Zanu PF factions in quandary over Gono

via Zanu PF factions in quandary over Gono – DailyNews Live by Mugove Tafirenyika and Tendai Kamhungira  13 APRIL 2014

Zanu PF factions positioning themselves to succeed President Robert Mugabe are panicking following recent suggestions that Mugabe could be grooming former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono to take over the reins when he finally retires.

The fears have reached fever-pitch after Mugabe toured Gono’s farm in Norton two weeks ago where he heaped praise on the latter’s success as a businessman, farmer and a turnaround strategist.

Mugabe’s recent statement that neither Mujuru nor Mnangagwa has an automatic ticket to take over leadership of both the party and the country saying it is the people who will have a final say has also escalated the panic.

Some have raised speculations suggesting a possible Cabinet reshuffle to push for Gono’s ascendency to be the country’s new Finance minister first before being groomed for presidency.

Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa has been a monumental failure and with the economy heading for catastrophic levels, there is a belief that Mugabe will soon make changes to his Cabinet.

Another highly-placed source said: “Gono is the most closest and trusted lieutenant in the Mugabe family and the President can only feel safe with the former RBZ governor in charge. One of Gono’s major attributes is his courage to tell the President the truth not what he wants to hear like most of the advisors do.

“Remember during the days of the price control madness, Gono told the President the truth that if price controls were pursued, they would result in economic disasters and warned that it was not feasible to embark on a policy which had no exit strategy.

“On the issue of indigenisation, Gono made it clear to Mugabe that the policy needed to be transparent and that the programme was not supposed to benefit individuals but the whole nation. In short, he is one guy who is able to tell the President the truth while others tell him what he wants to hear.

“Thirdly and most importantly, Gono does not belong to any one of the factions and being close to the First Family, he would be a natural choice for Mugabe. The fact that the President spends hours with the ex-governor, is testimony that he might be considering him for the top post.

“The only problem is that Gono never reveals what they discuss in private with President Mugabe but whatever it is, there is something big being planned,” said the highly-placed government source.

Both Mujuru and Mnangagwa have publicly denied leading any factions within Zanu PF, claiming the “factions” were nothing more than a creation of the media.

“The remarks by the president about Gono have certainly caused panic and consternation in the main factions. Nobody is sure what the old man is up to but what the comments have certainly done is to raise anxiety among factional leaders,” a top Zanu PF official told the Daily News on Sunday yesterday.

Piers Pigou, the director of South Africa-based advocacy group International Crisis Group told the Daily News on Sunday that Mugabe had a proclivity to play one faction against the other to his advantage.

Pigou said by allowing the situation in the party to seemingly go out of hand, he retains his relevance and leverage.

“In terms of current dynamics, it is possible one faction is strengthened considerably to the detriment of the other. Such domination could lead to accommodation or suzerainty over others, and or their demolition,” said Pigou.

University of Zimbabwe political science lecturer Eldred Masunungure said those in  Zanu PF have reason to panic when they consider that Mugabe has abandoned party hierarchy in the past and used his discretion to elevate Mujuru to vice president.

“I am not sure if Gono is in the party structures like the central committee because it’s rare for someone who is an outsider to be parachuted to the top unless a special dispensation is crafted for him,” Masunungure said.

“There are instances where Mugabe has exercised his discretion for instance when he appointed Mujuru to the post of vice president in 2004”.

Another respected political analyst and academic Ibbo Mandaza concurred that the so-called factionalism in Zanu PF is a creation of the media which has no substance.

Mandaza suggested that when Mugabe made reference to some in his party who could be afraid that Gono is out to take their jobs, he was referring to the insinuations in the media.

“Factionalism in all political organisations is a common phenomenon but it is clear that the media created the one in Zanu PF.

There is no substance to the issue of factional fights in the ruling party and I say this advisedly,” said Mandaza.

During last year’s July election, Mugabe told reporters while intending to cast his vote in Harare’s Highfield suburb that he was not going to resign in the event that he was to win the election.

“Don’t you want me to serve my whole term, what am I elected for? Why should I offer myself as a candidate if it is to cheat the people into resigning after?” Mugabe said, confirming that he will remain in office for the full five year period.

