it is God who takes you out of your troubles so that u may praise Him. Lustly. Those who are carnally minded are unto death but those who are spiritually minded there is life and peace. Dont be quick in writting your thoughts down, mostly it will they will b inspired by devils and your mind becomes a demons play ground. Make a difference in your own world by making it a better place. Not critics. Posts what can benefit someone. Great minds cant stoop low to read some of your stuff, mostly those who think like read your stuff, and that is why most of you who post agree. Same minds!!

    • roving ambassador. says:

      STAY WELL, why is it that no one ever reminds people that Jesus said ‘give all you riches to the poor and follow me’, and the man walked away.
      I would say if Jesus said the same to Makandiwa ,him and Zanu would definitely walk away.
      Its our duty is cities to make the poor end the disadvantaged be aware of these false prophets.
      I would expect you Stay Well to stand up for the downtrodden.
      May you conscience be with you

      • NBS says:

        The true riches are the unsearcheable riches of Christ. Of course God wants to supply for His sons and daughters but not in the manner of this prosperity preaching. That is NOT the gospel message. Why does Mukandiwa not preach repentance. We want God to answer all our woes but we do not want to turn from our wicked ways. There is too much man here and no Jesus Christ. It disturbs me!

  18. Chanisa says:

    ‘Stay Well’ brother, the question is of why a prophet cuddles with murderers and thieves if not to promote his prosperity gospel. What purpose are your biblical quotes serving here?

  19. Mixed Race says:

    I read this article and saw pictures from the other website with a lot of amusement because the figures of attendance change daily.When you look at the audience around him and his so-called spiritual father you can tell the quality of people involved in these so-called miracles for the betterment of their lives.What do you expect from street kids and thousands of unemployed youths who are given false promises to give them unsubstantiated hope?
    The stadium is only capable of holding 60 000,therefore`,it is unlikely for the surrounding grounds to handle more than that number,taking into account that parking space was reserved for the vehicles.The numbers were increased deliberately for propaganda purposes,this makes this prophet a liar with his numbers.Secondly,he lies about his forecasting about the economy recovery[I use this word forecasting because its exactly what he was doing],he is using the simple principle of PROBABILITY,,which is common sense,after any disaster you normally get good things to replace bad events,thus why we always say NO evil can suppress goodness or darkness is easily killed by light.He is a fake, clueless propagandist with zero intelligence.
    It is a pity that our desperate unemployed youths are being taken for a ride by these fake prophets with the support of professional looters.

  20. Chamunoda Nyamakate says:

    Ordinary people including Israel itself have always been skeptical of prophets. I am not aware of a prophet who as the people’s darling. People conveniently want to distance themselves to what God wants. We never learn. 2 Kings 7:16-17

  21. jay c says:

    Even during the days of the Kings of Israel, there were many false prophets, but there were also true prophets, for instance, Jeremiah. Today we have our own share of false prophet,but there are also true prophets, in our times, who do the work of the Almighty and they have authority over sin. They do not seek fame and fortune. These are the hidden ones of the Almighty, waiting to revealed on the last day.

  22. Zvakwana says:

    Remember the diesel from the rock its the same thing.

  23. peters says:

    Makandiwa need to give a time frame because as I see it he is just waffling and vague. In my own eyes I see him as a crook who has perfected his dubious ways of preying on vulnerable people in the society who need answers to their life problems one thing people should know is that this church is a syndicate of con artists but anyway God will judge one day.

  24. Ngoto Zimbwa says:

    Zimbos never cease to amaze. So many to listen to the words of a dodgy prophet?
    The man is obviously a charlatan preying on the poor.

    We have to realise that praying in the face of an oncoming hungry lion like the Zim situation will only put us on the lion’s table.

    What will help is finding some guts somewhere and getting rid of these greedy idiots.
    If we can go in our thousands to this dude’s show, we certainly can walk in our thousands in mass protest.

  25. Mapingu says:

    Mr Sikhala, why wasting your time commenting about the usual moronic escapades by zanu pf idiots. Have you forgotten that, jus a few years ago, the same pack of brain-dead zanu pf clowns endured the scotching heat and sharp flesh-pricking thorns, bare-footed & bare-headed, in some hill around Chinhoyi expecting one frail old lady to show or give them some large volumes of diesel & petrol supposedly coming from a some granite rock(s).

