Chitown takes over parking management 

Source: Chitown takes over parking management – DailyNews

CHITUNGWIZA Municipality has resumed charging parking fees at Makoni Shopping Centre and surrounding areas after taking over from Clyna Trading whose contract was terminated in 2019 for flouting contractual obligations. Clyna Trading’s five-year contract to undertake parking management in the town, signed in 2013, was annulled due to a number of issues, including failure to remit funds. The firm was responsible for electronic billing and collection of fees, rentals and other applicable rates for motor vehicles within the jurisdiction of the municipality.

“We would like to inform motorists that as a local authority we have since started collecting parking fees at Makoni Shopping Centre and its environs.

“Parking fee is pegged at US$1 or RTGS equivalent per hour at the prevailing rate. In the event of failure to abide by the town’s by-laws vehicles shall be towed away for payment of penalties,” the Council said in a statement.

Chitungwiza mayor Lovemore Maiko said they had stopped taking the parking fees since modalities were being worked on for council to resume exercise itself.

“As you are aware council has been charging the parking fees. It was halted after the contract of Parkrite (trading as Clyna Trading) had ended and now we have once again revived it, but as council,” Maiko said.

However, residents maintain that the new development will result in the double taxation of residents since they are also now paying a roads levy to council.

“Zinara is supposed to devolve and come back to municipalities to avoid this double taxation of residents. There are no roads but potholes but still residents are forced to pay,” Chitungwiza Residents Trust director Alice Kuvheya said.