Baker’s Inn Has Reduced Bread Price Effective Immediately

Source: Baker’s Inn Has Reduced Bread Price Effective Immediately

Baker’s Inn, a bakery company in Zimbabwe, has reduced the price of bread from US$1.10 to US$1. The price of bread went up early this year as a response to the Value Added Tax (VAT) charges introduced in the 2024 national budget. However, the government later exempted basic food items, including bread, from VAT to ease the concerns of consumers. Baker’s Inn believes that this price reduction will have a positive impact on Zimbabwean families by freeing up their limited resources, the Chronicle reported citing the baker’s statement. Said Baker’s Inn:

Effective immediately, a standard loaf of Baker’s Inn bread now costs just $1-a 10% drop from the previous $1.10. This seemingly small change is a giant leap for Zimbabwean families, freeing up precious resources.

Bread is a symbol of sustenance, a staple of every kitchen, a comfort on the table and Baker’s Inn Bakery has ensured that every household can continue to enjoy its delicious taste.

This move by Baker’s Inn resonates deeply with consumers facing economic hardship. Recognising this struggle, Baker’s Inn has chosen to be more than just a bakery, it has become a champion for Zimbabwean families. This is not the first time the company has stepped up to the plate. In 2023, they initiated a similar price reduction, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to supporting their customers during tough times.

Baker’s Inn wants to encourage companies to prioritise the needs of their communities. They believe that compassion and collaboration are essential in overcoming challenges, especially during times of hardship.