Grace Mugabe to study for doctorate

By | July 3, 2014

via Grace Mugabe to study for doctorate | The Zimbabwean 2 July 2014

Grace Mugabe has registered for a doctoral degree at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ).

Sources privy to the development told The Zimbabwean that Grace had successfully applied for a Doctor of Philosophy degree and had already completed her proposal, which a university higher degrees committee was reviewing.

She chose a UZ sociology professor widely considered to be sympathetic to Zanu (PF), as her supervisor. The lecturer, who could not be reached for a comment, has over the years appeared on national television as a commentator and defender of the Zanu (PF) land reform programme.

“She will be doing her doctoral research in the sociology department; she has chosen to research on child rights,” said a reliable source. The only publicly known qualification that Grace possesses is a first degree in Chinese language that she completed in 2011 after four years of distance learning with the People’s University of China.

It was not immediately clear if Grace had completed a post-graduate qualification but, according to the source, she could still qualify to undertake doctoral studies provided she had an appropriate first degree and sufficient academic research history.

UZ has previously declined to accept students with degrees from the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU), a correspondence tertiary institution headed by Grace’s former personal tutor, Primrose Kurasha.

Kurasha, then a Pro-Vice Chancellor at ZOU, used to give Grace private lessons in the early 2000s. She was elevated to her current position in 2003 following the departure of the founding Vice Chancellor, Peter Dzvimbo.

ZOU came under the spotlight several years ago when it awarded a Master of Business Administration degree to a top security officer even though, said insiders, he never attended a single tutorial and had his assignments and examinations written by university lecturers. The army boss was also given the best student award for his class.

Unconfirmed media reports indicate that, in the mid-2000s, Grace was forced to abandon her Bachelor of Arts degree in English by the University of London due to a string of poor results. After enrolling through correspondence in 1996, she is reported to have passed only two subjects in eight years, after which she was deregistered.

Prisca Khumalo from the UZ Information and Public Relations department said her office could not comment as her boss, Dennis Rwafa, was away in South Africa. The Vice Chancellor’s office had not responded to e-mailed questions at the time of going to print.

24 thoughts on “Grace Mugabe to study for doctorate

  1. Mike Nyathi

    Hahahahahahahahaha. She can barely tie her shoe laces. Her only qualification is that she threw herself into the arms of old biltong back in the 80s. Stupid tea girl.

  2. austin

    Come on Grace, just buy yourself a doctorate, like the other Jongwes do. Your gold dealings via Espana should afford you even a resonably looking legitimate one. If Saif Qaddafi can use loot to buy an unearned LSE qualification, I have little doubt your share of the Stolen People’s Resources of Zimbabwe should be more than enough to buy you something a little more classy than a dubious Zimbabwe degree ! – think BIG, Grace…. even OBERT MPOFU purports possession of a external Doctorate (albeit a phoney one).


  3. andy

    I remember reading that the Romanian dictators wife also claimed to have various qualifications in science, after they were both executed it was shown that she was a complete idiot and simply wore a white coat in a laboratory for the cameras and knew nothing at all about sicence

  4. Petal

    Oh Disgrace at it again do recall reading that she failed her subjects with some London College . Bet you she will not study somone will just pretend she has swoted and hand over a forged certificate the only degree she can get is a degree in Shopping or a degree with Gucci!!

  5. Mlimo

    hell I nearly fell off my chair laughing. Now why would she do a degree from ZU when she could do one with much more prestige and honour from Singapore Uni’s – ohhh I forgot she is as stupid as a brick and they wouldnt accept her. Maybe she threatened ZU that she would take over the Uni and add it to her portfolio of properties and throw out the residents if she doesnt pass?

  6. pati

    And Mugabe has seven university degrees. Very educated if he is and very incompetent and corrupt which he is. Now Gire is to become a doctor. A very lettered first lady, only her PhD will be from what used to be the University of Zimbabwe. Shame, they have none. What a misnomer her name is. But guess what, soon it will crumble, like a deck of cards.