    This is how stupid these zanu pf fools can be. They never cease to clown.;

  26. jondo says:

    A God fearing . non corrupt .hardwrkin nation is di only key to economic boom . Ukaudza vanhu zvavari desperate to hear dey will believe you

  27. Matanzima nkomo says:

    Whilst all Zimbabweans cry wolf I for one know that we are all not that innocent in as far as corruption and bad practices are concerned. Overcharging, which is a form of corruption is rampant in our land. These days people will charge you for push starting a car even. A small cup of peanuts sets you back a dollar. A plateful of wild fruit will cost you a dollar and so on and so forth. On one street the prices of an item could vary for as much as hundreds of dollars. I know some politicians are taking the liberty but charity should begin at home. We have become a nation out to fleece each other. I just thought I should point out.

  28. Buchman-Turner-Overdrive says:

    I am not surprised he managed such a gathering; he is a Shona gukurahundi ZANU PF Prophet after all.

    The gukurahundi government will never allow anyone who is not in their good books to gather such a huge number of people for whatever reason. They will always come up with an excuse; send the police to desperse the gatherings under the pretext that they are planning mass uprisings against the gukurahundi government.

    Mere prayer meetings for gukurahundi victims of not more than 200 people have been banned or closed down by the gukurahundi police in Bulawayo on numerous occasions. How was this one allowed, given that its semi-political as it was about a booming economy etc, etc?

  29. chirasha says:

    Buchman, please if you are triblistic why commenting ,does it mean that all shona people contributed to gukurahundi,shona,ndebele,karanga etc are all zimbabweans and are suffering under the current govt

  30. Tendai says:

    Makandiwa is a profit. ‘judgement night’ made a huge profit from poor, desperate and vulnerable people. Conservatively speaking, if each person ‘donated’ $1, he must of made a $150 000 profit because ‘churches’ don’t get taxed. He is nothing more then a con-man who should drive his fancy car straight to Chikarubi…..

  31. Zvamusina Kumbirai says:

    Industrialization is not all about miracles, in business as well, miracles is in your belief, and in churches and Sangomas. In industry what works is money and stable economic and good government. Never think to run industry the way you run your church business, industry will never rely on tithes and offerings. Mutikwanire, muzive kwekuperera nehuprofita hwenyu.

  32. Mixed Race says:

    He would never get that attendance here in BYO because we are not easily fooled by these cheap politically misguided thieves.

  33. The true servant of god will be blessed with riches. The riches I talk about are the rich feelings you have when you lift your brother who has fallen. When you take your few coins (notes in the case of Zimbabwe) and buy a starving brother or sister a loaf of bread. When you catch a bus and go to the flood area with food and morale aid for your brother. When you offer the thirsty stranger a drink of water. When you respect and love your neighbor irrespective of his color race or creed. When you respect you wife or husband. When you assist in your community. Most of all when you praise God and are true to the teachings he has given us. And finally if you have a clear conscious. The riches of the man of God are not of this earth. The riches of this earth are a passing illusion.

  34. Reverend says:

    Yikes! what a hotchpotch !! Let me add my 5c.
    It really is nothing more than we need to be in the very center of Gods will and then we will receive the Spirit of understanding of Gods will and purpose for us. Prosperity does not necessarily mean financial wealth but Spiritual wealth and the fact that God will supply our NEEDS according to His riches in glory, not our “WANTS”. We who love and trust in God need to take the verse of Romans 8:28 very seriously and literally : And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. This is a time when all people should consider very carefully what their priorities are in this life and what if any is their God given purpose, and what is their hope and expectation when they close their eyes in death. I can only ask God to guide me in the fullness of His Spirit to do only that which he has called me to do that I may fulfill HIS purpose in my life and nothing more… for I look forward to the crown that awaits in eternity.
    In regard to these self appointed prophets who make the most atrocious claims in the name of God do not witness with the Spirit within me and the Bible tells us of such things. God is not a showman as he does not need to be, but these prophets make the most outrageous claims and prophecies that have no scriptural basis and as Dave says they bring Christianity into disrepute, and as self acclaimed teachers will pay the price. I just do not associate myself with these people at all, end of story. Christians need to research their faith and know why they believe -what they believe.
    To me it is quite clear that end times are upon us and when we look around the world and see the disaster of this world and the greed and evil that is out of control, the daily murder of babies,( USA – 55 Million legal abortions) the sexual sin that pollutes the minds of people, the wars and rumors of wars and we see this world in decay, but yet my God fills my cup every day. It is as my friend NBS says… a time of coming humbly before the throne of Grace an repenting of your sin,and that is what Easter is all about… Praise the name of Jesus.

