Mugabe calls for open borders

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Mugabe has called for open borders to allow easier travel among Sadc citizens.

“It will make it easier for the long haul intercontinental visitor and investor,” Mugabe said as he officially opened the 20th session of the UNWTO general assembly in Victoria Falls last Sunday.

Mugabe said the type of seamless border between Livingstone and Victoria Falls put in place for purposes of the UNWTO “should become the rule rather than the exception for all adjacent touristic border communities throughout Sadc, and ultimately throughout Africa.

“Africa can only benefit from increasingly behaving like a single common market,” he said.

He said there was no way Africa could increase its portion of the global tourism cake without first promoting intra-Africa travel.

“Indeed connectivity of African cities, regions and attractions augurs well for growing Africa’s share, as it serves, ultimately, to integrate the African tourism product and its marketing and promotion, which in turn makes it more attractive to the long haul traveller than is the case now.”

Mugabe said it is critical that Africa evolves strategies that effectively lure tourists to the continent.

“This assumes even greater importance in view of Europe’s efforts to keep the tourism dollars within the Euro-Zone, by imposition of punitive airport departure taxes for its intercontinental travellers.”

Mugabe noted that the UNWTO has approved community-based initiatives for Zimbabwe as amplified by the assembly’s theme “Enhancing the participation of youth and women in the tourism sector”.

He said the United Nations was a vital body for all humanity.

“We are particularly happy that its specialised agencies like Unicef and UNWTO have increasingly important impact on the welfare of mankind,” he said.

Mugabe said the assembly was economically important for Zimbabwe and Zambia and the whole of Sadc.

“We expect it to leave an incredible mark on our memories and that it be part of or generational legacy, marking a clear turning point in the tourism fortunes of our two countries, our region and indeed our continent,” Mugabe said.

Turning to Zambian President Michael Sata, who jointly officially opened the UNWTO with Mugabe, he said: “Comrade President Sata, it is my fervent hope that the dream and vision of the founders of independent Africa, of a United States of Africa will be a reality one day sooner rather than later.”

Other notable guests included Taleb Rifai, secretary-general of the UNWTO and several heads of delegations.

South African jazz musician Hugh Masekela entertained the guests during the official opening ceremony.



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    Good idea for those wanting to get employment where possible.

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    Charles Chamunorwa 11 years ago

    His counttry has nothing to offer other countries that’s why he wants open borders. He must fix his economy first and then talk about open borders.

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    open borders my foot

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    Greyhora 11 years ago

    It’s very easy for a so-called president who presides over the export of refugees from his country to call for open borders!!

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    Chitova weGona 11 years ago

    He is hiding behind his finger. The very SADC he wanted to ditch two months ago has suddenly become important to his battered country,why?People are watching and listening and wl not be fooled into believing that he is genuine. He must not drag the region into a mess.

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    Phunyukabemphethe 11 years ago

    I say suffocate the Gukurahundis and close the borders!!

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    Rudadiso 11 years ago

    Of course the world’s most incompetent president would love to have open borders so that the 80% unemployed can just walk into other people’s countries so he can then claim that there is no unemployment in Zim.

    Wildlife is what would attract Europeans to this part of the world. Through lawlessness and unmitigated poaching in addition to the invasion of conservances by people who know nothing about game farming, Zimbabwe now has very little to offer in that regard yet this dinasaur called Robert Mugabe barks about open borders. I guess, as always, he wants to reap where he did not sow.

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    Chasura 11 years ago

    What type of Policies are these, from nehanda or chaminuka.they dont even look like from a genius.accept age please and give younger blood the stick please, fresh blood fresh ideas, poor you. you can not handle your own unemployment rate and you want open borders for people to go out.Manje border remaznu ravhurwa kugehena,they are going one by one

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    Ho borderz