  7. Tsuro

    As an old UZ student I really the institute has gone to the dogs…Grace Phd?What a disgrace ….of course,”Today we are honoured to have a special guest Amai vedu Amai Dr First Lady Cde Grace Mugabe, a specialist in Child Rights….mhururu uko”….Hururu hururu, hururu. Gore rino tichanzwira.

  8. Phillip chirombo

    Well done Mrs Grace Mugabe for going back to school.You are getting wiser and wiser with age.Pamberi naamai.

  9. Jenandebvu

    Gono did the same, nanhasi we call him Doctor Gono with a PhD is Political Science

  10. Insider

    I wonder if they give a Doctorate in “sexual activity”. She would qualify easily!

  11. NBS

    A doctorate will not fix the sin in her heart. The wages of sin is death. All his grabbing wealth greed and ill gotten gain is a recipe for eternal judgment. It will be better for her to repent

  12. DubboZimbo

    I would have thought a post grad degree in farming would suit, seeing how many farms she has stolen. Although I imagine you have to have some previous experience in your field…….shopping is unfortunately not on the curriculum. Who is paying? The Zim tax payer of course.

  13. mugabeishasha

    Its education devaluation. MaPHD akukama mombe nekugera vhudzi. I think kune muporofita akati mwari akuda maPHD otherwise munhu haangaendi kudenga. Remember Thomas Mapfumo, Pasi raenda, Nyika yaparara, I though PhD in cattle ranching and tobacco production or administration s the best. Sociology is too late. MaiPresident vachaishandisa kupi. Permanent Head Damage chaiyo. After all maProfessor acho akahuwana nokutenga. Ngavatitengeserewo. Dokotera Grace Mugabe Title “How to raise children of poor farmers I displaced in 2004 before I was born”, May be “Impoverishing the impoverished through the impoverished advice to the president of the once liberated countries”. I Symphathise with the supervisor, he/she will be supervised by the CIO. Why should n’t the supervisor just pull a book from his drawers and ask her to photocopy rather than having men in dark glasses and blask suit hover around him. Veduwe……………………..I admire her. Iran awayfrom PhD studies many times I saw a professor.

  14. dj

    zvakaoma uye zvinonyadzisa. surely if it were me I was gping to publicly disown the Phd

  15. dj

    zvakaoma uye zvinonyadzisa. surely if it were me I was gping to publicly disown the Phd . saka mhamha mungatungamira nyika here. vanhu hangambo vimbi nemi

  16. tonyme

    It took me several years to complete the course work then two years to do the dissertation. How can someone two a doctorate from July to September. How can we legitimize such a move and then frown at others who try to do the same thing? Come o Zim, let’s be fair


    Next year it will be Chinotimba graduating with a PhD. My question is with the level of education yaVaMugabe, vakatadza nei kuita PhD, rozoitwa naambuya ava. Lets hope i typing error, vaida kuti Diploma.

  18. Excom

    What is phoney about Dr Mpofu Doctorate when he has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Delhi a double Masters in Policy Studies from the Universities of Zimbabwe and Fort Hare and PhD from ZOU whose research was done between 2007 and 2011 when he was capped by non other than the Chancellor of the universities. HE the president of the republic of Zimbabwe. Your ignorance is a danger to society.

    1. John Austin

      The danger to Zim society is nothing to do with me, but everything to do Mpofu and his accomplices in high Jongwe.

      BTW being capped by HE RGM of itself proves my earlier point.

      Our nation has fallen into the hands of criminal fraudsters & charlatans masqueraging ad liberators….. and now also fraudulently qualifying themselves as High Academics.

      Moreover, why has it taken Ex com nearly six months to respond to my earlier comment❓ You CIO employed praise-singers and spin doctors are either getting lazy, or not being properly paid, perhaps ❓


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