Chihuri ordered to reinstate Indian brothers

Source: Chihuri ordered to reinstate Indian brothers – DailyNews Live

Tarisai Machakaire      18 December 2017

HARARE – Police boss Augustine Chihuri has been accused of discriminately
firing three Indian police officers without conducting any disciplinary
action – a move which has been slammed by the High Court.

In an application seeking reversal of their job terminations Yakub, Imraan
and Zunad Musa claimed their employer had embroiled himself in a family
fight between them and another Indian family “Savannias” and arrived at
the decision to fire them.

However, High Court judge justice Alphas Chitakunye has ordered that the
respondents who are cited as Chihuri, Police Service Commission and Home
Affairs ministry reverse the dismissal decision and return any confiscated
items belonging to the Indian brothers.

“The summary dismissal of the applicants by the respondents communicated
on September 23, 2016 received by applicants on October 3, be and is
hereby set aside,” Chitakunye ordered.

“Applicants’ personal items confiscated pursuant to the dismissal are
hereby restored.”

The brothers who have been in the police force since 1987 were served with
a letter notifying them of termination of their employment on October 3.

The letter alleged they had put the Indian community under terror by
engaging in criminal activities.

CID Homicide had repossessed police apparel that was being used by the
trio in discharge of their duties including identification cards, radios,
traffic beacons lights and firearms.

According to court papers no investigations were carried out by any police
section to ascertain the allegation but they were subsequently dismissed
from work.