Over 100 MDC-T candidates to file court petitions

via Over 100 MDC-T candidates to file court petitions | SW Radio Africa  by Tichaona Sibanda

Over 100 losing parliamentary candidates for the MDC-T will file petitions challenging electoral results in their constituencies, a senior party member said on Monday.

Nelson Chamisa, the party’s national organizing secretary confirmed that some of their candidates have already filed their petitions while others will be following suit in due course.

One of the candidates, Ezra ‘Tshisa’ Sibanda told SW Radio Africa that there are a lot of people from the Vungu constituency who are prepared to ‘spill the beans’ in court.

“We have people from the constituency who are prepared to testify in court and explain exactly how they were used by ZANU PF to rig the election,” Sibanda said.

He added: “We know the odds are stacked against us but we want to prove a point and show the world that this election was rigged and that poor peasants were used as part of the election rigging machinery by ZANU PF.”

Political commentator Itai Dzamara said it is wise for the MDC-T to go ahead with the court challenges despite their leader withdrawing his Presidential result challenge at the Constitutional Court.

“I think morally it is correct for the MDC-T to challenge the fraudulent results otherwise if they don’t ZANU PF will simply declare that they won freely and fairly,” Dzamara said.

He said it is likely the candidates will face the same hurdles as the outgoing premier Morgan Tsvangirai, who has failed to access the voting materials.

Since the election on July 31st the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and the Registrar-General’s office have flatly refused to avail any documents for the MDC-T to audit and inspect.



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    Hango Yapalala 11 years ago


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    Simon 11 years ago

    ZEC are guilty!!!!!!!!! Why wont they release material for inspection and auditing if there is nothing to hide . Sanctions should be placed against those who co ordinated and work in ZEC. I think mugabe deserves an oscar for managing to steal an election so blatantly in btoaf daylight. Makorokoto sekuru!!! You will answer from the grave soon given your age. You can cheat eletions but cant cheat death it comes to us all. May your sins be of such burden you deserve.

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    Qiniso 11 years ago

    uEzra bakiti…you’re one of the reason why mdc lost the Vungu constituence. You were imposed, the Vungu people didnt know you. For 5 years the Vungus were organizing themselves preparing for the elections and from nowhere you came in and Tsvangison forced you to them…the result, the loss. Its a waste of time, start preparing for 2018. Dont disappear and then resurface in 2018

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    reason 11 years ago

    Let them file them and pay for the costs. That is what happens when
    an organisation of idiots crumbles. They loose everything, from money up to their wives.

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    Qiniso you cant even spell bakithi. You bunch of CIO’s commenting positively on this website. We are not fooled. As matter of interest how much is your master paying to comment on all these posts? Okupheliyo Kuyahlola. lizowukhomba olotshwala.I wish Mugabe was from my Province we would have dealt with him already. Too bad he is far from us therefore we hope you Guys near him deal with him.

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      Qiniso 11 years ago

      Thanks for correcting my spellings Kayz. A good turn deserves another. The correct way is…Okungapheliyo Kuyahahlola 🙂

      I am not a zanu surrogate Kays. I am just a simple man, with simple ideas

      I stand corrected if I am wrong.

      -Wasn’t Ezra imposed on the Vungus?
      -Isn’t it the zanu way to impose leaders?… and mdc has mastered the art.
      -Do we have to keep quiet about that?
      -Did you support the imposition of candidates by mdc

      Sitshela Kays

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    adam jones 11 years ago

    the elections were stollen, and we all know that – including the 89 year old and his disgrase femail bed hopper.