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In my book, this qualifies Mugabe as the world’s stupidest man.

Sir, – Since 1980, when Rhodesia became Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has succeeded in transforming a country then known as the breadbasket of Africa into a land where 49 percent of the population is malnourished (seven million citizens are to receive assistance from the World Food Program), at least 85% is unemployed, and 83% lives on less than $2 a day.

Life expectancy is 40.

In 2008, because of a lack of access to clean water, cholera swept the country. In 2009, a 100-trillion banknote of the local currency (since abandoned) was insufficient to buy a local bus ticket.

In my book, this qualifies Mugabe as the world’s stupidest man.

Now, from what we learn in “‘Zimbabwe agreed to export raw uranium to Iran’” (August 11), we can add to Mugabe’s curriculum vitae a very high ranking among the world’s most sinister individuals.


Sir, – It is interesting to note that human rights abuses, atrocities and racism instigated by Robert Mugabe generally have been ignored by the rest of the world. With the new information that Zimbabwe might in the future supply Iran with uranium, suddenly everyone is taking note. And for good reason: This could be a threat to world peace, and to Israel and America, in particular.

One also wonders about the conditions under which the uranium will be mined. Readers should Google a BBC Panorama program on diamond mining in Marange.

Mugabe’s “victory” in the country’s recent flawed election is further evidence of his Machiavellian manipulations.

Just a thought.




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    Naison Nyereyegona 11 years ago

    Call him all names conceived in hell, denigrate him all you want but the fact remains, and that is: President Mugabe is the cleverest man under the sun. He has defeated all those who call him names, individuals, homosexual newspaper publshers, rich devils in western capitals, merchants of death in America, organisations, countries and pure simple thieves who want to rob us of our vast mineral and natural wealth. When governments are formed in Europe and elsewhere, when political parties win elections everywhere, we never interfere, we never bother. Surprisingly, we are shocked by their reaction to the resoundng electoral victory by our revolutionary party Zanu PF. One wonders why foreigners should lose sleep over our elections. The simple truth is that their stooge and conduit through which they had planned to cyphone our wealth, that party run by ignoramuses, MDC was defeated. They are so angry!!!! Their investment into the stooge party came to nothing. Oh, they are so angry. Well, here is our answer – go hang, sons of devils. Go hang imperialists and leave us in peace. One other thing, let me tell you what I think about Tony Blair, David Cameroon and the rest of the leadership of Europe- they are all devil’s featuses who should not be in power!!!!! But alas, will that change anything? Probably and certainly not!!! They are leaders of Europe and there is nothing we in Africa can do about it. So, it is the same with us here in Zimbabwe. Europeans and others can howl all they want about our beloved President Mugabe, but just as we cannot do anythng about the devil’s sons who are leaders of Europe, the sooner they realise they cannot do anything about our choice of leaders the better for their sanity.

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      super mondo 11 years ago

      very clever at keeping people poor

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        Collin Mackenzie 11 years ago

        Please when write stuff or articles please use real name if you telling the truth why hide

        Of Mugabe will never be good to the whites
        What breadbasket rubbish that was never the case it was used just to cover up the mineral wealth of Zimbabwe breadbasket feeding who when whites where growing flowers
        Call him names his the best leader that was not brain washed by the British to hell with you and your article u are a bitter Rodie using the media to express your junk

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      Gareth 11 years ago

      Dear Naison:

      Correct me if I am wrong but perhaps calling people names is your particular area of speciality, along with our President Mugabe, may I call him your beloved President Mugabe. I might not be able to stretch myself at present to put him in the beloved category. However, I digress. May I point you to a list of your language, spelling mistakes included as I have cut and pasted from your comment.

      homosexual newspaper publshers
      rich devils
      merchants of death in America
      pure simple thieves
      stooge party
      sons of devils
      hang imperialists
      devil’s featuses
      devil’s sons who are leaders of Europe

      Quite a list, you will admit. You are doing yourself proud and given the unpleasant language that comes out of President Mugabe`s mouth, he would be very proud of you as well. Perhaps you might like to ask for a promotion for your valiant defense of the election. I am sure you deserve it.

      Perhaps on the other hand you might like to explain, point by point, the electoral violations as meticulously documented by Mr. Coltart, lawyer and outgoing minister of Education. I alert you to the account for your perusal:

      I look forward to your reply. How about surprising everyone with your eloquence and refrain from resorting to name calling. Alternatively you could expand your impressive list of names. I would however prefer the former.

      Yours respectfully,


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        Collin Mackenzie 11 years ago

        Shame you write rubbish which one can see through you, you such a fool calling Mugabe names an u expect us to keep quite
        To hell with your comments bra.

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      MikeH 11 years ago

      Remove the matuvi from your eyes and see the destruction squallor around you.