However, his health and advanced age have come under public scrutiny, with critics calling for his retirement. This has also widened cracks in Zanu PF but the 90-year-old leader has remained mum on who could possibly take over the reins of the party in case of any eventuality.

He has previously said that there was no vacancy for the presidential post, with him still in place.


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27 comments on “Zanu PF factions in quandary over Gono
  1. obert says:

    With all the thugs in zanupf, Gono could be a better devil. He could be the transitional leader to bring back some of the people’s freedom. Now the actions of Biti and Mangoma start to make some sense. The idea is to sterilize the mdc so that their friend Gono may win a ‘free and fair’ election. They think that only in 2023 will mdc properly contest when mugabe,mnangagwa and chiwenga are no longer a factor

    • munzwa says:

      Bring back some of the peoples freedoms!!!! what about bringing back some of the peoples pensions and money that he stole, even some of the properties he manipulated into his own name!!!!

    • Roving Eagle says:

      Really! I guess bird of a feather flock together. G00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 is a monumental failure so is his master. That mugabe sees good leadership qualities in zer0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 explains why the economy collapsed under his watch.

  2. Sonofngwazi says:


  3. Nyarai says:

    Gushungo is a cunning fox, he will keep everyone guessing while he continues to enjoy the benefits of State House. Let this message sink loud and clear; unless there is a revolution, Mugabe’s intention is to be president until he dies.

    • Zombi says:

      You like heaping praise where it is not due. Mugabe is a stupid man, not a cunning fox. Manipulated out of principle into corruption overdrive because of wanting to please Disgrace. Running a country so thoroughly to the ground. Manipulated by institutions he created. Hallucinating and fighting ghosts that do not exist. Duped by Mnangagwa into sending the national army into the DRC with horrible effect on country. Surrounded by thieves and thugs who use your name to do profanities. No friends, look at EU-Africa, ignored by the rest, over childish sulking. I can go on and on. No, not cunning fox. But a foolish man. From hero to zero.

    • Zombi says:

      You are right about revolution and him wanting to be president for life.

      • Don Cox says:

        Stalin and Mao died in office. Mugabe will do the same.

        There is never a time when a Marxist dictator feels it is right (or safe) to retire.

        • NBS says:

          100% correct. But what does it profit a man he gains the whole world and loses his soul?

          • Reader says:

            NBS Bob knows enough to know when he dies only his maker will make him suffer he also believes once dead he will be safe from Persecution, he is right, from us on earth he will be safe but from GOD he will suffer, he does not seem to worry about that, perhaps when he gets to Heaven (which he will not be allowed to enter by the way) he will tell God to move out of his chair because bob will think its his personal throne.

        • Parangeta says:

          Or be captured by the ICC Police!

  4. Zimbabweans are often referred to as most educated on African continent.This is a curious reference. How can they want Gideon Gono as their leader when he was the very one who gave ZW inflation of 89.7 sextillion per cent ( thats 89 7 with twenty zeroes behind it !!)in November 2008. After this epic achievement the ZW dollar disappeared as people refused to accept it as a form of value.
    Gono is known to be Mugabe’s private banker and this is why they want him in charge. To hide all the dodgy money all over the world.

    • Zombi says:

      It was not Gono that brought inflation. He just happened to be Reserve Bank Governer at the time. He was actually quite creative in managing the situation. Just that the political dispensation had a selfish agenda. Think of it, how many people can stand against their bosses? Yes, he allowed things to unfold and he dances to the tune of the Gushungos. That bit, I abhor him. But, as for the economist, I think he is a cut above the rest. Look at his chickens, though financed of stolen funds, he has run his business well. Look, Manicaland already calling for reversal of land reform… Why… Coz the rest of the new farmers have failed.

      Just being objective. Even the beloved Biti suggests Gono’s heart is in the right place.

