SADC criticised as Mugabe chosen for regional Chairmanship

via SADC criticised as Mugabe chosen for regional Chairmanship | SW Radio Africa by Alex Bell

The regional SADC bloc is facing serious criticism for appointing Robert Mugabe as the next chairman of the grouping, despite the highly contested elections in Zimbabwe last month and his legacy of human rights abuses and violence.

Mugabe will assume the SADC chairmanship in 2014 after being appointed to the Vice Chair position during the just ended regional summit in Malawi. The ZANU PF leader will take over from Malawi’s President Joyce Banda, during the next SADC Heads of State and Government Summit that will take place in Zimbabwe next year.

The decision followed the SADC leadership’s endorsement Mugabe and his contested election win, despite the widespread reports of irregularities and alleged vote rigging that secured ZANU PF’s ‘landslide’ victory.

The SADC decision also does not take into account other unresolved issues Mugabe presided over in Zimbabwe, like the Gukurahundi genocide of the 1980s and the 2008 campaign of violence that followed the elections that year.

These incidents have fuelled calls by international pressure groups for Mugabe to be referred to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity.

Critics say the decision has again demonstrated that the SADC bloc is more committed to protecting its leaders, rather than the rights of its citizens. Some observers have told SW Radio Africa that this outcome is not surprising, “because SADC always protects their own.”

Political analyst Professor David Moore said Monday that the SADC decision shows that democracy is not the respected ideal it once was.

“It shows that even on a global level that the enthusiasm for pure democracy is diminishing, and people are lowering their expectations about what democracy is,” Moore said.

Meanwhile, SADC leaders said in a statement after the weekend summit that “all forms of sanctions” imposed on Zimbabwe should be lifted following the holding of “free and peaceful” elections.



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    Now I understand why Africa is labelled a dark continent. Sadc means cherima; so dark.

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      You understand nothing Lee it was dark continent before not nw

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      humanrights abuse nxaa ? We are nt u ,js lv us alone The West

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      Lift the sanctions but attach conditions that he is subject to immediate arrest, up on landing, for crimes against humanity, anywhere in the world, apart from his buddies in SADC and Asia and brought before the International Court of Justice. His fellow partners in crime, are eagerly awaiting for him.

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    Mkast 9 years ago

    Egypt,libya n tunisia are still unstable today after forced revolutions by the west

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      egyptians, libians , congoleans are dyin’ lyk in large numbers bcz of them , we noe wt we wnt nt do wt u wnt , criminals

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        they are dying because of silly decisions taken by these Organisations like AU who always support dictators who suppress their own people. Everything starts from within and when it goes out of hand the West come in and you blame them. Blame yourselves for your own failures, wars, etc. Black Africans in a Dark Continent never learn coz their brains will remain dark.

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    twinn 9 years ago


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    Clahwe une mamhepo. You want to be left alone doing what? When you say leave us alone, you mean yourself and who? If you have nothing to do with the West, what’s the outcry about sanctions lifted over your boss and his cronies? What do you want from there? Leave them and focus on your Zhin’az EAST who are depleting the country’s resources bringing no dvt at all.

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    zimbabwean 9 years ago

    Clahwe or whatever your name is, you are half brained or you dont have brains at all. Ndimi munoita basa rekupembedza mashavi enhema imi. Africa is a dark continent and Zimbabwe is the darkest spot of Africa. How can you praise the Zimbabwe situation. Whats to be excited about when our beloved country is being squizzed to death by the military rule of the devil-worshiping, bloodthirsty and world’s worst dictator who draws power from vimpires. Clahwe you are not only a disgrace to your parents but a disgrace to humankind. You and all other followers of your stupid ideologies are a serious threat to human civilization.