AU honours Kaunda

Source: AU honours Kaunda | The Herald May 31, 2019

AU honours KaundaKaunda

Kudakwashe Mugari Deputy News Editor
THe African Union (AU) has honoured Zambia’s founding president Dr Kenneth Kaunda for his contribution to the liberation of Africa. Zambia, during Dr Kaunda’s reign, was the second home to many African liberation movements such as ZANU, fighting to end years of toiling under the yoke of colonialism in their countries.

Great African revolutionaries who passed through Zambia in their quest to liberate their countries include President Mnangagwa, the late Cde Hebert Chitepo, the late South African apartheid hero Oliver Tambo, among others.
So, former President Kaunda gave a breeding ground for Southern Africa’s revolutionaries.

Africa, through the AU, has finally honoured one of the few of Africa’s founding statesmen still surviving.
Cde Kaunda (95) was honoured during Africa Day celebration at the AU Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on Saturday for his immense contribution to the liberation of Africa.

AU Deputy Chairperson His Excellency Kwesi Querty noted that His Excellency Former President Kaunda and Zambia contributed immensely to the freedom and independence attained by Africa.

In a statement presented by Mrs Inutu Mwanza, Zambia’s First Secretary for Press and Tourism in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on behalf of Lusaka’s representative in Addis Ababa Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba expressed gratitude to SADC Ambassadors for supporting the call for African Union to recognise Dr Kaunda for his role in the liberation of Southern and Africa.

He said that Dr should be recognised more to save it from sinking into oblivion despite tremendous contribution.
“Dr Kaunda’s name is absent in halls, buildings, pictures displayed and other paraphernalia at the African Union Headquarters.
“Until history was properly recorded, names of great heroes that have made immense contributions like Dr Kaunda would go into oblivion,” Ambassador Mwamba said.

During the Africa Day celebrations in Ethiopia, a special Happy Birthday song to mark the 95th Birthday Anniversary for Dr Kaunda was sung by the African Union choir at a ceremony held in the Nelson Mandela Hall.
Dr Kaunda also addressed the gathering through a video conference.


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    Zambia is greatly indebted to the African Union for honouring Dr Kenneth David Kaunda ( Zambia’s founding President). This has come with great efforts immediately Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba arrived in Addis Ababa on transfer from Pretoria RSA. This exhibits intellectual capacity of Ambassador Mwamba where WE had many past representative’s at AU, this was never emphasised but immediately Mwamba arrived, he made an emphasis of this issue. It has come to pass. Congrats and Kudos to Ambassador Mwamba. Zambia as a country needs versatile and innovative representative’s like him. We are now waiting to evaluate the performance of others in comparison.