  5. obert says:

    Everyone knows Gono’s past and he learnt from it. Yes he knows where the billions stolen by Mugabe are hidden, but let’s understand one thing,its either him or Mugabe,mnangagwa,mjuru,chiwenga.Yes, only a revolution can remove zanupf fully but hasn’t it happened. The people don’t have the appetite for that now.that’s the reality. Remember the constitution we rejected in 2000. That was a mistake because constitutionally Mugabe would have gone. If Mugabe wants to handover to Gono, let him do it. If we say No, what will we get. Forget about elections now, because we know there is no such thing.Biti and Mangoma have done this calculation and see that a Gono term will probably bring some reforms. That’s why they want a weak mdc in 2018 which lose to Gono ‘fairly’. Maybe Biti will then be made prime minister. This is my speculation but watch the space.

  6. munzwa says:

    Gee Zombi, surely Gono could see where the Zim $ was going yet still didn’t sort the problem at source but actually profited from it…

  7. Mseyamwa says:

    I’m no fan of Chinamasa but I think it’s wtong to say he has failed. No it’s not him ONLY. It’s the entire government. Given the current policy focus of government, Chinamasa wont raise a penny – not within Zimbabwe or from any foreign lender. Lenders need to see a reasonable chance of the return of their money or its value – and that cannot happen in a country where goverment, instead of building on existing industry, is busy destroying its confidence for political gain. No it’s not Chinamasa, it’s the entire lot and the revered Gono was part of the pack that led the government there. What’s needed is to stop and reconsider what we are aiming for and then put all our energies towards it. Do away with all the negative energy the politicians are keen on spraying to the rest of the world ‘on our behalf’.

  8. 主席 says:

    We definitely need an economist or a lawyer for this economy to succeed!

  9. NBS says:

    God help us if Mugabe is grooming anyone. Any sort of clone of himself is the nightmare of nightmares. What sort of example has he set??? Wake up Zimbabwe!

  10. lloyd says:

    If Gono becomes president than god help us all , this man was comfused as governor.. what has changed now..

  11. ike says:

    Gono is the best option given the posible candidates. Mnangagwa, Mujuru, Zimhondi, Chiwenga, Tsvangirai. Biti and Gono may make a better combination. Let Makoni come on board!!!!!!!

  12. lloyd says:

    to Ike, Zimbabwe needs samebody new, a new face , a new name hopefully samebody who has lived abroad and has seen how other countries do things, all this candidates are the same as this bad lot we have right now…Is this the best Zimbabwe has to offer?

  13. just saying says:

    Any one who doesn’t have the right political connections in ZPF is doomed to fail. If Gono has any brains he should run as far & as fast as he can from being groomed for the presidency, but will he?

  14. nyakureva says:

    it would be interesting to find out if the success of the chicken farm translates to tax being paid to ZIMRA and ZESA bills paid in full in time. the last we heard was that these “big people” don’t pay for services and utilities. they don’t want even to pay $1 at toll gates. so really no one knows if they are the astute business people we are made to believe they are. talk to any small business person in the country and you will find how the following make it impossible to be viable given the state of the economy: NEC, municipality licenses, regulatory bodies, NSSA, Zimra, ZESA, municipality bills ……………………

  15. Rwendo says:

    Mugabe wants to die safely in office. It would be just like him to mess with people’s minds – Mnangagwa has become too strong after orchestrating the 2008 rerun and 2013 stolen election.

    But if does intend to shock us by stepping down, let him push for Gono. That way we may be sure he gets his just punishment for devastating our economy while at the RBZ.

  16. Petal says:

    Mr Fixit that made the dollar disappear!!

  17. Godonga says:

    Cry thy beloved Party of Nyongolo and Muzenda, Hebert Chitepo and JZ Moyo…to be led by Gonorhea…If Zanu PF was riddled with factionalism, then the Tea Boy will send it to the cleaners!

    Gono is a Mafikizolo with neither liberation history nor policy depth! Gono for President is no different from Tsvangirai for President! Both men are Buhera tea boys who chose self development over the liberation war, both hav very limited intellect and leadership skills…

    Zanu PF definately does not deserve a Tsvangirai-lite for President! If the service Chiefs cant bear to salute a nonentity lik Tsvangison, why would they salute a capitalist moth lik Gono?…over my dead body!

    Bayethe Mzilikazi!

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