City Parking in pothole patching, roads marking exercise 

Source: City Parking in pothole patching, roads marking exercise | The Herald

City Parking in pothole patching, roads marking exercise
Mr Francis Mandaza

Ivan Zhakata Herald Correspondent

City Parking has embarked on a roads marking and pothole patching exercise in Harare’s central business district (CBD) as part of the company’s efforts to spruce up road infrastructure and improve parking space.

The company has allocated $7.5 million towards pothole patching and parking bay markings in the capital’s CBD roads.

City Parking public relations manager Mr Francis Mandaza said the exercise was over and above City Parking’s monthly revenue remittances to the City of Harare.

“As City Parking, it is not our responsibility. We are not obliged to do civic works. They are done by City of Harare but we are a responsible company and a responsible child to City of Harare,” he said.

“We have decided to chip in to ensure that the parking services are improved. This will benefit not only the city, but our customers who deserve value for money when they park with us and make a payment.

“We have to be seen reinvesting the money from where we are operating from. We are striving under difficult circumstances to deliver value for money to our customers, the motoring public by offering quality parking services which are accessible and which do not damage their vehicles.”

Mr Mandaza said the exercise was also aimed at improving the ambiance of the city centre.

“A lot of roads have been damaged and we think it is responsible of us to be doing something about it. This is over and above our obligations of revenue remittances that we make on a monthly basis to the city of Harare.”