Chamisa scoffs at ‘Grace VP pact’ claims – NewsDay Zimbabwe

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has dismissed reports that he had made a pact with former President Robert Mugabe to appoint former First Lady Grace Mugabe as Vice-President if he wins the July 30 presidential ballot.

Source: Chamisa scoffs at ‘Grace VP pact’ claims – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 17, 2018



Addressing thousands of supporters who defied the rain at Mucheke Stadium on Sunday, Chamisa acknowledged that every vote counted but said there was no way he would smuggle the “old order” into the new order if the MDC Alliance wins.

“Zanu PF is finished. Their old man Mugabe told me he has faith in me. I told him that I do not choose a vote. A vote has no age, whether coming from the aged or not.

“I said if you want to vote for me Mugabe, vote for me and I thank you for the vote but we want a new dispensation, a fresh start, fresh polices that show it’s a departure from the old dispensation of (President Emmerson) Mnangagwa and Mugabe. We are now facing forward,” Chamisa said.

The aspiring president said Mugabe and Chamisa represented two different systems.

“Mugabe is the leader of the first republic because of the liberation policy. I will be the second leader of the second republic with a transformation policy,” Chamisa said.
Chamisa’s response came in the wake of reports that the pact could have stalled over the contentious VP post which Grace wanted, but would have badly damaged the 40-year old’s campaign for the country’s top job.

The MDC Alliance leader has been on a charm offensive across the country with his rallies attracting bumper crowds.

This has reportedly seen Zanu PF’s spin doctors alleging that Chamisa was eager to jump into bed with Grace in a campaign designed to besmirch his growing popularity across the country.

Chamisa has been accused of being elusive on his alleged pact with the Mugabes, but he has since indicated that it would be fool hardy for him to have such an association with them.