ZRP partners Zimparks in flushing out poachers

via ZRP partners Zimparks in flushing out poachers March 24, 2014 in NewsDay

THE Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority (Zimparks) has enlisted the services of Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) to flush out a group of 30 suspected Zambian poachers who invaded Hwange and Zambezi National Parks last week.

Zimparks director-general Edson Chidziya told NewsDay yesterday that they had killed one poacher, captured two others and recovered an assortment of firearms and elephant tusks.

They recovered 37 tusks weighing 693,5kg valued over $110 900, guns and an assortment of goods and accessories.

“Thirty poachers from Zambia gained illegal entry into Hwange and Zambezi National Parks on two separate occasions last week,” he said.

Of the 27 who escaped, 11 were believed to have escaped into Botswana while 16 fled back to Zambia.

“The authority is currently working with the police. A total of 62 rangers and 28 ZRP officers have since been deployed in two areas and investigations are continuing,” Chidziya said.


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3 comments on “ZRP partners Zimparks in flushing out poachers
  1. John Thomas says:

    I bet they are not doing any poaching of their own hey?

  2. Roving Ambassador says:

    I will be surprised if any of the Chinese poachers will be caught.
    Much ado about nothing.

  3. zim reeper says:

    The only thing the zrp goons are flushing out is the tourists to zimbabwe

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