  35. Well said Reverend. We are not perfect but that we try God sees.

  36. maita says:

    People of Zimbabwe have become desperate and have suddenly become very religious and follow prophets to have some sense of hopefulness because ZanuPF has taken away all their hope. I don’t understand 150000 going to hear judgement what judgement? It means it is trying to get false hope. Although I still want to believe kuti if Makandiwa is a true prophet he did not explain his prophecy well for fear of those gurus seating on those sofas near him. So we will watch the sky and when the signs are there we will know the days of ZanuPF are numbered and the time for an industry and economic boom is at hand.

  37. mafondokoto says:

    The said prophet can fool some people some time but not all people all the time

  38. Ageless says:


    In the book of 2 Kings Chapter 7, we hear Prophet Elisha prophesying about the economy of Samaria saying, “To morrow about this time shall a measure of fine flour be sold for a shekel, and two measures of barley for a shekel, in the gate of Samaria.”

    Prophet Elisha had to deal with the educated, the learned and the think-tanks of that time, who walked by sight, with little or no understanding of the prophetic. He had to deal with the economists, industrialists and politicians of that time.

    One stood up and spoke against the prophetic, and I quote, “Then the captain on whose hand the king leaned answered the man of God and said, If the Lord should make windows in heaven, could this thing be?” The captain was full of understanding, he understood politics, he understood economics, he understood supply and demand, he was taught on investment fundamentals, he had understanding on all economic theories and had imperical evidence to support him. What he did not understand is how God operates. He did not know that when God has spoken, He can do anything, anytime, anywhere to fulfil His word.

    This is the same scenario we are faced with today, a few days after Judgement Night 2. A clear prophetic word was spoken by the servant and God’s General, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa about the Nation of Zimbabwe. The prophecy is clear, “God is giving this nation (Zimbabwe) a better platform. I see in the realm of the Spirit that this nation will not go back to where it was (it will not go back to the time of suffering again). He has seen our suffering and He is ready to resurrect our country. As we experience the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, He will begin to resurrect this country. Industries shall begin to run again. I see production. You shall remember these words. You will be able to move around the city and be able to do your shopping even during the night. Industries shall no longer be closing shop, selling goods in the afternoon and in the evening. You shall see it happening in your lifetime.

    Jesus is following us, coming to a place of recovering us from the
    graveyard, restoring us back to our position.”

    Just like in the days of Elisha, the captains, who understand economics and production fundamentals more than Spiritual issues are in the forefront, trying to discredit the word of the Lord. Some, having been taught to believe economic theories think that the prophetic words were just “comforting words and it will take more than prophecy to revive the economy”.

    Mr. Economist, Sir, so many blueprints have been drafted and implemented to no avail. Mr. Economist, we understand the need for a conducive investment environment. Even the need for all factors of production to be available at sustainably affordable prices, this we were taught at school and are elementary. Even the need for a complementary (if not the principal factor) political environment, we passed that test at college.

    Economists who follow Zimbabwe’s policies would be aware that we have tried everything but with no solution at hand. When the economy was going down, Mr. Economist, industrialist, you were there with all your degrees. Please give us a break, the prophecy has nothing to do with economics. Human and carnal ideas have failed, it is time for God to demonstrate that He is the one who has Zimbabwe in His hand.

    The prophetic word has already been released at the instruction of God and it’s time for us to allow God to do His part. It is time for God’s solution to our challenges.

    Yes, we shall see production, we shall experience twenty four (24) hour
    shopping of domestically produced goods, Mr. Economist, thus saith the Lord.

    Let me remind you Mr. Economist, the Spiritual supersedes the natural, the Prophetic supersedes economics. It is not economic, but Prophetic

    Oh by the way anyone in my book who is so against prophecy its because of fear. Kutya nekuti urikuwanza chihure or mishonga. l rest my case!!!

  39. oj ajira says:

    The time is now Sikhala.the man is back with chick. Panotsva munhu apa.

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