Gweru warns residents about street food vendors

Source: Gweru warns residents about street food vendors – The Southern Eye

Gweru City Council has warned locals from buying fish and chicken from street vendors saying they risked contracting diseases from the food items.

This follows reports that some vendors were catching fish from some sections of Gweru River that are contaminated with raw sewage.

In a statement yesterday, the council urged residents to buy white meat from registered suppliers.

“We have noted with concern the selling of fish and chicken on the pavements within the central business district,” council said.

“Please be advised that such meat is being sold from undesignated places in contravention of the public health legislation and the city health by-laws.

“All white meat should be kept frozen and sold from approved and licensed premises. Let us prevent the introduction and spread of food borne illnesses by buying our food products from registered and reputable suppliers only.”

Gweru Hawkers and Vendors Association chairperson Lovemore Tingaka said council should increase awareness campaigns to informal traders on the risks of selling food stuffs on streets.

“As a vendors association, we have always pushed for the cause of informal traders, but when it comes to food stuffs, we have always encouraged our vendors to have an understanding on the dangers of selling food, particularly meat from the streets,” he said.

Economic hardships have forced people into vending to make ends meet.