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    Chiwaridzo 11 years ago

    You are a moron Naison like the president you support. Tony Blair, David Cameron and other European leaders did not sanction the murder of 20 thousand of its citizens, or collapse their economies where a hundred trillion note could not purchase a bus ticket. Your Mugabe has destroyed Zimbabwe .. You need to wipe the shit out of your eyes and take a good look around you

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    You’ve got it wrong. People are so upset because Mugabe murdered, lied and cheated to get to where he is. That’s the only way he can “win” an election. We have no financial stake in the outcome of these elections. No one wants to see the cheater beat the honest man. By affirming that you support Mugabe’s methods you admit that you support lying, cheating and murder as a means to staying in power.

    The fact that you need to rationalize a reason for why any outsider would care about who wins a rigged election means that you might be, like Mugabe and his Zanu-PF, a textbook narcissist who cannot face reality, but would rather blame all problems on others.

    As John Steinbeck wrote in East of Edin, “Don’t you dare take the lazy way. It’s too easy to excuse yourself because of your ancestry. Don’t let me catch you doing it! Now — look close at me so you will remember. Whatever you do, it will be you who do.”

    Or in Mugabe’s case, this quote might be more appropriate. “When in doubt about who’s to blame. Blame the English.” – Craig Ferguson

    For years, ZANU-PF has alleged that Tsvangirai was funded by the West because it was a convenient way to blame their opponent who was certainly more virtuous then Mugabe. However the MDC has admitted that they get no direct financial support from the West – only moral support. Meanwhile, for 33 years Mugabe, with some help from Gono, treated the country’s money like it was his own, doling out government resources to buy votes for Zanu-PF. Likewise, for the last 4 years Mugabe has been blaming Biti for not raising the salaries of civil servants even though there was no money to pay them, since the diamond companies are not remitting any money to Treasury. And yet, once ZANU-PF entirely controls the government, I’m sure that the money will “miraculously” be found to do just that. I’m sure it will come from “well wishers,” named Anjin, Mbada and DMC! And isn’t it “miraculous,” how money to fund the elections was found with only a few days to go, when Biti had been saying that the country was broke and did not have the funds. But Chinamasa assured everyone that the money would turn up – and it did, without any explanation of where it came from. What a miracle!

    During the recent campaign period ZANU-PF, Mugabe, and Dis-Grace tried to imply Tsvangirai, as a bachelor, had loose morals because he dated several different women while he was looking for a new wife, but they all conveniently forgot to mention that Mugabe is an adulterer who bedded Dis-Grace while his first wife was still alive!

    And of course, Mugabe the coward somehow cannot admit to the mess that he has made of Zimbabwe’s economy. Over 33 years one stupid decision after another by Robert Gabriel Mugabe was whittled down any progress inherent in the country and reduced it to the most primitive of economies where there is no advance planning and everything hinges upon getting loans or grants that come with no strings attached – because unlike other nations that acknowledge their debts, Mugabe is fiercely protective of his “sovereignty,” meaning the secrets that he wishes to hide from the world. Apparently, those secrets are more important then the success and wellbeing of his fellow countrymen. And so, he conveniently blames shopping and travel curbs on himself and his top henchmen as the cause of the financial wreck that is Zimbabwe.

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    furedi 11 years ago

    There is nothing surprising about that mans hatred for real Zimbabweans. He is not one of us mubwidi munhu uye. That is why he used to go home to Malawi every so often when his uncle Banda was alive.

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    Collin Mackenzie 11 years ago

    White people are hurt and saying negative stuff about Mugabe will not help or resolve anything

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    mik spik 11 years ago

    Did bob not hire an Israeli company to help rig the elections?

    Now he will help Iran blow them up!!!!

    Sounds like justice to me….

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      Henry M. 11 years ago

      Please leave Israel out of your arguments and comments,(specially applies to Rafique702 and others like him). NIKUV is not the Government of Israel. NIKUV is ONE ROTTEN APPLE in the barrel, same as Ben Menashe was also one LYING Anti Semitic Jew (the worst kind of Jew possible) from Canada not so many yeas ago. When commenting on Israel, first see their achievements and contribution in making this world better, i.e. humanitarian, medicine, agriculture, hi tech, and in every other field. I support Israel and IDF.

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        MikeH 11 years ago

        But the government of Israel is not taking action against NIKUV.

    • comment-avatar
      MikeH 11 years ago

      You certainly got that right !!!

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    Joseph 11 years ago

    Please people! Noise or no noise Mugabe will rule therefore you should stop fighting.

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    jongwe power 11 years ago

    “In my book, this qualifies Mugabe as the world’s stupidest man.”

    On the contrary, A person who stays in power for over 3 decades through good old fashioned rigging and clobbering is actually very, VERY smart. It worked wonders for the Kim Jong Senior and Fidel Castro, and history shows that brute force keeps a person in charge longer than walking on eggshells. Sure, it means looking over your shoulders and under the bed for enemies, but you will be remembered forever when you pass on. That, and people respect you in the form of urinating themselves in your presence or licking your boots. That’s what matters.