‘We don’t support invasion of dairy farms’ | The Herald

via ‘We don’t support invasion of dairy farms’ | The Herald December 4, 2013

GOVERNMENT is against the invasion of dairy farms as this has resulted in decreased milk production, forcing the country to rely on South Africa for supplies, Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development Deputy Minister responsible for Livestock, Cde Paddy Zhanda has said.Speaking during a meeting with dairy farmers in the Midlands on Monday, Cde Zhanda said the invasion of dairy farms was against national  interest.

“We want the production of milk to improve and we want to support our local farmers.

“As Government we want local dairy farmers to be able to meet the local demand for milk so that we can stop importing milk from South Africa.

“We want dairy farms to be spared at the moment to ensure we boost our milk production. We also want to facilitate the issuing of offer letters to dairy farmers to avoid illegal invasions,” he said.

Cde Zhanda criticised politicians who illegally settle people on farms without taking proper procedures for political mileage.

“We have heard of situations where illegal settlers occupy land without putting national interest first. We have a similar situation at Carfex farm in Kadoma.

“We advise politicians not to resettle people on their own because it will create problems in the long run.

“People must not be a liability in future. I have engaged Dr Douglas Mombeshora over the matter to make sure it is resolved amicably,” he   said.

Dr Mombeshora is the Lands and Rural Resettlement   Minister.

Cde Zhanda said commercial farmers required adequate support to ensure maximum utilization of land and avoid food imports.


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9 comments on “‘We don’t support invasion of dairy farms’ | The Herald
  1. Peter tosh says:

    What about farmlands? And the minister says at the moment we don’t want invasion, does that mean in future it will be ok and why don’t the police arrest those politicians who settle people there illegally? explain.

  2. tsuro magena says:

    Never trust these thugs, they only support you when it is convenient to them….if someone else supports these farmers he is labelled a “sell out”, “white man puppet” ….vano variivo vachiita madhiri neMabhunu.

    Is it only dairy production which has gone to the dogs? How shallow?

  3. Joe says:

    Once you have a viable business someone wants if for free. This is Zanoid land full of idiots

  4. DW says:

    The invasion of all white owned farms and businesses was against the national interest, but it certainly didn’t stop the thugs! What has changed?

  5. Doris says:

    “We want dairy farms to be spared ‘at the moment’” Oh, really. So chaps carry on with your dairy at the present time. Buy a few more mombies, put in state of the art milking equipment, and THEN, we will invade and kick you out. Once again, this ZanuPF bunch are carrying on with their ideal of “You got it, I want it, I take it and that isn’t stealing, really? Is it?”

  6. ntaba says:

    As ex dairy farmers that were invaded and then evicted from our farm I can say that I can think of another 6 more in our district and hundreds around the country that were treated similarly including being arrested by the local police officer in charge – who was given a farm for his heroic actions. So now, nearly twelve years later – “white dairy farmers” – citizens of the country can be “used again” by Zanu? Why would you want to support or trust Zanu? What has changed?

  7. munzwa says:

    and not only these farms look what is happening to private homes in the eastern part of the country, its stealing, looting, theft…when will it stop??

  8. Dzenyika says:

    Ah….invading commercial farms that were being utilised in 2000 was against the national interest!

  9. Twinn says:

    The best they can do (government) is to offer them offer letters? That is not security of tenure. What is needed are title deeds to property/land. Anybody could come with his her offer letter and terminate mine once i establish a profitable business. Not good enough wena!

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