State pursues Mwonzora’s 1999 case

via State pursues Mwonzora’s 1999 case – DailyNews Live by Tendai Kamhungira

MDC spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora has been dragged to court over a 1999 case, which the State is pursuing despite the complainant withdrawing the matter.

Mwonzora, a lawyer by profession, was yesterday summoned to appear before a Harare magistrate for allegedly fleecing his client Lameck Kunjeku of Z$300 000 in 1999.

Kunjeku yesterday told the court that he is no longer interested in the case, but the State insisted it was proceeding to trial.

Regional magistrate Themba Kuwanda was surprised at the State’s insistence, adding that the actions created “unnecessary suspicion on the system”.

“General law of practice says once a complainant says he is no longer interested, the matter is withdrawn,” Kuwanda said.

He queried who resuscitated the case and why the State was insisting on going to trial yet the complainant had made it clear that he was not interested.

“Why should you behave like that, what is the reason for that?” Kuwanda asked.

He, however, ordered the State to convert the amount being alleged in State papers, into United States dollars.

Mwonzora gave notice that he was going to apply for refusal of remand when the matter comes for trial on September 12.

He said it was impossible for him to be tried now over an issue that happened 14 years     ago and have been withdrawn twice before.

“I am being persecuted in this matter and I need protection from this court against abuse by State officials,” Mwonzora said.

Allegations against Mwonzora arose after Kunjeku bought a Mazda 626 in 1999 from someone only identified in court papers as R Masuku.

It was later discovered in 2001 that the vehicle had been stolen.

Kunjeku, who was being represented by Mwonzora, allegedly won a Z$300 000 lawsuit against Masuku in 2003.

When the judgment was delivered, it is alleged that Masuku was in prison and hence it could not be executed.

The court heard that Mwonzora later received the money from Masuku’s relative in 2005 and failed to remit it to Kunjeku.



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    nhirab1 11 years ago


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      Chitova weGona 11 years ago

      so nhinhi u have appointed yoself Kanjeru’s mouth piece.u r prophet of doom.mind yo own business.

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    tanyara muchatiguta 11 years ago

    Thats not the only case this Muwonzora guy is corrupt.He was also representing former employees of Mimos Mine who were illegally dismissed after mass action.All he did was squander this desperate group’s cash while also securing bribes from Mimosa Mine Management.Very unprofessional and not fit to represent people in any way.

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    Samson 11 years ago

    Saka mese maona Mwonzora’s ZWD300 case being the most important corruption case in the country to warrant prosecution after charges have been withdrawn? Ko we all heard of the Chombo properties and his grab of stands in Shawasha Hills. Why is this not just prosecuted as well. I stand as a witness to Shawasha, not onlt did I lose land, the developer failed to finish as he had no money after the land grab. We have not deeds as we speak. Nxaa mhani.

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    Shumba Liverpool 11 years ago

    zvekuti macivil servants haana mari tsve..everyday unnecessary expenses kwa magistrate sorry maningi

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    Masiya Moyo 11 years ago

    This is brazen political victimisation. It is pathetic that. such political crudeness exists. in the. twenty_first century.

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    Jackson 11 years ago

    It is the devil party zanu pf behind all this. Mwonzora is the spokesman of the party which zanu pf fears most, the MDC.Please note: My reference to zanu pf fears MDC here is about the majority support the MDC enjoys in the country.zanu pf is so feaful of that which is why they went full time rigging mode in the July elections.

    The devil party is always looking for anything they think will weaken the majority party. The Mwonzora case is one example here.Unfortunately the yesterday party dosnt know it is bolstering the MDC,s support.

    Never in a thousand years will the yesterday’s political party win a Free and Fair election. Hence their resort to violence and other forms of rigging.