3 million registered to vote so far

Source: 3 million registered to vote so far – DailyNews Live

Farayi Machamire      29 November 2017

HARARE – Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec)  has said it is on course to
biometrically register seven million citizens ahead of the 2018 elections.

By this Monday, the commission had registered three million voters.

The total voters registered to date stands at 3 152 694 with less than a
month before the end of the biometric voter registration (BVR) blitz which
started on October 10.


Voter registration at 63 static centres countrywide will remain

The electoral management body said although it still faced challenges
brought by heavy rains, hailstorms and whirlwinds, it was confident to
get, close to the seven million mark.

“Zec has reached the three million voter registration mark and is
confident that every Zimbabwean citizen will be registered ahead of the
2018 harmonised elections,” Zec chief elections officer Constance
Chigwamba said in a statement yesterday.

“Phase three is currently running and will end on  December 1, 2017.

“The fourth and final phase of the blitz will run from December 4 to 19.

“The commission would like to re-emphasise that those intending to
register as voters should bring their identity documents and proof of

“As of Monday, Zec had turned away 60 000 people for a variety of reasons
which include production of wrong documents such as the driver’s licence,
being under age, failure to produce proof of residence and presentation of
defaced documents.

“The law stipulates age, citizenship and proof of residence as
requirements for voter registration.

“Turned aways are persons not complying with these requirements including
illegible/defaced documents,” Zec said in another statement.

“Some of the people turned away will find their way back once they get the
relevant documentation such as proof of residence or ID.

“These issues are being tackled through voter education and publicity

“The electorate is urged to comply with voter registration requirements
and prepare their documentation in advance.”

The BVR blitz exercise has also been stalled by heavy rains.

“Registrants find it difficult to go to register when it is cloudy and
raining in areas where there is no electricity, it is a challenge to
charge kit batteries with solar energy, and this affects registration,”
Zec said.

“Measures to counter this include transporting kits to areas with
electricity and using hired vehicles to charge the batteries.

“The registrants can register anywhere in the country hence provincial
figures do not necessarily reflect the number of registered voters
specific to a particular province.”