Question time – Saviour Kasukuwere

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My questions for Mr. S. Kasukuwere by Oliver Mukome

In light of the Rt. Honourable Kasukuwere recently answering ‘hard hitting’ questions from the youth and his open door policy which I commend him for, I thought I should also put my questions in the fray.

1). I have a friend named Natasha. Zimbabwean born and bred. She’s a straight ‘A’ student who studied at Chisipite before going to Rhodes University for a Mathematics degree which she again did very well in. She is currently in Zimbabwe taking a year off running her mother’s boutique before she does her Masters in Actuarial Science.  I suppose the minister would agree with me in saying, she is THE type of person that needs to be encouraged to participate in the indigenisation program. Particularly in the proposed Harare Stock Exchange. Her skills would be virtually priceless. Thing is sir, she’s mixed race. Her father is a white Zimbabwean  and her mother is a black Zimbabwean. So my question is this, does she qualify to participate in the Harare Stock Exchange? If so, what maximum level of whiteness is acceptable to the minister to be considered indigenous (a.k.a black according to your accepted translation)? Are we talking 50%, 25%…?

2).My second question requires your advise to the British government. Unemployment in Britain currently stands at 7.8% with youth unemployment close to a million. A considerable proportion of the unemployed is caucasian, white in layman’s terms. Would it be your advise sir, that the British Prime Minister David Cameron, creates a white-only stock exchange exclusively for white-owned companies in order to tackle unemployment?  Especially youth unemployment which falls in your kin-portfolio. Naturally, it would mean millions of Black-British, Asian-British and other immigrants are excluded from this special stock exchange.

3).My last question is, in this increasingly globalised  and  colour-blind world where people are fired for the slightest racial slur. Individuals, corporations and countries thriving to be seen as race-blind. Considering the crippling effect on business that mere association with any form of discrimination has had on multiple companies, how successful do you think the Harare Stock Exchange is going to be? What would be the knock-on effect on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and the blue chip companies trading on it? More importantly, what cultural inheritance is this going to inspire in our children?

It would be very gracious of the elected representative, blessed with this powerful portfolio,to respond to these rather simple questions in light of the need for a truly energetic drive of genuine economic growth and ’empowerment’. An idea which no Zimbabwean at home or abroad opposes.


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    tanyara muchatiguta 11 years ago

    dont bother youself with that goon if he was an actor in a movie the most appropriate role for him wolud be a zombie in a horror movie , he walks and looks like one. I am suprised that he has a mother.

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    dread ras reckless 11 years ago

    that zombie belongs to the mnangangwa group of zombies. come 6 december we will vote them out . viva mujuru

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    NANSI LENDODA 11 years ago

    @dread Ras where does ED come in. You are a shame. Democracy is all about Freedom of own Choice. Kasukuwere has no reseblence to Mnangagwa. Let the man fullfil his ambition. The fact that you think he is vying for Presidence show that he has the capability. @Dread Ras nxaaa mani.

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    Crocodile Squad 11 years ago

    So are you answered oliver

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    fudzo 11 years ago

    1) She will be regarded as a native Zimbabwean, she does have native blood and was born in Zimbabwe so she should be regarded as been native Zimbabwean.She is entitled to receive any advantage a native Zimbabwean will have due to the unfairness bought by European natives. Plain and simple. My five year old son answered that head screeching question you wanted to ask the minister. This is situation in Samoa, Australia were natives have been disadvantaged by Europeans. If you do have native blood you have a claim to any advantages that natives can claim.
    2)People who are not native to UK either entered UK, after seeking permission, were salves or worker and the last option is are illegal immigrants. In the case there were illegal then yes no illegal immigrants. I do not believe in a all native Zimbabwean stock exchange but think they should have a fair share due to the disadvantage they inherited.
    3) You have to understand your history and were you come from, and believe me you will earn respect from these other countries. China was built from sweat shops and every economy was against it as they said China has a comparative advantage due to its inhuman manufacturing industry. China turned a blind eye a continued, in what they regarded as been ethical but unethical to Europe. But now how many sports and clothing companies have moved from the sweat shop.

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      masango 11 years ago

      fudzo, with all due respect, we are talking about an idiot who has murdered so many people in Chiweshe and Zimbabwe at large and continues to do so through his commands. This murderer who converted Schweppes into a laughing stalk company is masquerading as the indigenization guru. My 5 yr kid also knows better empowerment policies than the ones this fool purports to foward.

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    Batanai 11 years ago

    Indignation is the long term empowerment of black people. Corruptness, violence, plundering,etc are just the ugly part of this long term manifesto. Its success depends on the people. Land to the people, power to the people

    And can the small picture person go hang